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As much as we love diving into the fictional world, sometimes, a small dose of reality is all we need. One can simply not deny the beer and skittles of watching real people in wild situations, which takes your entire entertainment experience to the next level. So, if you are in the mood to watch some high-quality unscripted reality shows, head on to A&E on DIRECTV—because that is where you will get to binge-watch some incredible award-winning reality TV.

A Little about the A&E TV Network

Originally founded as the Arts & Entertainment Network in 1984, A&E is the flagship property of A&E Networks. Initially the channel used to showcase drama, documentaries, and fine arts related content only. However, after 11 years, the channel was rebranded to A&E to dispel the negative perception that it was all about arts programming and position it as a “thought-provoking” substitute to other TV channels. Later in 2002, it gradually began to shift its focus to reality shows while targeting younger audience. And finally, by 2017, A&E completely sidelined scripted shows, making reality programs its primary focus.

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The network aired some brilliant shows that gained huge popularity and transcended the expectations of millions of viewers. For example, Flight 93, a docudrama that depicted true events of the Pennsylvania plane crash that occurred during the 9-11 saga, gained 5.9 million viewers on its first broadcast on 30th January 2006. With Flight 93 A&E broke its own record set earlier in 2004 with Ike: Countdown to D-Day – a World War 2 docudrama – which had attracted 5.5 million viewers and was one of the channel’s first milestone achievements. And, later in the 2010s, A&E went past the Flight 93 record it set with the airing of the third season of Duck Dynasty.

A&E is estimated to be available to over 95 million households in the United States that hold a pay-tv subscription.

DIRECTV: A State-of-the-Art Televisual Experience

With perfectly designed packages under its belt, DIRECTV brings you a comprehensive assortment of channels for your entire household. Whether you are a movie buff, a sports fanatic, you love exploring premium content, or your network watch list is embellished with a variety of popular TV networks—AT&T DIRECTV endeavors to satisfy all your TV cravings, while ensuring you get the maximum value for your money.

All DIRECTV packages – ENTERTAINMENT, CHOICE™, ULTIMATE, PREMIER™ – offer the most quintessential combination of local, popular and premium networks. The cost of standalone DIRECTV plans start from $64.99/month. But, if you bundle TV service with any other AT&T service, like AT&T Wireless or AT&T Internet, you can save up to $120 in just first year of your subscription!

DIRECTV not only allows you to enjoy your favorite TV shows in the best possible picture quality, but pledges to deliver 99% signal reliability. The amazing perks you can take delight in with your DIRECTV subscription further revolutionize your overall televisual experience.

  • You get FREE limited-time access to premium networks, including Cinemax®, HBO MAX™, SHOWTIME®, EPIX®, and STARZ®.
  • With the DIRECTV app, you can stream your favorite TV programs anywhere you get the signal— practically everywhere under the southern sky—without worrying about excessive mobile data consumption.
  • The FREE Genie HD DVR lets you store up to 200 hours of TV content and record multiple shows simultaneously.
  • You get access to the DIRECTV 24/7 full-time 4K UHD channel which airs travel shows, original series, and much more.
  • Plus, for NFL lovers there is the FREE NFL Sunday Ticket included with DIRECTV CHOICE™, ULTIMATE and PREMIER™ packages.

What Channel No is on DIRECTV?

Once you sign up for DIRECTV, it is expected that you would want to tune into your favorite channels—and sort them all as brilliantly as the DIRECTV on screen guide lets you. But obviously, it takes some time to get hold of a new interface. And so, for your ease, here is the channel number you need to tune into in order to watch A&E on DIRECTV, along with a sneak-peak into DIRECTV packages, so you can choose the one that best fits your watching needs.

