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Mediacom Moline Illinois

$49.99/mo. for 12 months

Enjoy the Unlimited Internet Speed with Mediacom Moline Illinois

  • Internet Speed Starting from 100 to 1000 Mbps
  • Smart Security Suite
  • Xtream Wi-Fi hotspots Access

Welcome to the city that makes for the ‘Q’ in the Quad Cities, aka, Moline, Illinois. Although your browser might be telling you it is not the right time to pay this beautiful city a visit, but that’s okay. Because, we’re going to talk about the ‘other’ thing this city has. The thing that’s played an integral role in keeping denizens of Moline connected with the rest of the world, without having to breach the barrier of social distancing.

That’s right. Moline of the Prairie State has had Mediacom help residents escape boredom and stay in touch with loved ones despite the recent need to quarantine and lockdown. Mediacom stands as the fifth-largest residential cable service provider in the United States with its fiber-rich internet, modern cable TV and digital phone services. Stretched over 22 states, Mediacom is a provider that’s not only what Moline wants, but it’s exactly what the city needs.

When it comes to the best internet options, Moline neighborhoods are very lucky. There are 15 ISPs in the city with 10 serving the residential audiences. But Mediacom stands atop the list for 3 reasons: it’s the only renowned cable service provider operating in Moline, the Mediacom network spans 99.7% of the city i.e. nearly the entirety of it, and from bundles to standalone services, Mediacom in Moline, Illinois is a tough cookie to surpass, in terms of quality, affordability and more!

Bundle Up and Save More with Mediacom Triple Play Moline, Illinois

Let’s face it, these times are tough and nobody’s sure as to when things will finally begin to normalize. However, if you’ve been quarantining with Mediacom, you’re in good hands! Mediacom brings proud residents of Moline some amazing Triple Play packages, that just as the name tag suggests, get right to the case of tripling your gains and your savings.

Variety TV Internet 1 Gig Phone priced at $139.99/mo. (for 12 months)

By subscribing to this bundle, you’ll get:

  • Super-fast 1 Gig internet that keeps every member of the family VERY HAPPY
  • Free Internet Security Suite with the power to protect up to 5 devices
  • More than 170 channels, including the Intelligent TiVo guide that finds your favorite options for you
  • Thousands of On Demand titles
  • Unlimited nationwide calling & WorldTalk 30

Shoo Away Boredom with Affordable Plans from Mediacom Internet in Moline, Illinois

What has been making this quarantine bearable? Food, pets and high-speed connection from Mediacom Internet! Only at Mediacom, you’ll find an internet service that may look like a typical cable internet on the surface, but deep inside it holds the power of cutting-edge Fiber Optic technology. That means, without breaking your bank, you’ll be able to enjoy unprecedented internet speeds for streaming, gaming and doing everything Internet.

Luckily, in order to experience blazing-fast Mediacom Internet in Moline, Illinois, you won’t have to sift through different bundles before you land on your favorite option. Just know well as to what your needs are, and opt from the following standalone internet options brought to you by Mediacom Internet.

Got a small family? Look no further and get Mediacom Internet 60 for $39.99/mo. (for 12 months)

Be the Star employee even if you’re working from home, with Mediacom Internet 100, priced at $49.99/mo. (for 12 months)

Got an army of Baby Shark streamers and Netflix-ers? You need Mediacom Internet 200, for $59.99/mo. (for 12 months)

So what if you’re an avid gamer? With Mediacom Internet 500, for $69.99/mo. (for 12 months), you’ll never miss an opportunity to be crowned the Best Gamer Ever!

Or, you could simply be on top of everything with Mediacom Internet 1 GIG, priced at $79.99/mo. (for 12 months)

Each of the aforementioned Mediacom plans brings you:

  • An Ultra-robust internet connection, made possible by the latest DOCSIS 3.1 technology
  • A combo of Cable & Fiber Optic connection that connects multiple devices, seamlessly
  • Total Defense™ Security Suite to ensure your connection is forever safe and secure
  • Whole-Home Wi-Fi option for wall-to-wall coverage of your house

Entertainment Unlimited with Mediacom Cable TV in Moline, Illinois

Of course, quarantine must’ve turned you into an avid content streamer, but will it ever top the never-ending options that you get with Mediacom cable TV? Of course, not! Mediacom Cable TV is not your run of the mill cable TV service, rather one that is infused with innovative technology and modernity, making it fun to explore the plethora of options that have the power to pull you out of boredom, any time you want.

