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For surviving in today’s fast-paced world, you have to stay on top of daily news whether or not you like to. From politics and business to weather and sports, you get a lot of information from watching the news every day.

With rapid growth of the World Wide Web and social media platforms, fewer Americans are now turning to TV for news on a daily basis—a Pew research study indicates from 2016-17 the number fell by 7%. But, fact is that nearly half the American population still prefers to turn to local or cable TV news.

The Fox News Channel

Fox News begs no introduction—it’s a household name across the US. And, considered “Great for political news, Trustworthy, Informative, Reliable, and Well Researched” among the conservative leaning audiences.

Created by media mogul Rupert Murdoch in 1996, Fox News came to occupy a special spot in the U.S. media landscape—specifically for those affiliated with the ideological right. While Democrats in America have long turned to the likes of MSNBC and CNN, for Republicans no other outlet comes close to meeting the charm of Fox News.  

In spite of being caught up in controversies and the blame-game that goes on between the left and the right, there is hardly a doubt Fox News has risen to present an alternative to the likes of ABC, CBS and NBC. And, progressively garnered a huge chunk of the conservative-leaning viewership—making steady gains against CNN and MSNBC in particular.  

O’Reilly’s confrontational interviewing style depicted in “The O’Reilly Report” (1996-98) and “The O’Reilly Factor (1998-2017). Engaging debates on daily news presented by the conservative Sean Hannity and the liberal Alan Colmes on “Hannity and Colmes”. The morning news celebrity gossip program Fox & Friends that first aired in 1998. Not to forget the flagship newscast “The Schneider Report” featuring Mike Schneider’s rather peculiar quick delivery of the news. Fox News has never been short on notable presenters or engaging current affairs content. 

Colorful and catchy graphics that help viewers catch the crux of what is being said. The News Alert, which interrupts regular programming, and brings a breaking news story to the attention of the audience. And the news sticker that runs at the bottom of the screen and helps keep up with the inflow of information. All these clever visual trends can be well attributed to how the Fox News Channel came to approach news related content.

Stay Informed with Fox News on DIRECTV

For all Fox News followers out there, if you are looking to subscribe to a new TV service provider, take a look at what the #1 satellite TV service provider in the U.S. i.e. DIRECTV, has in store for you. Not only does DIRECTV include the Fox News Channel in its lineup, the service brings you other Fox channels—such as your local Fox TV, Fox Business Network, Fox Sports 1 & 2, Fox Sports Southeast and Fox Sports Sun. Plus, many more popular and premium American TV networks—accompanied with a number of appealing service features and perks.

With perfectly curated packages under its belt, DIRECTV offers a diverse and comprehensive collection of channels for the entire household. Whether you are a news buff or sports aficionado, love watching premium entertainment TV or your network watch list is adorned with an assortment of popular TV networks—in any case, AT&T DIRECTV pulls out all the stops to fulfill your TV needs, while bringing you the maximum value of your investment.

When you cannot catch the Special Report with Bret Baier or Tucker Carlson Tonight, don’t stress. Just go ahead and schedule a recording via your Genie HD DVR—after all you don’t have to be home to do that with the DIRECTV app at your disposal. And when you miss out on the first hour of Fox & Friends First don’t feel blue— check with Genie, and see if it is available, so that you can restart Live TV!

Just as the Fox News Channel covers you at all fronts—current affairs, political issues, news analyses, round table discussions—DIRECTV too provides you with an all-round service that extends far beyond extensive channel lineups—4K UHD programming, a massive on demand library, the most sports content, TV on the go etc. All in all, DIRECTV gives its subscribers more than just a mere connection to boot up their TV sets.  

What Channel is Fox News on DIRECTV?

With how advanced and contemporary your TV watching becomes with a DIRECTV subscription, getting your TV favorites organized is not difficult. And, the DIRECTV on-screen guide does just that for you. But, if you are not that tech savvy, you may find yourself fumbling around with a new interface for a while. And, if you are a Fox News fan you sure wouldn’t want to miss out on The Ingraham Angle. Or for that matter the relaunched Americas Newsroom with Bill Hemmer & Dana Perino.

Here is what you’ll need when you are all set to start watching DIRECTV—the channel number for the Fox News Channel! The listing below also includes some key highlights of each DIRECTV package so you can compare at a glance and take your pick.

DIRECTV Packages

Promo Price

(for 12 months)

Key Features

Fox News Channel#




Regular rate $102


·        160 channels with 60 HD

·        40,000 On-Demand titles

·        Limited time subscription to premium channels like HBO Max, STARZ, Cinemax & EPIX




Regular rate $122


·        185 channels with 85 HD

·        45,000 On Demand titles

·        Limited time subscription to premium channels like HBO Max, STARZ, Cinemax & EPIX




Regular rate $151


·        250 channels with 115 HD

·        55,000 On Demand titles

·        Limited time subscription to premium channels like HBO Max, STARZ, Cinemax & EPIX




Regular rate $206


·        330 channels with 185 HD

·        65,000 On Demand titles

·        Access to premium channels like HBO Max, Cinemax, STARZ & EPIX



Take Delight in the Richness of AT&T DIRECTV

DIRECTV brings you the best TV options at the most competitive prices. If you wish to broaden your perspective of national and global politics, and encompass more viewpoints on any given current affair, DIRECTV gives you plenty of quality options—such as the BBC World News, One America News, Newsmax TV, CNN, and CNN International.

Where Fox News is all about keeping you abreast around the clock, and helping you gain new insights, DIRECTV is all about transforming a tedious TV experience into a hassle-free modern one. The best part is you can depend on DIRECTV to deliver 99% signal reliability, and higher customer satisfaction than Cable TV. Plus DIRECTV Bundles give you a great opportunity to save on your monthly bill. Because when you pair DIRECTV with another qualifying AT&T service, such as AT&T Internet or AT&T Wireless you get DIRECTV for $10 less. And, if you throw in AT&T Home Phone, you can bag more savings.    

Now, all these incredible features may have tempted you to invest in the top U.S. satellite TV service. So, go ahead and speak to an expert at DIRECTV Customer Service at 1-855-925-2541, get pro advice on which package may be the best fit for your TV needs, and subscribe!



What channel number is Fox News on DIRECTV?

All DIRECTV plans, ENTERTAINMENT, CHOICE™, ULTIMATE, and PREMIER™ include Fox News. Tune into channel number 360, and stay on top of all local, national and international happenings with the Fox News Channel on DIRECTV

What channel number is Fox News on DIRECTV in Arizona?

You can tune in to channel number 360 to watch Fox News on DIRECTV in Arizona.

On what channel number is Fox News on DIRECTV in Florida?

You can tune in to channel number 360 to watch Fox News on DIRECTV in Florida

Where to watch Fox News on DIRECTV in Georgia?

You can tune in to channel number 360 to watch Fox News on DIRECTV in Georgia.

What channel is Fox News on DIRECTV in North Carolina?

You can tune in to channel number 360 to watch Fox News on DIRECTV in North Carolina.