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12 Reasons Why Mediacom Davenport, Iowa, is the Best Service Provider in Town

Mediacom Davenport İowa

If you live in Davenport, Iowa, you must have heard about Mediacom. If you haven’t subscribed to the services of the said internet service provider yet, you are missing out on a lot of wonderful perks, and convenience that you wouldn’t get with any other provider, and that too at affordable rates.

With 20 years of consistent and reliable service offerings, Mediacom today stands as the 5th largest A-rated internet cable provider in the U.S. In Davenport, Mediacom network impressively delivers high-speed Mediacom internet, cable TV, and phone services to residential neighborhoods across 97.8% of the city.

Keep reading to find out why you should consider becoming one of the happy Mediacom subscribers.

A lot of you may call it cable internet, but the data transferred to your home isn’t exactly delivered through Mediacom’s long-existing cable TV lines in Davenport, Iowa. The provider has developed a fiber-based backbone, which transfers data over fiber-optic lines faster than any other network, and in the “last mile” only, delivers broadband internet to the subscriber’s address over the coaxial cable lines.

The service is the fusion of new and old technologies, fiber and cable, which succeeds in providing download speeds faster than your average cable internet, and of course many times faster than DSL, Fixed Wireless, and Satellite broadband. Plus, it is less costly than fiber broadband.

There are A Lot Many Speeds on the Menu

Most internet service providers are stuck with offering only certain speeds to their customers due to infrastructure limitations. But Mediacom Internet in Davenport, Iowa, lets you explore the entire menu. If you want a plan just for your individual self, you can sign up for its 60 Mbps internet package. If you are a furiously serious gamer or run a home-based business, the 1 Gig speed is there for you. Depending on your family size and requirements, you can subscribe to any of the in-between speed tiers i.e. 100 Mbps, 200 Mbps, and 500 Mbps. 

Get Signals Even in Your Backyard with in-Home Wi-Fi

We’ve got good speeds, but do the signals reach everywhere in your 3000 sq. ft. home? Mediacom Xtream WiFi 360 along with its choice of extenders can offer foolproof signal coverage to every nook and cranny in your house. If however, you don’t have such a large abode to equip with wireless signals, the Mediacom standard in-home Wi-Fi provides adequate coverage to houses spanning 500-1000 sq. feet.

Get Better Protection for Your Devices at No Extra Cost

The more connected your household gets, the risk of security breaches by malicious hackers and software increases. These cybercriminals spare no one; if they see a vulnerability in your network or device, they will grab the opportunity to exploit it.

But if you are a Mediacom customer, you have nothing to worry about as the provider arms you with the Total Defense™ Internet Security Suite for free. The software protects up to 5 of your devices from viruses, malware, hackers, and other cyber threats. Plus, Parental Controls create a safe online environment for your child.

Mediacom Cable TV in Davenport, Iowa, has Three Choices of Channel Lineups

Cable TV may have become outdated for Gen-Z, but the entertainment platform still retains its place in our hearts because Mediacom Cable TV with its contemporary trappings has brought cinema to our homes.

The service gives you a choice when picking a Mediacom TV channel lineup, so you can enjoy the level of entertainment you want at a price you can afford. Each channel lineup is packed with a broad range of programming i.e. local, entertainment, news, lifestyle, information, family, and kids.

Local TV — 50 Channels

Essential TV — 125 Channels

Variety TV — 170 Channels


There is a Bigger on Demand Variety and a Lot of it is FREE

Don’t want to watch what’s running on Live TV? Just go to Mediacom On Demand Library and demand what you want to watch. There are thousands of choices on the menu available 24/7, from classic TV shows to the latest blockbuster movies. Plus, a good chunk of them is for free, provided the correlating network is included in your Mediacom TV subscription.

The TiVo® Home Setup Turns Your Home into a Cinema

The TiVo® box has transformed the face of boring cable TV into Lively TV. The box is included in your Mediacom cable TV package, with DVR that can record and stream 1,000 SD and 150 HD hours of TV so you can watch your favorite program peacefully whenever you want on any screen. Those sibling fights over the remote? They are over!

The search and guide feature is one of the useful features of TiVo®, which lets you navigate your TV, On Demand Library, and network apps with ease. Plus, you get a voice-activated remote control, which gives nice futuristic vibes.

Customize Your Entertainment Even More with Mediacom Add-Ons

Mediacom Cable TV in Davenport, Iowa, is dripping with customization options. You can choose to include any number of premium channels i.e. HBO®, Cinemax®, SHOWTIME®, and STARZ®, or other mini Mediacom packages i.e. Sports & Information PAK, Kids & Variety PAK, Movies & Music PAK, or International Channels to your subscription, and access them via your TiVo® box and the Xtream TV app.

Mediacom Home Phone in Davenport, Iowa, is Way too Affordable and Reliable

Have you ever encountered a service that comes in quite handy and makes your life easier, but costs just a mere dime? Well, if not then you are about to with Mediacom Home Phone in Davenport, Iowa. In a double or triple play package, it becomes impressively value-packed.

The Mediacom home phone lets you make unlimited calls across the 50 United States, Canada, Guam, Puerto Rico, and the U.S. Virgin Islands, and doesn’t even count the minutes! Moreover, you get a free WorldTalk30 in the triple play package, and if you want more international calling minutes, subscribe to Mediacom WorldTalk 200 or WorldTalk 250 and talk to anyone in up to 87 countries.

Mediacom Home Phone is More Modern than You Thought

Now don’t expect a clunky block that only lets you make and receive calls with Mediacom. The home phone equipment is high-quality and facilitates you with 15 modern calling features that protect your privacy. You can make use of Voicemail, Caller ID, Customer Originated Trace, Call Forwarding, Three-way Calling, and a lot more with the Mediacom home phone at no extra cost.

Mediacom Triple Play in Davenport, Iowa, Offers an Incredible Value for Money

If you think buying more adds to your bill, you haven’t met Mediacom Triple Plays in Davenport, Iowa. They save you a pretty penny as you bundle all three Mediacom services i.e. internet, cable TV, and phone - Mediacom reduces standalone price of each service, and you get all three but at an overall lower price.

Besides, you get rid of clutter and confusion that comes with soliciting services from more than one provider and get one neat bill every month. 

Mediacom Customer Service Can Back You up Like a Loyal Friend

We have all got good friends, who would come help whenever we are in trouble. Mediacom considers itself you dear pal, who would offer help and support any time when you call. Can’t believe it? Try calling Mediacom Customer Service, and you would find out how seriously Mediacom takes its customers. Of course, not a random call, but for instances when you require technical support or would like to order or upgrade services.

Enough Reasons to Go For Mediacom?

If these twelve solid reasons haven’t been enough to get you to switch to Mediacom services in Davenport, IA, immediately, we can safely assume that you love challenges in life - since you would rather face the challenge of slow internet speeds with a random internet provider than get the fast internet and convenience offered by Mediacom. Your pick anyway, good luck!