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Indie boutiques drive even the savviest of shoppers crazy. Kayaking opportunities encourage the adventurous to paddle in calm waters. Galleries, libraries, antique & vintage stores enchant the inquisitive. Craft breweries and farm-to-table dining avenues making foodaholics go gaga. With all that and more, Iowa City really knows how to prompt people to venture outdoors.

However, after a long day at work, most want an escape from the hustle-bustle of daily life and unwind. Some turn to music for deep relaxation, while others count on TV entertainment—one way or the other, when home, people tend to stay online for a myriad of reasons. And so, quite naturally an internet connection that is not a disappointment becomes a staple.

Thankfully, out of 20 residential ISPs, Mediacom Iowa City tops the chart with 95.5% coverage across the city! So, if you are an Iowan who loves everything Internet, consider yourself super lucky because Mediacom’s speeds are almost 40% faster than average in Iowa City!

But it is not only the reliable Gig-level internet speeds that make Mediacom a true winner in Iowa City. Apart from fiber-rich internet, Mediacom’s exhaustive channel lineup , and a very economical feature-rich home phone are on offer too, making things merrier for your pocket.

Let’s find out more about what Mediacom in Iowa City has to offer:

A Pinch of Oomph for Your TV with Mediacom Iowa City

Tired of the lifeless TV box sitting in your living room offering nothing but the same old boring shows to watch? Why not give it an extreme makeover with the jaw-dropping Mediacom TV service ? Whether you’re a sports buff, music lover, obsessed with current affairs, an avid movie watcher, or all of that at once, Mediacom TV plans bring you a myriad of ways to watch your TV favorites.

With the nifty DVR service, a title-rich On-Demand Library, smart channel search by TiVo®, the Xtream Voice Remote, and the TiVo® Xtream TV app - Mediacom ticks all the boxes to earn the status of an electrifying modern-day on-screen entertainment avenue!

However, with such varied options to access TV entertainment at your disposal, it can get tough to choose. For this reason, there is a brief Mediacom Iowa City channel guide to help you make the right decision.

Local TV

Have a small family that doesn’t binge much on TV? No problem! With Mediacom’s Local TV plan you get over 50 essential and popular channels including some widely watched ones like FOX, NBC, and ABC. But don’t worry, it’s not all news and sports since you also get access to digital music from Music Choice channels! With this package, you in fact get the most complete TV regime possible without crowding your bill with extra dollars.

Essential TV

Mediacom’s Essential TV plan essentially saves you from boredom, without having to splurge extra cash on your daily entertainment fix. With this plan, you get access to over 125 channels, curated with a balance of entertainment genres loved by American households. Whether it is AMC, A&E, Comedy Central, Fox Sports, or Lifetime, Mediacom Essential TV is sure to stun you with its pocket-friendly variety!

Variety TV

If you are a big family or a bunch of college friends/colleagues living together, you’ll surely need a one-size-fits-all TV package that feeds the family vibe. The Variety TV package is just what you need as it comes with 170 channels including America’s favorite networks, so you and your family don’t miss out on your favorite binge-worthy content!

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Mediacom Iowa City Channels

As a Mediacom TV buff, you can also subscribe to premium channel packs and other add-ons for a reasonable price if you wish to spice up your Variety channel lineup even further.

Oak-Like Sturdy Phone Connectivity with Mediacom in Iowa City

With little to no cost, you can amp up your phone connectivity by adding Mediacom’s digital home phone to your bundle of services. Mediacom Phone in Iowa City is not just affordable, but you can count on it when your cell phone leaves you in the no man’s land due to inconsistent signal strength and dropped or distorted calls.

Mediacom’s phone connection is private and secure. It makes use of the well established and advanced Mediacom’s broadband network, Sprint’s innovative digital network, and Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN), to bring you a reliable back up for your cell service.

The cherry on top is that with your Mediacom home phone you can make unlimited calls to connect with family and friends anywhere in the U.S., Canada, Guam, Puerto Rico, and the U.S. Virgin Islands.

Need more reasons to add this remarkable service to your bundle? Well, it comes with 15 super handy calling features such as Call Tracing, Call Blocking, Call Forwarding, Voicemail, and many more to keep your privacy and security intact.