Plus, when Mediacom cable TV comes with its trusty sidekick, aka Mediacom Internet, which keeps your online connectivity needs fully covered, you get to avail yourself of a well-rounded solution at discounted rates. Care to know more about the available Mediacom Cable TV Internet bundles? Hop on, because here we go!

Internet 60 Local TV priced at $59.99/mo. (for 12 months)

With this bundle, you can enjoy

  • 50 popular TV channels, including ABC, FOX, NBC and more
  • Swift internet speeds up to 60 Mbps
  • Xtream Voice Remote for your in-home cinema
  • Thousands of On Demand titles and so much more

Internet 60 Essential TV for $89.99/mo. (for 12 months)

This bundle lets you enjoy

  • More than 125 TV channels, including free HD
  • Ultra-reliable internet with 5 Mbps upload and 60 Mbps download
  • The Intelligent TiVo Guide for smart search
  • Strong signals with Whole-Home Wi-Fi system of your choice

Stay Connected with Mediacom Home Phone in Moline, Illinois

Times are rough and supporting each other is all we can do to keep things going. With Mediacom Home Phone, you can remain connected with your family and friends in the U.S. or abroad. Mediacom Home Phone delivers top-notch calling plans for the dwellers of Moline, so they can check on their loved ones far and near.

The service delivers its full-potential all the while fitting your pocket, when you bundle it with Mediacom Internet. You can even go all the way and subscribe to a triad of services if you so wish. So which Mediacom home phone bundle is our favorite? Let’s have a look!

Mediacom Home Phone Internet 1 Gig priced at $79.99/mo. (for 12 months)

By pairing phone and internet together, you get

  • Endless local and domestic long-distance calling
  • Super-handy calling features e.g. Voicemail, Anonymous Call Rejection, Call Waiting & more
  • WorldTalk plans for international calls
  • Robust internet speeds up to 1,000 Mbps for seamless multi-device connectivity
  • Wi-Fi that reaches every single corner of your home

How is Mediacom Staying Ahead of its Game?

Mediacom has been working diligently towards bridging the digital gap between urban and rural areas in the U.S. for 25 years. Mediacom initially built its reputation based on its coaxial cable network. However, in order to meet with fast evolving networking tech and changing consumer needs, in 2016 Mediacom announced transition to the latest DOCSIS 3.1 networking standard. In January 2017, Mediacom Gig Internet was launched across the provider’s footprint in Iowa. As a result about 1 million Iowan households came to have access to internet speeds they had only dreamed of so far. This is the reason why smaller cities like Moline itself are now able to access blazing fast internet speeds and other favors of a fiber-based internet connection.  

In Moline a number of big names in the U.S. ISP industry provide service. However Mediacom stands as the only cable provider. Other options include high-speed DSL, satellite, fiber and fixed wireless connections from the likes of Viasat, HughesNet, AT&T as well as more localized small scale providers. Mediacom, which covers about 98% of Moline neighborhoods, thus enjoys a unique status – that of a cable provider able to deliver fiber-rich speeds at affordable rates.

Given that the general preference among internet users is for the more pocket friendly cable or DSL broadband, choice for Moline essentially boils down to Mediacom and AT&T. And this is where Mediacom’s ability to deliver speeds as high as 1 Gbps tilts the balance further in its favor. For residents of Moline who seek reliable performance without breaking the bank, Mediacom therefore spells affordable quality.

The More You Know the Better!

Moline stands as the 208th most connected city in Illinois, ahead of Rock Island, Silvis and East Moline. Albeit 95% of the residents get access to a number of wired providers, and there is quite a variety of connection types available from varied ISPs, big and small, one thing is commonly experienced-- data caps! With data caps imposed on most types of connections, Mediacom automatically tends to stand out.

Where other providers routinely offer up to 1TB (1000GB) or less, Mediacom allows from 400GB -6000GB depending on the speed tier you choose. For most individuals and households alike Mediacom internet plans therefore bring virtually unlimited data—letting them stream, take down their gaming nemeses and do a lot more.

