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Most of us spend the day at work, and barely get the time to relax and do what we enjoy—little exception to that even if you are working from home as most of us have been for nearly a year. For  passionate sports lovers, which coincidentally millions of Americans are, a good way to uplift the mood is to switch on the TV, and find a channel that showcases everything to do with your favorite sports.

This is why DIRECTV PACKAGES takes pride in being the “undisputed leader in sports”— America’s #1 satellite TV service ensures “sports are always in season”, so that all passionate sports lovers around the country are well taken care of. The DIRECTV channel lineup brings audiences top national, regional and local sports networks, and thousands of sporting events including NFL, NBA, NHL, MLB, so on and so forth—making DIRECTV service a haven for sports enthusiasts from coast to coast.      

Transform Your Experience of Live Sports with DIRECTV

AT&T DIRECTV is known for the diversity and volume of the content it showcases. From your must-have shows and movies to live sports, you get access to up to 330 channels. The best part is DIRECTV is the place where you get the most live sports in 4K HDR, as well as the most NBA games in 4K. So, you can watch your favorite game and teams on the field with lifelike clarity—in the industry’s best picture format.

The perks of the service include the DIRECTV app—which lets you watch your much awaited live sports event even when you are on the go. And, that too without having to eat on your mobile data. Because DIRECTV gives you data-free access to content as long as you get the signal—quite unlike what any cable TV service is able to offer!

With up to 65,000 on demand titles you have a perfect opportunity to binge watch your show and movie favorites on your own timeline—even when on the go! Plus, you get a FREE GENIE HD DVR upgrade offer. Whether you go for the upgraded Genie2—which gives you 450 HD hours worth of storage, or Genie that can hold 200 HD hours—you can record multiple shows simultaneously. What sports fans love about Genie is they can choose what teams they want to follow and get to find their game listings all in one place. While the Sports Mix Channels feature lets them watch up to 8 broadcasts on a single HD screen. You can also use the “picture-in-picture” or “side-by-side” feature to keep a tab both on your favorite TV show and sporting event.

DIRECTTV packages and pricing

ENTERTAINMENT 75+ channels starting at $69.99/mo.*
CHOICETM 105+ channels starting at $84.99/mo.*
UTIMATE 140+ channels starting at $114.99/mo.*
PREMIERTM 150+ channels starting at $159.99/mo.*

About the NBC Sports Network on DIRECTV

So, are you after the NBC Sports Network among others that are counted as must-haves by American sports fans? And, are you inclined to subscribe to a DIRECTV Packages for your family? Well, we’d recommend you think about purchasing the DIRECTV CHOICE™ or a higher tier plan, because DIRECTV ENTERTAINMENT—while it gives you a number of popular sports networks—does not include NBCSN.

Owned by the NBC Sports Group division of NBC Universal, NBCSN was launched as Outdoor Life Network (OLN) on July 1, 1995. Around the turn of the century, it came to carry a good repute for showcasing the Tour de France, and gradually began to move towards more mainstream sports instead of focusing on outdoor adventure programs and sports. And, in 2006 OLN was rechristened as Versus. But, only 5 years later, when Comcast acquired a majority stake in NBCUniversal, the sports channels under Comcast were aligned with the NBC Sports Network—the new name of Versus.

NBCSN was to be positioned as a “full-service sports network” that would focus on coverage of sporting events, talk shows, sports news, and original programming. Expansion of broadcast relations helped the network acquire new rights to airing more sporting events—with Major League Soccer and College Hockey finding a spot on NBCSN.

Fast forward to 2020, the NBC Sports Network was estimated to be available to nearly 80 million pay-tv households across the US. And DIRECTV is one of its major carriers.

What Channel Number is NBC Sports on DIRECTV?

The DIRECTV channel lineup is pretty extensive with all tiers. Even the more basic ENTERTAINMENT brings you a great mix of local and popular networks. And, as you move to higher-tier-plans you get more and more popular and premium networks. With hundreds of channels on the list, it can get quite perplexing for new subscribers to find their favorites. Sure, the DIRECTV on-screen guide is a great place to sort out your TV watch lists, and organize your go-to-networks. But it can take a new subscribers a little time to get a hang of how things work.