Stream Non-stop with Fiber-Rich Speeds from Mediacom Internet Iowa City

Mediacom exceeds expectations of subscribers in Iowa City with seamless connectivity – a combination of blazing-fast reliable internet speeds and extensive network coverage, which is the natural consequence of the massive effort invested in building a ground-breaking fiber-cable infrastructure. The hybrid architecture of the network which now runs on the DOCSIS 3.1 standard, facilitates Mediacom to successfully fulfill its pledge to 1.3 million subscribers.

Whether you eat, sleep and breathe with your device or check it once in a while, the value-packed Mediacom Iowa City internet plans come offering a range of speed tiers, at price points catering to every budget. Because Mediacom has long-aimed to ensure everyone is able to access superfast, consistent speeds and a more than generous data allowance.

Let’s see what these plans are offering:

Plans Max. Download Speeds Max. Upload Speeds Data Allowance Promo Price
Internet 250 250 Mbps 20 Mbps 400 GB $19.99/mo
for 1 yr.*
Internet 500 500 Mbps 30 Mbps 2000 GB $44.99/mo
for 1 yr.*
Internet 1 GIG 1000 Mbps 50 Mbps Unlimited $64.99/mo
for 1 yr.*

*Plus installation, activation, modem rental, taxes & fees. Advertised price includes a $10/mo. credit for autopay & paperless billing. Offer Details

If data caps stress you out, don’t fret! When you choose the internet from Mediacom in Iowa City, the abundant data allowance allocated to each speed tier will throw all your data-related worries in the backseat. What you get in terms of data, in correlation to the speed you choose, is bound to prove more than adequate for your needs.

But that’s not all.

A big plus that comes with getting internet from Mediacom Iowa City is the wall-to-wall, standard in-home Wi-Fi coverage that kills dead spots in your house, and delivers glitch-free connectivity. Moreover, if you live in a bigger house and want the signal to travel farther, you can choose WiFi 360 with Extenders to cover an area of 3,000 sq. ft.

Mediacom Support at 1-855-349-9315

Additionally, Mediacom internet provides free protection for up to 5 devices from malware, hackers, and malicious viruses with the Total Defense™ internet security suite.

Mediacom Iowa City Bundles – A Shrewd Saver’s Dream

If you’re a smart-saver you’d know Mediacom Iowa City bundles are your only resort if you wish to achieve all your goals. With Mediacom’s Double and Triple Plays, you get seamless connectivity, fun-filled entertainment, and phone services at reduced prices.

A Mix with TV Plans Download/Upload Speeds Monthly Data Allowance Number of Channels Price
Variety TV + Internet 250 + Phone 250/20 Mbps 400 GB Up to 170+ channels $109.99/mo*. for 1 yr.
Variety TV + Internet 500 500/30 Mbps 2000 GB Up to 170+ channels $129.99/mo*. for 1 yr.
Variety TV + Internet 1 GIG 1000/50 Mbps Unlimited Up to 170+ channels $149.99/mo*. for 1 yr.

*Advertised price does not include local broadcast station surcharge ranging from $24.82 to $33.95, regional sports surcharge ranging from $4.60 to $16.57, activation, installation, modem rental, taxes & fees. Price includes a $10/mo credit for autopay & paperless billing. Offer Details

What’s Your Final Verdict?

Is that a valid question after such a comprehensive overview of Mediacom services? We don’t think so! Nonetheless, if you want to know more, feel free to contact Mediacom Iowa

City Customer Service. You can dial in the Mediacom Iowa City phone number – the same as subscribers use to report outage in Iowa City

Mediacom Support at 1-855-349-9315

Surely, you’ll be convinced to join the Mediacom Iowa City clan!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is Mediacom Essential TV in Iowa worth it?

With Essential TV, you get access to over 125 channels, without having to splurge extra cash on your daily entertainment fix.

How much is Mediacom Internet 200 in Iowa?

Internet 250 will cost around $19.99/mo. For 12 months with activation, installation, modem rental, & taxes. You get up to 400 GB of data cap allowance too!

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