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Across the small-ish city of Marshalltown, Iowa, that is home to just over 27,000 Iowans, you will find an quite an abundance of telecom service providers serving the residential neighborhoods and business quarters. Out of the 13 ISPs operating in the city there are 7 that look after the residents of Marshalltown, while the remaining 6 power commercial activity in the city. A variety of connection types are available e.g. Cable, DSL, Fiber, Satellite, and Fixed Wireless.

Among the telecoms serving the city, you’ll find plenty of renowned ISPs pledging fast internet speeds and distinctive packages. However, one provider stands apart from the rest in terms of network coverage, speed and offerings – and that is Mediacom Cable! Mediacom has a massive footprint across Marshalltown with presence in 91% neighborhoods, and when that gets pooled with affordable fiber-rich cable broadband, Mediacom in Marshalltown makes it to the top-rank quite comfortably.

So if you’re interested in the nitty-gritty of Mediacom services in Marshalltown, Iowa, this article will give you the answers you are seeking.

Mediacom Internet Marshalltown, Iowa

Mediacom Cable services are available to approximately 7.6 million in Iowa, Illinois, Georgia, and 19 other states. This enormous coverage entails a remarkable list of offerings – a full service suite which includes cable TV, internet and home phone. While you may subscribe to standalone internet service, Mediacom does encourage you to avail yourself of lucrative double and triple play bundles to get the most value for money.

Mediacom Internet Marshalltown, Iowa is surely the star of the ISP show in the city. The provider brings you a stellar triad of services defined by super-fast speeds, a huge data allowance, and pocket-friendly price points - all at the same time - courtesy, Mediacom’s network enhancement to hybrid fiber-cable (HFC) architecture that leverages the DOCSIS 3.1 protocol.

Reputed as one of the top internet service providers in the U.S. when it comes to delivering advertised speeds to consumers-- Mediacom offers a multitude of speed and data tiers to cater to the varied needs of subscribers:

Tiers Prices* Speed Range Data Allowance
Internet 60


(For 12 months)

60 Mbps 400 GB/mo.
Internet 100


(For 12 months)

100 Mbps 1000 GB/mo.
Internet 200


(For 12 months)

200 Mbps 2000 GB/mo.
Internet 500


(For 12 months)

500 Mbps 4000 GB/mo.
Internet 1 GIG


(For 12 months)

1000 Mbps 6000 GB/mo.

*Prices are exclusive of Activation, installation, modem rental, & taxes.

Perks of Subscribing to Mediacom Internet in Marshalltown, Iowa

  • Full-fledged FREE protection with Total Defense™ Security Suite for up to 5 devices
  • Xtream WiFi 360 with Extender(s) for consistent signal coverage across 3,000 sq. ft.
  • Standard in-home Wi-Fi provides steady signal for under 1000 sq. ft.
  • Access FREE Xtream Wi-Fi hotspots while traveling to other cities .
  • Easily reachable around the clock customer service in case of internet outage in Marshalltown, Iowa due to unforeseen circumstances.

Mediacom TV Marshalltown, Iowa

Mediacom TV Marshalltown, Iowa is another well sought-after service by the provider. The service is remarkable in how convincingly it furnishes an unmatched televisual experience featuring a blend of traditional cable TV and contemporary technology.

The cherry on top: you can contour your digital TV experience as you please. Choose from three channel lineups and throw in some spice into your TV regime by opting for fun-packed add-on options.

Mediacom Cable TV Marshalltown, Iowa Channel Lineup

  • Local TV —50 Channels
  • Essential TV —125 Channels
  • Variety TV —170 Channels

Fun-packed TV Add-ons – Mini-PAKs & Premium Networks

RAI ITALIA Kids & Variety > HBO® Here TV Subscription On-Demand
RUSSIAN TV NETWORK Movies & Music Cinemax® Canales Latinos

NFL RedZone®

(requires Sports Pak subscription)


Mediacom Cable TV Marshalltown, Iowa is Rich in Features:

  • TiVo® intelligent search and guide that lets you easily explore and spot your favorite movies and shows
  • TiVo® DVR which allows you to stream and record up to 1,000 SD and 150 HD hours of binge-worthy content
  • TiVo® Xtream voice remote for convenient voice search.
  • Xtream TV app to take your TV favorites wherever you go.
  • Title-rich Mediacom On-Demand library with thousands of free titles from networks in your TV subscription, plus more via PPV.

