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Are you looking for the finest entertainment options to cure your boredom blues? There is nothing better than watching a substantial dose of juicy entertainment while munching on your favorite snacks in your weekend leisure time. However, a mundane channel lineup with middling picture quality and mediocre sound can only thwart all your binge-watching plans.

This is where AT&T DIRECTV comes to your rescue. It puts at your disposal epic TV content in the industry’s best picture format and pulls out all stops to deliver the service to you with 99% signal reliability. So, no matter where you are, catch the signal, and relish your favorite programs anytime and anywhere.

Keep abreast of the latest updates with megalithic networks like BBC World and CNN. Set up kids with Disney Channel and Kids Mix. And if all you want is to relieve stress through a pleasant television experience, tune in to CW on DIRECTV!

A Little about the CW Channel

Owned by CBS Entertainment Group, and Warner Media, CW is one of the most popular American free-to-air television networks born in 2006. Initially, the channel used to air content targeted specifically at young women in the 18–34 age bracket, but gradually it expanded the scope of its programming lineup to attract men too—with the result that today, the CW audience is pretty much equally divided between the two genders.

CW offers everything from mystery to soap operas, horror anthologies to superhero dramas—which ultimately makes it one of the top-demanded channels in the United States. It gets quite perplexing to choose from over a decade’s worth of incredible original content. Although CW is home to DC series, the channel offers a variety of shows from diverse genres that are a must-watch for all TV-buffs. Some classic original titles that deserve a special mention are: The 100, Gilmore Girls, Jane the Virgin, Veronica Mars, One Tree Hill, America’s Next Top Model, The Vampire Diaries.

Given that CW is a free-to-air channel, it is aired via the network’s local affiliates. In regions where there is no local affiliate, audiences can tune into the national feed on CW Plus.

Watching CW with DIRECTV

DIRECTV packages come with a comprehensive channel lineup that gives you up to 330 channel choices filled with brilliant content which you get to watch in the best possible picture format. Each lineup—ENTERTAINMENT, CHOICE™, ULTIMATE and PREMIER™—includes local channels, as well as popular and premium networks. And each service feature makes it flexible and convenient for you to stay caught up with your preferred TV entertainment.

The DIRECTV app catches the signal, and streams content without eating on your mobile data, when you are on the go. The Genie HD DVR gives you 200 hours of storage and records 5 shows at once, which is plenty to keep tab on everyone’s must-watch list. And, with the 72 Hour Rewind feature you can tap into TV favorites at anytime. So, with DIRECTV you never wonder how to catch the next episode of Charmed, or the Two Sentence Horror Stories.

Which Channel Number is CW on DIRECTV?

Before you get to avail yourself of all those contemporary ways that help you keep up with your essential TV, as a new DIRECTV subscriber you’ll have to locate CW in the channel lineup. Which is not difficult if you are well versed in the DIRECTV on-screen guide. But, then again, when you are new to a TV service and the tools that come with it, it does not harm to get some quick help.

Since, CW is aired by the network’s local affiliates in different regions across the US, the channel number varies from one area to another. Here is a listing of some popular DIRECTV markets with the channel number for CW on DIRECTV.

City CW Channel#

Phoenix, AZ


Birmingham, AL


Little Rock, AR


Colorado Springs, CO


Los Angeles, CA


San Diego, CA


Sacramento, CA


Washington, DC


Miami, FL


Tampa, FL


Atlanta, GA


Chicago, IL


Clarksville, IN


Louisville, KY


Kansas City, KS


New Orleans, LA


Detroit, MI


Boston, MA


Baltimore, MD


Kansas City, MO


Brandon, MS


Minneapolis, MN


Albuquerque, NM


Reno, NV


New York City, NY


Charlotte, NC


Columbus, OH


Oklahoma City, OK


Portland, OR


Anderson, SC


Philadelphia, PA


Nashville, TN


Dallas, TX


San Antonio, TX


Austin, TX


Salt Lake City, UT


Clarksburg-Weston, WV


Seattle, WA


Madison, WI


If you are unable to find your hometown, enter your ZIP code here and get the CW channel number. But in case you don’t find CW listed among local channels available to you via ZIP search, tune into 394 for CW Plus (East) and 395 for CW Plus (West) depending on where you are in the US. This way you will be able to catch the national feed from CW!

What to Watch on the CW Channel?

If you are a teenager or young adult, there is a plethora of titles for you to watch on the CW channel. You can get your fill of mystery with Nancy Drew, escape into the fantasy world with Charmed, Legacies, and The Outpost, take delight in teen drama with Riverdale and catch all your DC favorites with The Flash, Batwoman, Supergirl, Black Lightning, and Stargirl. Of course, the channel’s crown jewel is its immensely popular Supernatural, which ended last year after its fifteenth season. But, you may just be able to watch it on demand.

