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The quiet coastal town of Bethany Beach has a lot more to offer than its peaceful sandy beaches and vacation homes. For its residents, Bethany Beach is heaven. When outdoors, the boardwalk-beach and peace-laden scenery is at their disposal, and when indoors, they stay connected and entertained via one of the top internet providers in the U.S., and that too very economically.

Mediacom in Bethany Beach, Delaware , is one of the 8 residential internet providers servicing the tranquil resort-town. However, with network coverage as comprehensive as 99.6%, no other cable broadband provider even comes near that mark. Coupled with the nationwide repute earned by the provider based on its persistent endeavor to provide the finest services since its inception in 1995, Mediacom Cable undoubtedly makes for a top choice in Bethany Beach.

There are a number of solid reasons that have enabled Mediacom Cable to retain its indelible impression on nationwide audiences thus far – and Bethany Beach is no exception. So, if you are housed in this beautiful coastal resort, and for some reason have not yet explored what makes services from Mediacom in Bethany Beach DE so appealing, you might as well learn what is behind Mediacom’s customer retention and unerring customer loyalty.

1. Mediacom Internet in Bethany Beach, DE, is the Fastest and Cheapest!

Over the years, Mediacom Cable has steadily improved its network infrastructure with introduction of fiber-optic technology that transfers data faster than the outdated coaxial cable TV and copper phone lines. Clever utilization of pre-existing coaxial cable TV lines over ‘the last mile’, facilitates Mediacom with provision of a middle-of-the-road option – one that offers fiber-rich internet speeds, but at the cheaper price of cable broadband.

The Mediacom Internet plans offer a number of speed tiers to cater to every household size, starting from 250 Mbps and going as high up as 1 Gbps, with in-between tiers that furnish internet as fast as 100 and 1000 Mbps. The starting price for internet plans is as low as $19.99/mo. for new customers, and the promotional price stays locked in for one full year.

2. The Free Security Suite May Get You the Reassurance You Want

With more devices in the household connected to the World Wide Web, the risk of exposure to cybercriminals rises steeply. Don’t think that you are too ordinary to be targeted by a hacker, they are a sly lot and will exploit even the tiniest hint of vulnerability in your in-home network.

The free Total Defense™ Internet Security Suite with Mediacom Internet will go a long way in protecting up to 5 devices from viruses, malware, spyware, ransomware, and any hacking attempts.

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3. In-Home Wi-Fi Ramps up the Internet Coverage Game

Mediacom offers in-home Wi-Fi to get your house the signal coverage it needs. You can choose to go basic with the standard Wi-Fi, or ramp up wall-to-wall coverage in your huge abode (1000- 3,000 sq. feet) with WiFi 360 and extenders.

4. Mediacom TV in Bethany Beach, DE, Offers the Most Entertainment

The reason Mediacom TV packages are so popular is the endless array of entertainment options. Subscribers are offered dozens of choices by the provider, so they can pick their options in line with their preferences, and never again feel bored of cable TV.

Mediacom Channel Lineup in Bethany beach, DE , offers three choices with a broad range of local, sports, information, family, and news programming. Plus, the channels included in the package come with thousands of free Video On Demand titles to watch from.

Local TV — 50 Channels

Essential TV — 125 Channels

Variety TV — 170 Channels

5. The Add-On Packages Are Your Favorite Icing on the Cake

The channel lineup is just the cake with Mediacom TV in Bethany Beach, DE – choices are limitless when it comes to icings. From add-on packages like Sports & Information PAK, Movies & Music PAK, and Kids & Variety PAK, to the premium channel variety which includes the likes of HBO®, Cinemax®, SHOWTIME®, STARZ®, and international programming, the menu is fully laden.

6. The Intelligent TiVo® Setup is Way Ahead of its Times

Each Mediacom TV package comes included with the state-of-the-art TV setup, powered by TiVo® - from its 1000 hours of SD and 150 hours of HD recordings with DVR, to intelligent search and guide set up that lets you navigate all your entertainment options seamlessly in one place, and the voice-activated remote - everything indeed makes you feel as if you have travelled ahead in time!

7. Mediacom Phone in Bethany Beach, DE, is Better than Your Cell Phone

The Mediacom Phone in Bethany Beach, DE , is a blessing for those who long to stay connected with their loved ones at all times. The crystal-clear sound quality is better than that of any cell phone’s and the service comes with 15 modern call features such as Voicemail and Call Tracing.

The home phone service from Mediacom is accompanied by simply too many advantages to ignore, yet costs next to nothing. Who would let you make unlimited calls across the

U.S., and to Canada, Guam, Puerto Rico, and the U.S. Virgin Islands with unlimited minutes, that too for so little?

8. Connect Internationally, Very Cheaply with Mediacom Phone

With the unlimited local and long-distance calling perk, Mediacom Phone in Bethany Beach DE also introduces its extremely no-nonsense calling plans.

WorldTalk 200 — 200 Minutes to 67 Countries

WorldTalk 250 — 250 Minutes to 87 Countries

The third plan, WorldTalk30 bears a gift for Triple play subscribers as it comes included free of cost, and affords 30 minutes of international calling to 67 countries.

9. Mediacom Bundles for Bethany Beach, DE , are Packed with Triple Value

There is a lot of value packed in Mediacom Bundles for Bethany Beach, DE. High-speed internet, with a speed tier of your choice, a channel lineup that you pick, and a home phone service at minimal cost – all come together and are offered at prices discounted enough to have you dancing with joy. No more annoyance of dealing with multiple vendors and bills, get it all in a squeaky-clean bill with savings every month!

10. Mediacom Customer Service in Bethany Beach, DE, is Available 24/7

Night or day, who cares? At least, Mediacom doesn’t care about the time when you ring them, rather they are ever-ready to cater to your concerns. So you don’t have to hesitate when calling the Mediacom Customer Service in Bethany Beach, DE , any time of the day if you want your order processed, you have an inquiry to make about package availability, or you need support with anything under the Mediacom roof.

Final Take

These 10 solid reasons clearly specify why Mediacom is everyone’s top choice in Bethany Beach, DE. With the limited number of providers and broadband choices available in the town, Mediacom stands at the top in terms of broadband speeds, variety, pricing, and consistency.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is Mediacom available in Bethany Beach, DE?

Yes, Mediacom offers its internet, cable TV, and phone services in Bethany Beach, DE. To find about availability of services at your address, call 1-855-349-9315.

Which are the best Mediacom bundles in Bethany beach, DE?

There are a number of Mediacom bundles available in Bethany Beach, DE, ranging from $89.99/mo. to $129.99/mo. To find out which Mediacom Bundle is available at your address, insert your ZIP code in the BuyTVInternetPhone ZIP tool. Order now or call 1-855-349-9315.

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