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The fifth-largest residential cable internet provider in the United States has been delivering internet and entertainment with convenience for two and a half decades. In more recent times, Mediacom embarked on the mission to offer fiber-fast internet with an aim to stay relevant to its subscriber-base. Today, consistent, stable, and powerful Mediacom Internet powers applications and devices helping millions across 22 states to make the most of modern digital tech.

Mediacom Cable smartly employs its existing coaxial cable lines – that connect to your TV - and bleeding-edge fiber optic tech to deliver a middle of the road option to subscribers: speeds comparable to that of a pure fiber-optic connection, but at a price as economical as that of cable broadband.

Which Speeds Does Mediacom Internet Offer?

Mediacom Internet offers a number of speed tiers that are able to take care of a diverse customer base. From solitary individuals to huge households full of techies, gamers, and streamers.

Mediacom internet plans start from a healthy 60 Mbps which is perfect for light usage. Then we move up to the widely popular speed tiers of 100 Mbps and 200 Mbps which generously feed moderate internet consumption. And finally, the superfast 500 Mbps and 1 Gig speed tiers which are a dream come true for those who eat on data real fast.

Is Mediacom Unlimited Internet on Offer?

Mediacom internet plans come with data caps. So unfortunately no one can get Unlimited Mediacom Internet. You do however get to enjoy virtually unlimited internet with speed tiers higher than 60M.

Meaning, data caps placed by the provider are too generous, and impeccably in line with the speed allocated to each tier. So subscribers can in fact indulge without the stress. Here is the data usage allowance for each Mediacom internet plan:

• Internet 60 — 400GB

• Internet 100 — 1000GB

• Internet 200 — 2000GB

• Internet 500 — 4000GB

• Internet 1 GIG — 6000GB

How Much Internet Data Do I Need?

Data consumption depends upon the size of your household and what you need internet for. The bigger your household the more data you will need to feed everyone’s online activities. Plus, it is likely that more than one device would be connected at a time. Speed, data, and the number of devices that are connected simultaneously—these are the key factors that would tell you which Mediacom Internet package you must subscribe to.

Typically, web browsing requires an average of 60MB per hour. So for instance, if you spend five hours a day browsing the web, you will be using 300MB of data. And, that will translate into 9GB of data for the entire month.

As for streaming videos, for example on Netflix or when you watch Mediacom On Demand via the Xtream TV app, you require 1GB data if you stream an SD-quality video for an hour. And 3GB data if you stream HD-quality content for an hour. As most movies last about 2 hours, it means for one SD quality movie a day, you would need 2GB data, and if you stream in HD, then 6 GB. And, at that rate your monthly consumption of data on account of streaming would amount to 60-180 GB.

For social networking sites like Facebook, you require 2MB of data per minute, which equals 120MB an hour. So if you spend 5 hours on Facebook or any other social media platform every day, you will need 18GB of data for the entire month.

The total usage of data per month for browsing, streaming, and networking will depend upon the number of users in your household, the activities they conduct, and the time they spend on those activities. You can easily sketch a rough estimation of the amount of data your household requires and subscribe accordingly.

How to Save on Mediacom Internet Data?

Although Mediacom data caps are not that easy to beat if you have subscribed to the appropriate package, sometimes we require more internet juice than usual. The good news is most regions covered by Mediacom Xtream Internet are also equipped with Xtream Wi-Fi hotspots. These Mediacom Wi-Fi hotspots are strategically placed across dozens of cities in 10 out of 22 Mediacom service states.

If you reside in any of the following cities you can connect to Xtream Wi-Fi hotspots and enjoy superfast internet to do what you need done-- whether you run out of your monthly stipend or because you are on the go.

Ocean View, Delaware Savage, Minnesota Wiley Park- Galva, Illinois
Gulf Shores, Alabama Waterloo, Iowa Quad Cities, Illinois
Greensboro, Alabama Jefferson City, Missouri Edenton, North Carolina
Culver, Indiana Columbia, Missouri Livingston, Alabama
Opp, Alabama Valdosta, Georgia Des Moines, Iowa
Apache Junction, Arizona Dubuque, Iowa Galena, Illinois

Donot Have Xtream Hotspots? No Worries!

If you don’t live in any of these cities, cheer up. Mediacom continues to grow its powerful Xtream hotspot network and make fiber-rich internet accessible to more and more communities across America. Who knows your city might be next. Meanwhile, you can upgrade your Mediacom internet plan to a higher tier, so you can get more data allowance. Contact Mediacom Customer Service for a package upgrade.

You should also check out the hottest Mediacom Internet deals of 2020that can save you a lot of money, while you relish additional perks and benefits.

More Info on Mediacom Service

1. How to pay my Mediacom bill?

Mediacom is quite generous in its Internet and Cable TV plans. And this generosity also extends to how many options does Mediacom give you to help pay the bill with ease. There are currently five ways you can use to Mediacom bill pay. Check them out here.

2. Can I get my own modem for Mediacom Internet?

Mediacom offers you its own modem at a small per-month fee. But you can also bring your own modem compatible with the Mediacom internet service. Check out these top 10 Mediacom approved modems you can buy yourself.

3. How to self-install Mediacom modem and router?

You don’t have to sign up for professional installation when you can easily self-install your Mediacom router and modem at home by yourself. Just follow these straightforward instructions.

4. How to change your Mediacom Wi-Fi password?

You must secure your network by setting a strong Wi-Fi password. You can change your Mediacom Wi-Fi password in a blink by following the instructions here.

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