Currently, CW broadcasts programs seven days a week—with 20 hours of scheduled network programming, which includes 12 hours of primetime. Outside primetime, an hour of day-time programming is offered in the afternoons from Monday to Friday. Relax with a cup of tea with Jerry Springer from 3 pm-4 pm on weekdays. Or get the kids engaged with the 3-hour live-action and documentary style educational program One Magnificent Morning on Saturday. You won’t find yourself in want of quality content to watch on TV.

Here is a sneak-peek into authentic and diverse current programming from CW on DIRECTV:

Current CW Programming
Category Original Programming Acquired Programming

The Flash (superhero)

Supergirl (superhero)

Legends of Tomorrow (superhero comedy)

Riverdale (teen)

Dynasty (soap opera)

Black Lightning (superhero)

The Outpost (fantasy-adventure)

All American (sports)

Charmed (fantasy)

Legacies (fantasy)

Roswell, New Mexico (sci-fi)

In the Dark (crime)

Pandora (sci-fi)

Two Sentence Horror Stories (horror anthology)

Batwoman (superhero)

Nancy Drew (mystery)

Stargirl (superhero)

Walker (western)

Burden of Truth (legal)

Bulletproof (crime)

Coroner (crime)

Devils (financial thriller)

Trickster (supernatural thriller)


Mysteries Decoded (docuseries)

All American Stories (docuseries)

Penn & Teller: Fool US (reality)

Masters of Illusion (reality)

World’s Funniest Animals (reality)

Whole Line Is It Anyway? (variety)

Meanwhile, fans are eagerly waiting for Kung Fu and The Republic of Sarah which are expected to premiere in mid-2021.

Bottom Line

Not that CW is not aired by other TV service providers, watching CW on AT&T DIRECTV becomes a worthwhile deal that trumps the competition with appealing perks and features. And, if you bundle the service with AT&T Wireless or AT&T Internet, you get the chance to save for the full first year—because when bundled with another qualified service, DIRECTV gets you $10 off the promotional price every month.

So, now that you have a better idea of the sought-after shows that you can binge-watch on the CW channel on DIRECTV, if you are not already a DIRECTV subscriber, you can contact DIRECTV Customer Service at 1-855-925-2541 and get expert advice on which plan may be the best fit for your TV needs.


Does DIRECTV have CW channel?

DIRECTV provides an extensive channel lineup with all its packages. All TV tiers include the CW channel. Since CW is an over the air network, the local feed comes via local affiliates. While in regions where there is no affiliate station, DIRECTV gets you the national feed via CW Plus.

How much is CW on DIRECTV?

If you are subscribed to any of the DIRECTV packages—ENTERTAINMENT, CHOICE™, ULTIMATE, PREMIER™—CW comes in your channel lineup at no extra cost

How do I watch CW channel?

CW is offered by the major cable and satellite TV service providers. DIRECTV carries the network all across the US, whether via a local CW affiliate or the national feed on CW Plus. AT&T TV also includes CW in its local lineup but availability varies with region. CW on demand is however accessible to AT&T TV subscribers. You can also watch CW through streaming platforms like Locast, YouTube TV, and Hulu Live. The CW app is free to download with no in-app purchase required. The app is compatible with streaming devices, like Apple TV, Amazon Fire TV, Android TV, Roku, and VIZIO smart TV.

How long is CW free on DIRECTV?

If you are subscribed to any of the DIRECTV packages, CW comes in your channel lineup at no added cost.

Is CW free on DIRECTV?

When you subscribe to ENTERTAINMENT, CHOICE™, ULTIMATE, or PREMIER™ package, CW comes included in your DIRECTV channel lineup.

How do you add a channel on DIRECTV?

You can use your internet-enabled device to add a channel to your DIRECTV lineup.

  • Navigate to Change Your TV Service.
  • Select the Channel add-ons option from the Change Plan
  • Review Sports, Movie, Premium, or International options.
  • Click Add next to the package or channel you want to include, and then press Continue.
  • Review your selection and place the order.

You can also use your phone number connected to your DIRECTV account to send a text message to 223322. You can enter the following codes in the body of the message you send.

  • For HBO® or HBO MaxTM enter HBO or HBO Max
  • For STARZ® enter STARZ
  • For SHOWTIME® Unlimited enter SHOWTIME
  • For Cinemax® enter CINEMAX
  • For SPORTS PACK enter SPORTS PACK. You can check out the entire SPORTS PACK. And, also use the lookup tool to find sports networks available in your region.
  • Once the request is sent, follow the prompts you receive to confirm activation.