DIRECTV Packages Price No. of Channels & On-Demand Titles A&E Channels
CHOICE™ $69.99
for 12 mos. plus taxes
185 channels with 85 HD & 45,000 On Demand titles 265
for 12 mos. plus taxes
250 channels with 115 HD & 55,000 On Demand titles 265
PREMIER™ $134.99
for 12 mos. plus taxes
330 channels with 185 HD & 65,000 On Demand titles 265

A Sneak-Peek into TV Favorites from A&E

Over the decades since A&E first stepped onto the U.S. TV horizon, the network has presented audiences with some great content.

Many titles are every-living albeit they premiered decades ago— recalling some from the not so distant past: Mysteries of the Bible, The Great Pharaohs and The Unexplained from the late 1990s still hold a unique intrigue. Paranormal Cops, Ghost Hunters and Crime 360 from the 2000s can still send spooky chills down your spine. The Killing Season, Duck Dynasty, and Born This Way from the 2010s still stand among the best in true crime and reality TV.

And, then we have the current popular shows like Live Rescue, The First 48, Court Cam, Nightwatch, 60 Days In—that tell there is sure no dearth of quality reality TV on A&E. Kids Behind Bars: Life or Parole, The Day I Picked My Parents, and The Employables are among the docuseries in running, if that catches your interest. Not to forget the Movie Marathons with Silent Night, Sci-Fi Night, and the Biography segment which brings forward personalities and events with a unique perspective.

Bottom Line

With A&E and a DIRECTV subscription, you basically opt in for a value-packed combo—while A&E brings you some of the best TV hits of all-time, DIRECTV service features allow you to experience entertaining TV content in a contemporary way. Genie never lets you miss your TV favorites, while the DIRECTV app lets you tune in anytime anywhere without eating on your mobile data, as long as you have the signal—which is pretty much everywhere from coast to coast. You are in full control of your TV watching regime. And that is the break you deserve when you run like the clock day in day out.

With DIRECTV packages, you no longer have to look for entertainment elsewhere. Each comes with an extensive channel lineup—from Entertainment to Premier—and this range is capable of keeping moderate TV lovers to TV-buffs well entertained. Contact DIRECTV Customer Service at 1-855-925-2541 for expert advice, and subscribe if you so wish.


Does DIRECTV have A&E channel?

DIRECTV provides an extensive channel lineup with all its packages. All TV tiers include the A&E channel.

How much is A&E on DIRECTV?

If you are subscribed to any of DIRECTV packages—ENTERTAINMENT, CHOICE™, ULTIMATE, PREMIER™—A&E comes in your channel lineup at no extra cost.

How do I watch A&E channel?

Most satellite and cable TV service providers include A&E in their channel lineups. DIRECTV and AT&T TV both carry the network. You can also watch it through streaming platforms like fuboTv, Sling TV, Philo, Hulu Live, YouTube TV and AT&T TV.

How long is A&E free on DIRECTV?

If you are subscribed to any of the DIRECTV packages, A&E comes in your channel lineup at no additional charge.

Is A&E free on DIRECTV?

When you subscribe to the ENTERTAINMENT, CHOICE™, ULTIMATE, or PREMIER™ package, A&E comes included in your DIRECTV channel lineup.

How do you add a channel on DIRECTV?

You can use your internet-enabled device to add a channel to your DIRECTV lineup.

  • Navigate to Change Your TV Service.
  • Select the Channel add-ons option from the Change Plan
  • Review Sports, Movie, Premium, or International options.
  • Click Add next to the package or channel you want to include, and then press Continue.
  • Review your selection and place the order.

You can also use your phone number connected to your DIRECTV account to send a text message to 223322. You can enter the following codes in the body of the message you send.

  • For HBO® or HBO MaxTM enter HBO or HBO Max
  • For STARZ® enter STARZ
  • For SHOWTIME® Unlimited enter SHOWTIME
  • For Cinemax® enter CINEMAX
  • For SPORTS PACK enter SPORTS PACK. You can check out the entire SPORTS PACK and, also use the lookup tool to find sports networks available in your region.
  • Once the request is sent, follow the prompts you receive to confirm activation.