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ABC on DIRECTV may not be currently available to customers due to an ongoing dispute between DIRECTV and TEGNA. Until a resolution is reached, DIRECTV customers can access much of the news, entertainment and sports programming through local station & national websites and apps, free over-the-air etc.


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Satellite TV has always been a go-to entertainment source for a vast majority of American households that do not dig the idea of having a cable connection – and it still is even in this age of cord-cutting. Whether you have shifted to a brand new condo or just moved to another neighborhood, a satellite TV connection remains a must-have if you are a fan of stellar TV entertainment. But with more than one service behemoths around, which one would be right for you? Well, here comes DIRECTV, the most popular satellite TV service provider in America. The remarkable satellite TV service which has left Cable browbeaten by ranking higher in customer satisfaction for 19 years running - and delivering 99% signal reliability!


DIRECTV brings Live and On-Demand TV entertainment to your TV screens via satellite technology, and to your hand-held devices via streaming. Half a dozen DIRECTV packages are on the menu, offering an exhaustive channel lineup for families, movie buffs, and sports aficionados.

The #1 satellite service in the U.S. has always endeavored to lead. That is why, all DIRECTV packages come brimming with countless channels, including American TV favorites such as ABC – a popular choice in households nationwide.

DIRECTV outshines competitors not just by quantity but quality too. The service delivers TV content across the entirety of the U.S. – essentially in any region where you catch a clear view of the southern sky, you can subscribe to a DIRECTV package. And, enjoy splendid entertainment choices in crystal clear 4K HDR picture format – courtesy of the coast-to-coast signal reliability which the provider rightly boasts of.


ABC— originally known as American Broadcasting Company is a commercial broadcast TV network owned by Walt Disney Television. Launched as a radio network back in 1943, ABC chose never to look back, instead, the network went on to take American TV by storm with back-to-back flagship series decade-after-decade.

DIRECTV #1 satellite service in the U.S.

The ABC network has possibly broadcasted every sought-after program you can think of—serving all tastes, moods, and age groups. The finest of original content from the network that kept Americans glued to the TV screens back in the day includes Happy Days, Threes Company, Perfect Strangers, and of course, ABC’s longest-running prime-time show Americas Funniest Home Videos. ABC is also known to air some modern-day family entertainment shows like Grey’s Anatomy, Desperate Housewives, Lost, NYPD Blue, and Modern Family.

By airing some of the best content from a myriad of genres over the years, ABC has kept boredom at bay for millions of families across the country, while giving them a perfect reason to celebrate life in each other’s company.

So, if you are wondering which of the DIRECTV packages offer ABC, don’t worry! Because, all fun-packed DIRECTV packages include ABC in their extensive channel lineup for the very reason that Americans love it!

You can jump on to ABC on your DIRECTV to relish some enchanting sitcoms and shows, if you are looking for something to crack your funny bone, or if you are in the mood for a family movie night over the weekend. Maybe you want to lighten up the holiday season? In any case, feel free to binge-watch some of the best ABC produced original films like Dear Santa, Santa Baby, My Fake Fiancé, and more.

DIRECTV #1 satellite service in the U.S.

ABC Channel Guide for DIRECTV

If you have subscribed to one of the half dozen all-round DIRECTV packages, you might have trouble finding your favorite entertainment channel, because channel numbers differ with location. DIRECTV packages bring you an exhaustive channel lineup with a maximum of 330 choices filled with premium content. That is why we cannot have you flip through the entire collection of channels to find ABC on DIRECTV.

To save your time and energy, we have made a city-wide list of channel numbers to help you find ABC on DIRECTV. Luckily, now you’d exactly know what channel number to jump on, in order to watch your favorite show on ABC, without breaking a sweat.

In case you cannot find your city on the list, don’t worry. You can easily find the answer to your question via the Local Channel Lookup tool. Just enter your ZIP code to discover what channel number is ABC on DIRECTV in your area.

ABC Channel Number on DIRECTV
City, State Channel Number
New York City, NY 7
Los Angeles, CA 7
Chicago, IL 7
Houston, TX 13
Phoenix, AZ 15
Philadelphia, PA 6
San Antonio, TX 12
San Diego, CA 10
Dallas, TX 8
San Jose, CA 7
Austin, TX 24
Fort Worth, TX 8
San Francisco, CA 7
Columbus, OH 6
Charlotte, NC 9
Seattle, WA 4
Washington, DC 7
Boston, MA 5
Nashville, TN 2
Detroit, MI 7
Oklahoma City, OK 5
Memphis, TN 24
Louisville, KY 11
Baltimore, MD 2
Milwaukee, WI 12
Albuquerque, NM 7
Tucson, AZ 9
Fresno, CA 30
Sacramento, CA 10
Mesa, AZ 15
Atlanta, GA 2
Kansas City, MO 9
Colorado Springs, CO 13
Miami, FL 10
Oakland, CA 7
Minneapolis, MN 5
Arlington, TX 8
Tampa, FL 28
New Orleans, LA 26

DIRECTV Packages Come with Perks You Can’t Resist!