Check out our DIRECTV channel lineup complete with channel numbers. But, remember for local and regional networks you’ll have to use your ZIP code here to confirm availability and determine the channel number.

As for the channel number for NBC Sports Network on DIRECTV, you can tune into 220. Watch everything from NASCAR on NBC and Premier League on NBCSN to NHL on NBC and College Football or Basketball on NBCSN.

Bottom Line

For sports enthusiasts DIRECTV presents the best option out there:

  • Access to over 40 regional and specialty sports networks.
  • DIRECTV sports pack which includes more than 35 regional and premium sports networks.
  • 24/7 sports action complete with insightful and interesting analyses.
  • Genie HD DVR that makes for the ultimate experience of watching sports on your home screen.

You wouldn’t want to miss all of that along with your sports-go-to NBCSN! Plus, you are guaranteed 99% signal reliability. And, total customer satisfaction from a service provider which has been rated higher than cable TV for 19 years running.

For more details about DIRECTV packages, speak to a DIRECTV Customer Service representative at 1-855-925-2541.


1- Does DIRECTV have NBC Sports Channel?

DIRECTV provides an extensive channel lineup with all its packages. Besides ENTERTAINMENT, all other tiers include the NBC Sports Network.

2- How do I watch the NBC sports channel?

NBC Sports Network is carried by most major cable TV, satellite TV and IPTV service providers. DIRECTV and AT&T TV both carry the network. You can also watch it via Sling TV, YouTube TV, Hulu Live TV and fuboTV.

3- Does DIRECTV have a Latino package?

Yes. MÁS LATINO™, OPTIMO MÁS™, MÁS ULTRA™, LO MAXIMO™ are the 4 Spanish packages offered by  DIRECTV. Starting at $59.99 per month Latino packages from DIRECTV get you up to 240 channels .  

4- What channels come with DIRECTV packages?

Local, popular and premium networks are all available in the DIRECTV channel lineups. But, the variety is different with each package. Moving up from ENTERTAINMENT to PREMIER™, you get  more of everything. New DIRECTV customers also benefit from a limited time subscription to America’s premium favorites such as HBO®, STARZ®, and CINEMAX®.  

5- How do you add a channel on DIRECTV?

You can use your internet enabled device to add a channel to your DIRECTV lineup.

  • Navigate to Change Your TV Service.
  • Select Channel add-ons option from the Change Plan
  • Review Sports, Movie, Premium, or International options.
  • Click Add next to the package or channel you want to include, and then press Continue.
  • Review your selection and place the order.

You can also use your phone number connected to your DIRECTV account to send a text message to 223322. You can enter the following codes in the body of the message you send.

  • For HBO® or HBO MaxTM enter HBO or HBO Max
  • For STARZ® enter STARZ
  • For SHOWTIME® Unlimited enter SHOWTIME
  • For Cinemax® enter CINEMAX
  • For SPORTS PACK enter SPORTS PACK. You can also check out the entire SPORTS PACK And, also use the lookup tool to find sports networks available in your region.
  • Once the request is sent, follow the prompts your receive to confirm activation.

6- What channel is NBC Sports on DIRECTV in Texas?

In Texas, NBC Sports channel on DIRECTV is available on following channel numbers:

  • Houston, Texas : 220
  • San Antonio, Texas : 220
  • Dallas, Texas : 220
  • Austin, Texas : 220
  • Fort Worth, Texas : 220
  • Arlington, Texas : 220
  • 7- What channel is NBC Sports on DIRECTV in California?

    In California, NBC Sports channel on DIRECTV is available on following channel numbers:

    • Los Angeles, California : 698
    • San Diego, California : 698
    • San Jose, California : 698
    • San Francisco, California : 698
    • Fresno, California : 698
    • Sacramento, California : 698
    • Oakland, California : 698

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