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Ankeny heaven for foodies and adventurous souls, where you will find mouthwatering cuisine, art avenues, miles of trails, lush-green golf courses and so much more! To curb those hunger pangs, dine at finger-licking Jethro’s BBQ’N Lakehouse or grab a bite at Rosati pizza, and to finish things off pay a visit to local bakeshop for an assortment of desserts. And if you’re feeling bored, hike, run, trek, or road-bike the High Trestle Trail. Ankeny — a city within Greater Des Moines — has surely so much to offer to its residents.

But, do you only have a blast when you hang-out in downtown Ankeny? Certainly not. The Iowan city of 72,820 inhabitants also boasts plenty of internet service providers flocking the area 22 in all, of which 13 are engaged in provision of residential services.

When it comes to broadband types, the providers furnish Fiber, Cable, DSL, Fixed Wireless and Satellite connections. However, when we look for cable broadband providers in Ankeny, Mediacom is the one and only’ which endeavors to meet the virtual and digital needs of 98.9% residents. Mediacom Ankeny Iowa is also the only ISP delivering Gig level cable broadband speeds one big reason why the provider is the top choice in Ankeny!

So, if you live in Ankeny, Iowa, and after a long and wearisome workday you love to unwind in the comfort of your home watching movies, and shows, scrolling through social media, gaming, or merely surfing the web Mediacom got you covered! Because cable internet speeds from Mediacom Ankeny Iowa are the swiftest!

Want to see why Mediacom is flying high in Ankeny, Iowa? Keep on reading.

Mediacom Ankeny Iowa: Fastest & Reliable Internet

Mediacom Internet in Ankeny, Iowa offers an array of data and speed tiers specifically designed to fulfill a wide spectrum of individual and household needs. Mediacom Internet allows every web-surfer in your clan to explore the world of internet, browse through social media feeds, and indulge in glitch-free streaming or gaming! Even when you connect multiple devices.

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Gig order internet speeds wouldn’t have been possible if Mediacom hadn’t opted to boost its pre-existing coaxial cable network with the ground-breaking DOCSIS 3.1 protocol making it capable of delivering fiber-cable hybrid broadband. The Mediacom network is well-known to smoothly transfer data at lightning-fast speeds with utmost reliability. Across 22 states, an up-to-date network, powered by a fiber backbone, allows the provider to offer high-speed internet at economical price-points.

Here are the pricing plans for Mediacom Internet Ankeny Iowa.

Plan Maximum Speed Monthly Charge Monthly Data Allowance
Internet 60 Up to 60 Mbps $39.99* (for 12 months) 400 GB
Internet 100 Up to 100 Mbps $49.99* (for 12 months) 1000 GB
Internet 200 Up to 200 Mbps $59.99* (for 12 months) 2000 GB
Internet 500 Up to 500 Mbps $69.99* (for 12 months) 4000 GB
1 Gig Internet Up to 1 Gbps $79.99* (for 12 months) 6000 GB

* Prices exclusive of Activation, installation, modem rental, & taxes.

Apart from reliability of speed, Mediacom Internet in Ankeny, Iowa features: 

Multiple Speed Tiers – Mediacom internet plans offer varying speeds starting from 60 Mbps going as high up as 1 Gbps! So you can choose a plan that works the best for you and your family. 

Xtream Wi-Fi – For stronger all-around signal reach, Mediacom Internet comes with a standard in-home Wi-Fi setup, but you can also upgrade to WiFi 360 with Extenders if you want to beef-up signal reception on a larger area. 

Wi-Fi Hotspots – Xtream Wi-Fi hotspots are tactically dispersed across 7 states so you can always have access to high-speed Mediacom internet even if you happen to be travelling around these regions.

Total Defense™ Security Suite – The free failsafe security suite protects up to 5 devices from nasty hackers and cybercriminals. Plus, Parental Controls help you shield your children better when they are online.  

Binge-Worthy Mediacom TV Ankeny. Iowa

If your good ole TV box needs some digital revamping, Mediacom TV is the only fix it needs to get up and running again. So if you obsess with sports, movies, music, or current affairs, Mediacom TV plans to ensure you receive nothing but a perfect TV experience.

Mediacom TV comes armed with a myriad of innovative features. The smart TiVo® DVR receiver, a title-rich Mediacom On-Demand Library, whip-smart TiVo® channel search, the TiVo® Xtream Remote with voice-activated controls, and the Xtream TV app which provides real-time TV content on your smart device Mediacom goes above and beyond to bring stellar on-screen entertainment avenues to the residents of Ankeny. 

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Furthermore, Mediacom TV subscribers can add more zest to their Variety channel lineup by opting for premium channel subscriptions as well as lots of mini-packages at pocket-friendly prices.