The popular American satellite TV provider offers you half a dozen DIRECTV packages (for ESP users Paquetes de DIRECTV) so you can pick the best option to fulfill your appetite for entertainment without blowing your budget. With DIRECTV, you can enjoy Live TV, 40,000 On-Demand options, free GENIE HD DVR to power your whole home with 200 HD hours of recording, and much more. The DIRECTV packages start as low as $59.99, and what is even better is that the price remains unchanged for 12 months.

Watch ABC with DIRECTV Packages
DIRECTV Logo Max Channel Count Price Starting At: Learn More
340+ $64.99/mo.
for 12 months, plus taxes and fee

DIRECTV Packages

Plan Channel Count
XTRA 235

Let’s dive into the perks that DIRECTV packages offer:


Subscribe to DIRECTV Packages and get access to the DIRECTV app at no additional cost - stream your favorite DIRECTV content wherever you get the signal when you are out and about.



Get a free GENIE HD DVR with one 1TB storage with your DIRECTV package subscription. You can record up to five shows at once and store up to 200 hours! Plus you can record in any room and watch on any screen in the house. If you link up to 8 Genie Minis, you get to relish the incredible HD DVR experience in every corner. Moreover, when you upgrade to Genie 2 for 450 hours of storage capacity and stream content in 4K.



DIRECTV packages offer Live TV in 4K HDR and around the clock 4K Ultra HD channel too. Binge on Live sports events, movies, and travel shows. Make it an immersive experience with a sharp and crystal clear picture that brings you a real-life feel – that too, without the need for the internet!

Paperless Billing

Ditch the clutter and sign up for secure paperless billing to make stress-free payments via Autopay and manage payments from anywhere with the AT&T app.

Parental Controls

With DIRECTV packages, you are in total control of your TV—all thanks to the handy Parental Control settings that enable you to limit your kids’ watch time, and much more!

Premium Networks

Get limited-time FREE access to premium networks from HBO Max, Cinemax® to SHOWTIME®, STARZ®, and EPIX® - revel in your favorite shows for three months with SELECT™ and ENTERTAINMENT plans. However, if you opt for DIRECTV packages such as CHOICE™, XTRA, or ULTIMATE, you get access to HBO Max™ for an entire year. While with PREMIER™, you get them all as part of your primary subscription.

Get HBO Max and Other Premium Networks with DIRECTV Packages

Video On-Demand

DIRECTV packages let you watch the hottest movies, golden classics, and shows every week with DIRECTV Cinema® and enjoy a max of 65,000 titles with fresh content added every week.


So, What Are You Waiting For?

Fun-packed DIRECTV packages bring you an abundance of entertainment. By offering you a choice of up to 330 channels, DIRECTV packages are designed to fulfill your appetite for juicy TV entertainment without spending a fortune.

It doesn’t matter if you are part of a small or big family. Whether it’s primetime entertainment, kids, news, family, educational programming, or sports—DIRECTV packages bring you a channel lineup with epic entertainment options for all age groups.

From local to popular and premium channels, thediverse lineupof DIRECTV packages has everything to fuel your entire family’s binge-a-thons! If you need more information about DIRECTV packages, feel free to call at 1-855-820-1220 anytime, any day!

You can also watch ABC Channel on DIRECTV Stream! Learn More.

More About DIRECTV Channels

Frequently Asked Questions

What channel is ABC on DIRECTV in Texas?

In Texas, ABC on DIRECTV is available on channel 13.

What channel is ABC on DIRECTV in California?

In California ABC channel on DIRECTV is available on following channel numbers:

  • Los Angeles, California : 7
  • San Diego, California : 10
  • San Jose, California : 7
  • San Francisco, California : 7
  • Fresno, California : 30
  • Sacramento, California : 10
  • Oakland, California : 7

What channel is ABC on DIRECTV in Arizona?

Watch ABC channel on DIRECTV in Arizona on following channel numbers:

  • Phoenix, Arizona : 15
  • Tucson, Arizona : 9
  • Mesa, Arizona : 15

What channel is ABC on DIRECTV in Florida?

Watch ABC channel on DIRECTV in Florida on following channel numbers:

  • Miami, Florida : 10
  • Tampa, Florida : 28
  • Vero Beach, Florida : 25
  • Palm Coast, Florida : 25
  • Hialeah, Florida : 10
  • Jacksonville, Florida : 25

What channel is ABC on DIRECTV in Georgia?

Watch ABC channel on DIRECTV in Georgia on following channel numbers:

  • Atlanta, Georgia : 2
  • Lawrenceville, Georgia : 2
  • McDonough, Georgia : 2

What channel is ABC on DIRECTV in Chicago, Illinois?

ABC Channel number on DIRECTV in Chicago, Illinois is 7.