Mediacom Phone Marshalltown, Iowa

The modern day go-to approach to making calls, be it local or international, is to tap your smartphone a couple of times and launch WhatsApp or Skype. However, despite having access to various smartphone apps to keep in touch with your loved ones, a home phone is still very much relevant —thanks to the feature-rich Mediacom home phone service.

Getting unsolicited calls that belong in the block list? Or don’t feel like talking at the moment? You can easily manage Caller IDs and profiles as well as set up Voicemail with Mediacom Phone Marshalltown, Iowa that comes with 15 smart calling features.

Furthermore, each plan comes with unlimited calling minutes for the United States, Canada, Puerto Rico, Guam, and the U.S. Virgin Islands. What’s even better is that with Mediacom Phone Marshalltown, Iowa you can get reasonably priced international calling services for both landline and mobile to up to 87 countries worldwide. You get 30 free international calling minutes each month to 65 countries with WorldTalk 30 when you subscribe to a Triple Play bundle.

Value-Added Mediacom Bundles Marshalltown, Iowa

Bundling up Mediacom is a win-win for all subscribers as it brings huge savings and convenience. Also, these bundles are totally customizable so you can take your pick to suit your wants and needs.

Mediacom Bundles in Marshalltown, Iowa are specifically designed to provide top-notch service, by offering an abundance of value-added perks at affordable price points! Here is a gist of what bundle deals Mediacom Marshalltown, Iowa has to offer:

Mediacom Bundles Marshalltown, Iowa – Double Plays

Bundle Price Max Speed Key Features
Internet 100 Variety TV $99.99/mo.* 100 Mbps
  • In-home Wi-Fi
  • More than 170 channels
  • Smart TiVo® on screen TV guide
  • Xtream Voice-enabled Remote
  • A huge On Demand library
Internet 100 Variety TV $109.99/mo.* 200 Mbps
  • Add WiFi 360 plus Extender(s)
  • 2000 GB data allowance
  • Over 170 channels
  • TiVo® intelligent guide & search
  • Xtream Voice Remote
  • Thousands of On-Demand titles

*For 12 months. Plus local broadcast station surcharges ranging from $13.45 to $20.38, regional sports surcharges ranging from $1.64 to $12.00, and other monthly charges. Activation and installation fees apply.

Mediacom Bundles Marshalltown, Iowa – Triple Plays

Bundle Price Max Speed Key Features
Internet 500 Variety TV Phone $119.99/mo.* 500 Mbps
  • Add WiFi 360 with Extender(s)
  • Unlimited nationwide calling & WorldTalk 30
  • More than 170 channels
  • On Demand TV & PPV
  • Smart TiVo® search & guide
  • Xtream Voice Remote
Internet 1 Gig/Variety TV/Phone $129.99/mo.* 1000 Mbps
  • Add WiFi 360 plus Extender(s)
  • Unlimited calling minutes & WorldTalk 30
  • Over 170 channels
  • On Demand TV & PPV
  • Smart TiVo® search & guide
  • Xtream Voice Remote

*For 12 months. Plus local broadcast station surcharges ranging from $13.45 to $20.38, regional sports surcharges ranging from $1.64 to $12.00, and other monthly charges. Activation and installation fees apply.

Want to Know More?

If you need more information on Mediacom availability, plans and bundles in Marshalltown, Iowa, pick up your phone to contact Mediacom Customer Service Marshalltown Iowa at 1-855-349-9315 and get answers to all your questions.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is Mediacom available in Marshalltown, Iowa?

Yes, Mediacom offers affordable HD cable TV, high-speed internet and home phone services in Marshalltown, Iowa. Order online or call now at 1-855-349-9315.

Which are the best Mediacom bundles in Marshalltown, Iowa?

Mediacom offers an array of internet, cable TV, and home phone bundles in Marshalltown, Iowa to suit your monthly budget and needs.Order online or call now at 1-855-349-9315 .

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