Did you know there are 16 ISPs in Moline and 9 offer residential internet service? Here are all nine names:

ISPs in Moline Illinois





(Fixed Wireless)


(Fixed Wireless)

(Fixed Wireless)

Network Business Systems
(Fixed Wireless)


ZIP Codes Serviced by Mediacom in Moline, IL

ZIP codes help you reach the right offers delivered at your address. When you pull offers by  ZIP, you save time sifting through options that may not be available in a specific neighborhood. In Moline, Mediacom offers its services in the following ZIP codes:

ZIP Codes



What do Satisfied Mediacom Customers Say about Their Experience?

Let’s have a look at what do Mediacom’s satisfied customers have to say about their experience.

Stephen of Windsor Heights, IA writes:

“Compared to the other companies, Mediacom Cable has been better. The installation was smooth. We recently upgraded to 1 Gigabyte packet for an extender for our basement, and the speed has been great. When I upgraded to this new package for about the same price with some new TV stuff, the rep was very helpful in saying, “Hey, look, this is a better deal and it’s the same price with these options.” So, she was great. I’m glad I upgraded. There have been some hiccups where when a lot of people get on, or during the day when everyone's connection will go down for a little bit and then come back up. I’m trying to do remote work and the interruptions can be problematic during a meeting.”


Mary from Des Moines, IA says:

“I have my phone, my internet, and my TV all with Mediacom. We moved into this house in 1976 and we live close to a freeway. People on phones and the old CB radios interfered with our signal, so we went to cable tv. Before there were satellite TVs, Mediacom was the only cable company that you could use here in Des Moines. They didn't have any competition. Their name was Heritage Cable and it's been the only thing that was available in Des Moines for years. Even before we moved here, we had cable TV in the home that we lived in. We've been long time customers of this.”


Carol from West Des Moines says:

“In the beginning, we bundled everything – the TV, the internet and telephone, and CenturyLink with DIRECTV was getting so expensive, plus the fact that when it rained and when it snowed, we would lose our signal. So, we decided to switch to Mediacom and their service has been good. They’ve always been very helpful if I call with an issue. If they can fix over the phone, they’ll do that, and if not, then they'd send somebody out quickly. Installation went fine except for the young man that put it in. I’m not a technician, so I just assumed he knew what he was doing. When he put the modem behind the television, I said to him, “Well, the modem has always been upstairs. What about our computers?” He said, “Well, I don’t have anything to do with computers,” and he left. So, we had to hire a friend of ours to come over and we spent another $170 to have him jerry-rig something so that our computers would work. That was fine and everything worked.”



Don’t Want to Spend a Second Without Internet? We Got You!

Internet has become more than just a utility. If you don’t prefer using your cellular data because it drains the battery, fret no more. One of the many perks of living in Moline, IL, includes an abundance of free Wi-Fi hotspots spread across the city. When you’re in the vicinity of the following free Wi-Fi hotspots, just make sure to ask for the password if necessary, and you’ll be good to go.

Free Wi-Fi Hotspots in Moline



Motel 6

101 W. 65th St.


Love’s Travel Shop

8255 Northwest Blvd.


Clarion- Davenport

5202 N Brady St.


FedEx Office Print & Ship Center

110 E 50th St.


HomeRidge Inn & Suites

909 Middle Rd.


iWireless Center

1201 River Dr.



1733 30th St.



Mediacom in Moline, Illinois – The Abridged Narrative

Mediacom and Moline go together like PB&J. Mediacom’s repute over decades of service provision makes it a top choice for residents of Moline to place their trust in. Affordable high-speed internet, contemporary cable TV and reliable home phone services-- and, hardly a neighborhood in Moline, where you  cannot access Mediacom services. All that makes for quite a package. So, we would recommend you to contact Mediacom Customer Service for expert assistance and subscription.



What are the available internet options from Mediacom in Moline Illinois?

For the residents of Moline, Illinois, Mediacom offers Internet 60, Internet100, Internet 200, Internet 500 and the super-fast Internet 1 GIG. These plans come with 400GB, 1000GB, 2000GB, 4000GB and 6000GB monthly data allowance respectively. Visit for more details.


Is Mediacom triple play package available in Moline Illinois?

Yes, Mediacom Triple Play package with Mediacom Internet, TV and Home Phone included is available in Moline, Illinois. For bundle details call 1-855-349-9315 or visit.

Mediacom Availabilty on More Cities