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Let’s face it, there’s so much to watch on TV these days that it’s impossible to stay on top of your favorite shows. And it’s not just TV content. With so many movies coming out, visiting the theatre with your entire family, buying tickets and snacks can be costly so, you probably only go for the must-watch ones.

But why fret when you have Mediacom On Demand?

What is Mediacom On Demand?

It doesn’t matter which value-packed Mediacom bundle you subscribe to, your favorite movies, TV shows, and programs will be available for you to watch 24/7—courtesy: Mediacom On Demand!

Gone are the days when you missed an episode, a new movie, or an entire season that everyone’s raving about—with Mediacom On Demand, you can always level the scores by watching your feature-rich Mediacom TV your way, as per your convenience. Catch up on your favorite TV content anytime, anywhere on your digital devices.

Here are some perks of getting access to Mediacom On Demand:

Watch As Per Your Schedule

So, you haven’t got your hands on TiVo® yet, or maybe you forgot to switch on the 'recording' mode on your DVR box. Or you’ve missed quite a bit of the latest Stranger Things season, and it’s pouring outside – well, guess what! With Mediacom On-Demand, any time is a perfect time to catch up on what Eleven and the gang are up to.

Start From Where You Left

You might have missed a few episodes of your favorite show or you may be an entire season behind. With Mediacom On Demand, you can easily catch up from where you left.

No Late Fees

The Mediacom On Demand doesn’t just offer the latest content. So, it doesn’t matter whether you want to relish new TV shows and movies, or you find yourself in the mood for some old ones – the Mediacom On Demand library has a massive compilation of Mediacom on-demand movies and shows to suit your mood.

So if you feel like running an Avengers movie-marathon or catch up on the latest releases like Greyhound, just press play and bid adieu to the stress of late fees and late returns of video rentals. Purchase content you want to watch and feel free to watch or replay it as much as you like within the rental window—that too at no additional cost.

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Experience Unique Binge-watching with Mediacom On Demand

With Mediacom On Demand, all your favorite mega-hit titles are just a tap away and you’re in total control of your binge-watching sprees for as long as 24-hours! Moreover, unlike Pay-Per-View, Mediacom On Demand allows you to pause, rewind, and even skip boring parts while watching a program if you so wish.

The programming options with Mediacom On Demand are endless.

The Mediacom On Demand library is nothing less than GoT’s Citadel – packed with gazillions of Mediacom On Demand movies and programming options to keep boredom at bay. Additionally, the Mediacom On Demand library is refreshed from time to time and is flooded with new movies and TV shows. And, if you love the good old classics, you will be glad to know that the classic titles are also frequently rotated to give you the most epic cinematic experience while sitting in your living room.

Moreover, Mediacom On Demand also lets you dive into an extensive selection of free special programming via LifeSkool, which offers a myriad of entertaining options—from cooking shows to yoga.

But that’s not all!

When you add premium networks such as STARZ® or HBO® to your Mediacom TV channel lineup, you can get your hands on Premium On Demand. This way you will get to access countless featured movies, and original series offered by your subscribed premium networks for free. Additionally, you will get to relish a bunch of all-time-favorite titles as well as special features—that too without paying extra!

Easy Ways to Access Mediacom On Demand

You don’t have to be a rocket scientist to access Mediacom On Demand. Luckily, there are a handful of easy ways to access the Mediacom On Demand library.

- Click on the ‘On Demand’ button on your remote to watch your desired movie or shows.

- You can also press the ‘ON’ icon to get started via the Quick Menu.

- Use the ‘On Demand’ tab on the Flip Bar

- Enter through Channel #1

- Get access via an On-Demand channel in the TV Listings.

You can also use the super handy On Demand guide symbols or ‘Action Icons’ to help you navigate through the best channels on Mediacom On Demand without hassle! You can use action icons to do the following:

o To watch Mediacom On Demand programs – Use the remote to pause/play, fast-forward, rewind, and stop whenever you want. The DVR control buttons on your remote will also serve the same purpose.

o To order Mediacom On Demand programs – Press on the four navigation arrows to explore category listings, and when you make up your mind, choose a title by pressing OK/Select or press INFO to get detailed information.

o To resume an On-Demand program via Status Bar – As the name suggests, the Status Bar shows where you are on the show/movie you’ve been watching. If you want to stop a program to come back to it later, select My Rentals from the On Demand menu, and highlight and select the title to see your remaining rental time. You can hit the ‘play’ tab to resume.

How Much Does Mediacom On-Demand Cost?

Gone are the days when you had to drive all the way to video rental stores to get a movie or pay late fees in case you failed to return it in time. With Mediacom On Demand, you can access most of the juicy titles by paying as little as $3.99/title which is lesser than many rental services.

Feeling Tempted?

Thankfully, with the massive plethora of Mediacom On Demand movies, shows, and special programming, you can finally say goodbye to boring, lackluster content. You no longer have to wonder how to fill your spare time indoors.

So, if you’re hit by bad weather or don’t feel like going out on the weekend, just grab some popcorn, and skim through the massive list of Mediacom On Demand titles to fuel your binge-a-thons.

Want to watch brand new flicks? Feel free to explore the ‘What’s new’ section and you’ll get tons of options. Want to watch classics and enjoy a nostalgia-fest? No problem—with Mediacom On Demand there’s something to relish for everyone.

So if you are tempted to get yourself a Mediacom TV subscription or want more information about Mediacom On-Demand, feel free to contact Mediacom Customer Service for help or buy Mediacom online if you’ve made up your mind.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How much does Mediacom On Demand cost?

You can watch the content on your Mediacom channel lineup free of cost. This includes all the premium channels and the content they broadcast and that you have subscribed to. However, if you want to watch a movie On Demand, for most rentals you will have to pay $3.99 per title. Order online or call now at 1-855-349-9315.

How do I go back to watch an On Demand program if I have changed the channel?

Open the On Demand Menu and tap on “MY RENTALS”. Select the program you want to continue watching. Press “RESUME” if you wish to start from where you left or choose “RESTART” to start the program all over again. Order online or call now at 1-855-349-9315.

Do I need to have a new PIN for buying On Demand programs or movies?

No, you do not need to have a special PIN for On Demand purchases. You can use the controls and settings that you have saved previously. Order online or call now at 1-855-349-9315.

Can I record On Demand programming on my Mediacom DVR box?

No. You cannot record On Demand programming on your Mediacom DVR box. However, you can watch the Mediacom On Demand programming to your heart’s content for good 24 hours as per your convenience. Order online or call now at 1-855-349-9315.

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