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As you acquire the Mediacom modem-router combo for your home network, which delivers Mediacom internet services to every internet-enabled wireless device in your household, you may have to immediately change your default Mediacom Wi-Fi password. Keeping the original passphrase may be the chink in the armor that an opportunistic hacker is looking for.

We all tend to frequently change and maintain hard-to-guess credentials for our social media and other online services, but often overlook the credentials of our in-home Wi-Fi network. That’s when a hacker strikes.

It’s not that difficult for a tech-savvy individual, particularly who operates on the wrong side of the law, to guess your router’s default password. With a sly exploitative technique and software, the hacker can gain access to your router and reconfigure it to disable its firewall, which may leave your system vulnerable to malicious malware and viruses.

Therefore, changing your default Wi-Fi password and ensuring that the login credentials are changed frequently — once in 90 days or so — could save you from the potential agony of a cyber-threat.

With Mediacom Internet, you can access the Mediacom Home Network Manager app that allows you to manage your home network and its settings - change your Mediacom Wi-Fi password, set up and administer the network, and configure Port Forwarding.

To change the Mediacom Wi-Fi password:

1. Go to Mediacom’s Home network Manager:

2. Login with your Username and Passphrase (password).

Your given ‘Username’ may start with the letter ‘e’ or ‘w’ as per the service tower assigned to you; the letter is followed by a 3 digit unit number, and then followed by ‘regency’. For example, your Username can look like, e457regency or w789regency. Your ‘Passphrase’ would be ‘mediacom16’.

3. In case the password isn’t working or you forgot it, click on 'Forgot your Passphrase?' Mediacom will send a new passphrase to your email ID, which you used to set up your Mediacom internet account.

4. After logging into the Home Network Manager, you will reach the main Control Panel page. From the panel on the left side of the page, choose the option “My Wireless Network”.

5. Now click “Wi-Fi” and it will reveal your existing “Network Name (SSID)” and “Passphrase” on the right side of the page.

6. Change your Mediacom Network Name (SSID) and Passphrase

7. After you are done, click the “Save” button that you will see on the top right of the page following the implementation of new info.

So, now you have your new Mediacom Wi-Fi credentials. Make sure your password is not easy to guess and is only disclosed to the trusted few.


Hence, this was a simple way to change your Mediacom password and one you should employ often to keep things fresh. It not only protect your home internet network from intruders but also protects all the other Internet of Things (IoT) devices connected to your network. Keep changing the passwords every now and then so that you can protect yourself and your family from cybercrimes of all sorts!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How to change Mediacom Wi-Fi password?

  • Go to Mediacom’s Home network Manager:
  • Login with your Username and Passphrase.
  • Choose the option “My Wireless Network” from Control Panel page.
  • Click ‘Wi-Fi’ and change your Mediacom Network Name (SSID) and Passphrase and save.

How often should I change my Mediacom password?

Make sure the login credentials are changed once in 90 days or 3 months to avoid malicious threats.

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