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The city of Springfield, Missouri doesn’t have too many options when it comes to choosing an internet service provider . Most ISPs operating in the Queen City of the Ozarks, offer DSL, Fixed Wireless or Satellite broadband, while a few add Fiber to the menu.

After all, Springfield is the 70th most connected city in the State of Missouri, behind even Nixa, Strafford, and Brookline. The city may have 19 internet providers flocking the land, out of which 12 offer residential internet service, but these are more like mere numbers in the big picture.

In actuality, on average each household in Springfield, Mo, has just two, rarely more, ISPs offering one or the other type of broadband connection at their address. This makes the situation even more dismal as an overwhelming number of households gets limited to only a single provider for setting up this or that type of service.

Upon close assessment we note, the DSL and satellite broadband providers offer limited internet speeds, surpassing the 100 Mbps ceiling only where pure fiber optic connectivity is available. In fact some ISPs offer internet at speeds as low as 3 Mbps in their pricey basic internet plan, and the more speed you want, the more pennies you must spend.

In today’s world, living without a reliable and fast internet connection is like living under a rock. The frustration doubles when data transfers at a snail’s pace, and you have to give up a significant chunk of your pocket to feed that snail an energy drink. That’s where Mediacom in Springfield Missouri comes to rescue!

Mediacom in Springfield, Missouri: A Lifesaver?

The reason why Mediacom is a lifesaver for the residents of Springfield is its over 97% network coverage coupled with the generosity of its internet plans and internet service provider. The company has been delivering telecom services to the Midwest and Southeast for nearly 25 years, and ranks as the 5th largest residential cable provider in the U.S., however, one that has not been content with the status quo.

So making the most of its pre-existing coaxial cable TV lines around Springfield, Mediacom gave its network a big boost via the newly deployed fiber optic infrastructure. This network advancement made it possible for Mediacom to deliver fiber level speeds at the inexpensive price of cable broadband to its subscribers, who previously wouldn’t have imagined accessing high-quality internet service with such affordability.

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Mediacom Internet in Springfield, MO is the Fastest You Can Get!

Speed is not the only benefit you get with Mediacom Internet - the provider is fond of offering variety and throwing in perks to make its plans and bundles all the more value-added – but it remains a fact that in Springfield’s setting, the speed factor does tend to become the most appealing feature cable broadband has to offer.

There are multiple speed tiers that Mediacom offers so as to match the pace of every subscriber in the Springfield area. Starting from 60 Mbps, you get tiers that transfer data at 100M, 200M, 500M, or at the 99.9% reliable Gigabit speeds.

There are data caps in place with each package, however, these are quite generous and if you have chosen a plan with your needs and wants well in sight, you can indulge in stress-free surfing, streaming and gaming, or conduct the affairs of your home-based business without a care, throughout the monthly billing cycle.

So choose a speed and data tier that fits your lifestyle the best – whether you are the sole user or you have to connect multiple devices, you would not feel a lag even during peak usage times.

Here’s more of what you get as you subscribe to a Mediacom Internet plan.

Far-Reaching in-home Wi-Fi

Mediacom Internet in Springfield, Mo comes with a whole-home Wi-Fi system so every nook and cranny of your house, no matter what size and shape, gets strong signal coverage. You can even upgrade the standard Wi-Fi to Xtream Wi-Fi 360 and opt for more than one extender, if your require coverage for 3000 sq. feet or more.

Free Cybersecurity Suite

Now we all want to surf safely and not become prey to a malicious hacker, so Mediacom includes the Total Defense™ Internet Security Suite at no extra cost. The security software protects up to 5 of your devices from antiviruses, malware, ransomware, spyware, and any other malicious cyber attack. Mediacom therefore makes for a pretty sound choice - particularly if you happen to run a home-based small business, or telecommute.

Mediacom TV in Springfield, Missouri is Simply the Best You Can Get!

We have so many entertainment options today in Springfield, but cable TV will always retain its charm. The still-present appeal of cable TV can be attributed to Mediacom’s invested effort to enhance the traditional cable TV service, making it more relevant for today’s audience, just like the provider modernized its internet service.

So instead of delivering inflexible Live TV channels in a black box, Mediacom TV offers Springfield a lot more variety of content with much more flexibility in terms of watching it.

Multiple Channel Lineup Options

Not everyone wants to spend too much on cable TV channels, which they have no interest in watching whatsoever. Sure, the bundling of internet and TV services lowers the overall price for both, but why spend money on something you don’t utilize? Mediacom TV in Springfield, Missouri offers three channel lineups for this very reason:

Local TV — 50 Channels

Essential TV — 125 Channels

Variety TV— 170 Channels

Whatever the level of your entertainment may be, with a Mediacom TV subscription, you get to choose and enjoy a broad range of programming options that include local Springfield channels too – yet not pay for what you may never watch!

Premium Channels

When we talk about personalization, it doesn’t end with the Mediacom TV channel lineup . Subscribers can pick and include more than one of these premium networks - HBO®, Cinemax®, SHOWTIME®, and STARZ® - as add-ons to their cable TV package, and access the entire variety of content through their TiVo box and Xtream TV app.

Add-On Packages

Choices on top of choices, that’s how Mediacom functions. If you want still more personalized entertainment, include one of the mini Mediacom packages to your Mediacom TV subscription and watch what you most enjoy. Craft your own entertainment regime with Digital PAKs, Sports & Information PAK, Kids & Variety PAK, Movies & Music PAK, and international programming options from Mediacom.

On Demand Library

Mediacom TV offers quite a generous Video On Demand library, packed with thousands of TV shows, movies, and documentaries, from Classics to the latest hits. Demand any show you want any time of the day. Plus, you can access thousands of On Demand titles from any channel, premium, or otherwise included in your TV subscription.

Mediacom TV Accessories

When you purchase any of the Mediacom TV packages, you get TiVo included in the subscription with its DVR, and search & guide facilities. The voice activated Xtream TV remote opens up the gateway to your entertainment at your command. While the free Xtream TV app lets you experience Live TV and all that is included in your subscription even when you are out enjoying the Springfield weather – all you need is a connected device!

Mediacom Customer Service in Springfield, Missouri Works Round the Clock

Given how accommodating Mediacom has become with its internet and TV services, you can expect its customer service would be just as improved or even better. The Mediacom Customer Service in Springfield, Missouri works round the clock to ensure you can access support any time of the day.

The support staff is adept at solving technical issues, providing Mediacom-related information, determining service availability in Springfield, processing your order, and a lot more. So you have very little to worry about as you sign up for services with Mediacom Cable.

Key Takeaway

Given the effort invested in enhancement of service quality, basically by combining a customer focused approach with introduction of innovative technology to existing systems, Mediacom Cable has come to earn a reputable standing in Springfield Missouri. We therefore suggest you go for a Mediacom subscription without second guessing, if you happen to reside in Springfield, Missouri.