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If you are an avid country music fan who loves to follow the life and virtuosity of aspiring country music stars, chances are you’re more than familiar with the CMT channel. A good number of Millennials among you would nostalgically recall the days of CMT Signature Series (1994-2002), the CMT Saturday Night Dance Ranch (1994-1999) and the CMT Delivery Room (1994-2001). From vintage and classic country music videos to club-themed music and what’s new on the music video scene, CMT was the only place devoted to all of that and more back in the day. Albeit, with multiple transformations through the years, the network has shifted its focus towards other genres of programming, country music enjoys a special spot.

CMT Channel – A Quick Overview

Owned by ViacomCBS, CMT is a 37-year-old American TV channel that takes pride in being the first nationally available channel dedicated to country music. Initially, the channel aired content related to country music only—country music videos, special programming, concerts, biographies of country music stars. But over time it expanded its scope to include original lifestyle and reality shows, as well as acquired general entertainment programming.

So, the network’s existing programming includes lifestyle entertainment and unscripted reality shows with a southern outlook. Most original and acquired programming is unrelated to music. But, staying true to its roots, CMT still airs a music video block everyday, which primarily depicts mainstream hit country songs. While videos from crossover Americana, and other similar alternatives are also showcased.  

The network is available to approximately 92 million households in America with a pay-tv subscription.  

DIRECTV: A Perfect Choice for Music Lovers

Most major cable TV and satellite TV service providers include CMT in their channel lineups. But, if you are looking for high-end televisual experience, and a variety of music channels, DIRECTV can be your ideal TV provider pick. Why? Because DIRECTV is not just about plentiful and thoughtfully picked networks in your lineup.

True that the DIRECTV channel lineup brings you some brilliant channel options that every American family loves to watch—ABC, CBS, NBC, FOX, A&E, AMC, FX, Lifetime, Universal Kids, Disney Channel, CMT, and a long list of Music Choice channels too. But, other service features add as unique a value to your DIRECTV experience making it all the more complete. For instance, the Genie HD DVR which comes included with DIRECTV packages, and gives you instant access to your preferred TV on your own timeline. Record multiple shows at a time, and schedule recording remotely via the DIRECTV app. You don’t have to miss out on your awaited episodes.

And for music lovers—whether you are a Jazz fan, or love to rap to the latest music beat; relish the 80s’  music, or like to dance to melodies from assorted genres—DIRECTV has more than a little something for unique preferences. Your subscription to any of the DIRECTV packages i.e. ENTERTAINMENT, CHOICE™, ULTIMATE, and PREMIER™, gets you CMT, audio-based Music Choice channels, fuse, VH1, and the MTV network included in your primary channel lineup at no additional charge.

To top it all, AT&T DIRECTV ranks #1 among satellite TV providers in the US with a subscriber base of 13 million. And, its signal extends from coast to coast—so wherever you are in the US, you are never without your favorite music or TV!

Which Channel Number is CMT on DIRECTV?

With hundreds of channels on the list, it can get pretty confusing for new subscribers to hunt for their TV favorites. Well aware of consumer needs, DIRECTV comes with an on-screen guide to help you organize your TV watch lists, and set your go-to-networks. But, learning a new interface requires some time, and if you are not tech-savvy, you may find yourself fumbling around for a while.

To assist you, here is what you should know when you start watching DIRECTV—the CMT Channel number! The table below also gives you a sneak-peek into each DIRECTV package so you can pick the one that perfectly matches your entertainment needs.


DIRECTV Packages


Key Features

CMT Channel#


160 channels with 60 HD | 40,000 On-Demand titles | FREE Limited time subscription to premium channels like Cinemax, EPIX & STARZ



185 channels with 85 HD | 45,000 On Demand titles | FREE Limited time subscription to premium channels like Cinemax, HBO Max, EPIX & STARZ



250 channels with 115 HD | 55,000 On Demand titles | FREE Limited time subscription to premium channels like Cinemax, HBO Max, EPIX & STARZ



330 channels with 185 HD | 65,000 On Demand titles | Unlimited access to premium channels like Cinemax, HBO Max, EPIX & STARZ



If you want to access CMT on demand, just add “1” to the channel number. Meaning, tune into channel number 1327.

Popular & Featured CMT Shows



  • CMT Crossroads
  • CMT Documentaries
  • CMT Hot 20 Countdown
  • CMT Music 12 Pack Countdown
  • CMT Giants Kenny Rogers: A Benefit for Musicares
  • Dallas Cowboy Cheerleaders: Making the Team
  • Music City
  • Nashville Square
  • Party Down South
  • Racing Wives
  • Redneck Island
  • Steve Austins Broken Skull Challenge



Bottom Line

No matter what your taste in TV entertainment and music, DIRECTV pulls out all stops to fulfill the entertainment needs of an entire household. From music lovers to movie buffs DIRECTV does not forget the diverse consumer profile it serves. Browse DIRECTV packages to get more information about the appealing perks and features that are at your disposal with these competitively priced offers. 

And, if you are interested in details about DIRECTV plans and available add-ons, call DIRECTV Customer Service at 1-855-925-2541 for expert advice and subscription.



Does DIRECTV have CMT channel?

DIRECTV provides an extensive channel lineup with all its packages. All TV tiers include the CMT channel.

How much is CMT on DIRECTV?

If you are subscribed to any DIRECTV package—ENTERTAINMENT, CHOICE™, ULTIMATE, PREMIER™—CMT comes in your channel lineup at no extra cost.

How do I watch CMT channel?

CMT is offered by most major cable TV and satellite TV service providers. DIRECTV and AT&T TV both carry the network. You can also watch through streaming platforms like Philo, fuboTV, Sling TV, YouTube TV, and Vidgo. And, the CMT app is compatible with streaming devices such as Apple TV, Fire TV, and Roku.

How long is CMT free on DIRECTV?

If you are subscribed to any of the DIRECTV packages, CMT comes in your channel lineup at no added cost.

Is CMT free on DIRECTV?

When you subscribe to ENTERTAINMENT, CHOICE™, ULTIMATE, or PREMIER™ package, CMT comes included in your DIRECTV channel lineup.

How do you add a channel on DIRECTV?

You can use your internet-enabled device to add a channel to your DIRECTV lineup.

  • Navigate to Change Your TV Service.
  • Select the Channel add-ons option from the Change Plan
  • Review Sports, Movie, Premium, or International options.
  • Click Add next to the package or channel you want to include, and then press Continue.
  • Review your selection and place the order.

You can also use your phone number connected to your DIRECTV account to send a text message to 223322. You can enter the following codes in the body of the message you send.

  • For HBO® or HBO MaxTM enter HBO or HBO Max
  • For STARZ® enter STARZ
  • For SHOWTIME® Unlimited enter SHOWTIME
  • For Cinemax® enter CINEMAX
  • For SPORTS PACK enter SPORTS PACK. You can check out the entire SPORTS PACK. And, also use the lookup tool to find sports networks available in your region.
  • Once the request is sent, follow the prompts you receive to confirm activation.