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Although it is just one of the many TV providers within the U.S., DIRECTV does offer certain features that make it a popular option among users. This TV service works primarily through a satellite connection rather than the original – cable TV. This unorthodox method of serving TV ensures that it reaches just about everywhere, which is one of the biggest reasons for DIRECTV’s extensive coverage and over 12 million subscribers. One more reason for this provider’s popularity is that it now offers entertainment via internet as well. The DIRECTV via internet plans get you limitless hours of streaming with access to over 150 channels.

In this article, we discuss all you need to know about channel ESPNU on DIRECTV. Learn about the channel’s story to date, the network’s number on the DIRECTV guide, the best programming, and more.

Channel ESPNU – Over the Years

ESPNU is a cable and satellite TV channel, dedicated to American sports. It is owned and operated by ESPN Inc., which is controlled by The Walt Disney Company and Hearst Communications. It was initially launched as a website including live streaming, scoreboards, podcasts, and more. The channel itself was launched in 2005 with its headquarters based in Bristol, CT.

The primary focus of this channel is college sports with general ESPN programming also making up a part of the schedule from time to time. As of data from 2022, ESPNU has approximately 51 million subscribers within the U.S.

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Watch Channel ESPNU on DIRECTV

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DIRECTV via satellite offers 4 different service tiers for TV with 99% signal reliability. You get 150+ channels with the highest tier and even some bonus channels. There are also other features, such as a DVR service and an on-demand library with over 90,000 titles.

For people who are more into streaming, DIRECTV via the Internet is the way to go. This streaming TV service gets you all the same things as the DIRECTV via Satellite but you get to enjoy it in 4K and over the internet. There are no bonus channels for Internet users but you do get other perks, such as seamless streaming with a few other fancy features for the DIRECTV via internet customers. To get the best service possible it is important to have a good and fast internet service, something like AT&T Fiber which offers symmetrical gigabit speeds.

Being such a popular sports network, ESPNU is included with most DIRECTV packages, but not all. You can enjoy this channel with all of the DIRECTV plans except the starter plan i.e. ENTERTAINMENT. However, you can get it with both the service types offered by DIRECTV, which is a big plus.

What Number is the ESPNU Channel on DIRECTV?

No matter what service type between satellite and internet you pick for your home, you get a choice of 4 DIRECTV packages. Once you have ensured that ESPNU is part of your DIRECTV lineup, you can find it on number 208 on DIRECTV.

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If you have trouble exploring the entirety of your 150+ DIRECTV channels, you can use the DIRECTV guide to search for it. This should be easily accessible on your DIRECTV interface with a corresponding button on the remote.

Enjoy College Sports with ESPNU on DIRECTV

While it mainly offers a wide selection of college sports, ESPNU also airs ESPN programming on the channel every once in a while. Plus, some popular sports also get a telecast on this channel, so people can stay in touch with the outside world as well. Let us take a look at some of the things you can watch on ESPNU:

  • ESPNU College Baseball
  • ESPNU College Basketball
  • ESPNU College Football
  • ESPNU College Hockey
  • ESPNU College Lacrosse
  • ESPNU College Soccer
  • ESPNU College Softball
  • ESPNU College Volleyball
  • Playoffs broadcasts: NHL on ESPN
  • Playoffs broadcasts: NBA G League
  • Telecast: Formula One
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Top Features Offered by DIRECTV Packages

DIRECTV is known for its great value plans with an extensive channel lineup and prices starting as low as $69.99 per month. The features offered by DIRECTV are quite good and add value to the service. Plus, not to forget that you can actually enjoy DIRECTV all around the country, which is quite a big benefit in itself. Let us take a look at some of the best features that come with DIRECTV.

  • Gemini with DIRECTV via Internet: DIRECTV via Internet comes with a Gemini device, which is dedicated to bringing you a seamless TV experience. You get to switch from live TV or on-demand to any streaming service and even between the satellite and internet service with the SignalSaver Tech. Enjoy watching TV in 4K and the simple interface of the device.
  • Genie DVR for Recordings: Loaded with two separate storage options, the Genie DVR is optional with all DIRECTV plans. A higher plan offers 450 hours of HD storage along with the recording of 7 shows simultaneously. There is also a picture-in-picture feature that allows you to play multiple recordings at once.
  • Entertainment Anywhere with the DIRECTV App: Carry your entertainment with you on more than one device with the DIRECTV App. Enjoy live TV channels, on-demand movies and shows, and watch from your DVR library. Works on up to 5 devices simultaneously.
  • Special Discount Offers: DIRECTV often comes up with time-limited promos or discounted deals for new customers. Depending on active offers, you may get premium networks or a Visa gift card when you sign up. These are for new customers so worth checking out if you want to get the service.

At the End…

DIRECTV packages are bound to get you the kind of TV you want whether you want it through satellite or internet. This makes it available over a larger area and gives you more control over your choices. With multiple DIRECTV plans available, you can decide the number of channels, features, and more according to your preference. DIRECTV via Internet works with all internet services so AT&T Fiber Internet is a safe choice. On the contrary, DIRECTV via Satellite is perfect for residential areas where people just want good entertainment of a wider variety.

The ESPNU Channel is available at number 208 with all DIRECTV plans except ENTERTAINMENT. Plus, you can take and carry your entertainment with you through the DIRECTV App!

Call DIRECTV Customer Service at 855-737-0235 for more information.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is DIRECTV Internet?

DIRECTV does not offer internet services, but it offers TV service over the internet called DIRECTV via internet. Plans start at $69.99 with 75+ channels and the freedom to pick whatever you want. To learn more, call 855-737-0235.