  • Premium networks—Cinemax®, HBO®, SHOWTIME®, STARZ®,
  • Digital PAKs-- Sports & Info PAK, Kids & Variety PAK, Movies & Music PAK
  • Digital Extras— Canales Latinos, International channels with news, entertainment, and sports from Europe to Asia, and the NFL RedZone® (requires a Sports & Information Digital PAK subscription)

Here is the choice of plans offered by Mediacom TV Ankeny, Iowa:

Local TV

If you have a packed schedule and don’t spend much time watching TV or have a small household, Mediacom’s Local TV plan is your best fit as you get over 50 essential and popular channels including FOX, NBC, CBS, and ABC. The plan also includes digital music from Music Choice channels so you can relish fun-filled and all-inclusive entertainment that’s not just affordable, but also meets your day-to-day TV viewing habits.

Essential TV

Mediacom’s Essential TV plan has the perfect balance of programming for standard viewers. It furnishes all-things-necessary for your entertainment regime quite without burdening your wallet. The Essential TV package covers a multitude of entertainment genres by bringing you over 125 channels such as Comedy Central, AMC, A&E, Fox Sports, and Lifetime.

Variety TV

If your big family’s looking for big hit entertainment, the search might be over as Mediacom Variety TV package has it all. With a juicy channel lineup comprising of up to 170 channels, including America’s most loved networks, this TV plan is essentially crafted to send your big family on the most tasteful televisual spree!

Mediacom Phone Ankeny, Iowa Next-Level Connectivity

The one-of-a-kind Mediacom digital phone service offers you a 90-day Satisfaction Guarantee coupled with great call quality courtesy collaboration between Mediacom’s rock-solid broadband network and Sprint’s innovative digital network, as well as Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN), you are able to get foolproof service good enough to beat any cell service.

Moreover, the feature-rich Mediacom digital home phone service can be paired with Mediacom Internet and TV, at little to no cost. You can relish all three Mediacom services together when you sign up for a Mediacom Triple Play bundle.

Mediacom Phone Ankeny, Iowa brings you seamless connectivity and frees you from the stress of sudden call drops and distortion. Equipped with 15 super handy calling features such as Call Tracing, Call Blocking, Call Forwarding, Voicemail, and many more—the feature-packed Mediacom phone service is tactfully designed to keep your privacy and security intact.

Mediacom phone service also allows you to make unlimited calls across the 50 states, as well to  Canada, Guam, Puerto Rico, and the U.S. Virgin Islands. And the icing on the cake is when you opt for any of the WorldTalk plans, you get a bargain on making international calls in up to 87 countries. 

Mediacom Ankeny, Iowa—TV, Internet and Phone Bundles

Every smart saver keeps their eyes open to spot the best deals to save their hard-earned cash. If you’re one of them, Mediacom Bundles in Ankeny, Iowa are exactly what you need in life. With Mediacom’s cheap-to-run Double Play and Triple Plays, you get robust connectivity, non-stop TV entertainment, and trouble-free phone service without breaking the bank.

Double Play Bundles

Bundle Price Max Internet Speed Key Features
Internet 100 Variety TV $99.99/mo.* 100 Mbps In-home Wi-Fi, 170 most-viewed channels, Smart TiVo® on screen TV guide, Xtream Voice-enabled Remote and a huge On Demand library.
Internet 200 Variety TV $109.99/mo.* 200 Mbps Add Wi-Fi 360 plus Extender(s), 2000 GB data allowance, Over 170 channels, TiVo® intelligent guide & Search, Xtream Voice Remote and Thousands of On-Demand titles.
Get Mediacom double play in Ankeny Iowa1-855-349-9315

* For 12 months. Plus local broadcast station surcharges ranging from $13.45 to $20.38, regional sports surcharges ranging from $1.64 to $12.00, and other monthly charges. Activation and installation fees apply.

Triple Play Bundles

Bundle Price Max Internet Speed Features
Internet 500 Variety TV Phone $119.99/mo.* 500 Mbps Add WiFi 360 with Extender(s), Unlimited nationwide calling & WorldTalk 30, More than 170 channels, On Demand TV & PPV, Smart TiVo® search & guide, Xtream Voice Remote.
Internet 1 Gig Variety TV Phone $129.99/mo.* 1000 Mbps Add WiFi 360 plus Extender(s), Unlimited calling minutes & WorldTalk 30, Over 170 channels, On Demand TV & PPV, Smart TiVo® search & guide, Xtream Voice Remote.
Get Mediacom Triple Play in Ankeny Iowa1-855-349-9315

* For 12 months. Plus local broadcast station surcharges ranging from $13.45 to $20.38, regional sports surcharges ranging from $1.64 to $12.00, and other monthly charges. Activation and installation fees apply.

So, Have You Made Up Your Mind?

Whether you are convinced to sign up for these remarkable and lucrative services by Mediacom in Ankeny, Iowa, or need more insight on the plans and pricing available in your area-- feel free to contact Mediacom Customer Service Ankeny, Iowa to get all the information you need before you make the final decision. Good luck!

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Mediacom available in Ankeny, Iowa?

Yes, Mediacom offers reliable Cable TV, Internet and home phone services in Ankeny, Iowa. Call 1-855-349-9315 for details.

Is Mediacom Internet cable or DSL?

Mediacom is essentially a cable Internet Company.

Does Mediacom bundle with DIRECTV?

No. Mediacom Communications offers its own cable TV service. You can bundle Mediacom TV with internet, and you can also add phone to the bundle to get a more value-added deal.

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