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Modems and Routers are important staples when it comes to accessing the internet. Gone are the days when consumers had to put themselves through the hassle of using standalone modems and routers to meet their everyday internet needs, because now, you can use a combo of cable modem and wireless router, a 2-in-1, and enjoy the best of both worlds.

In case you’re new here, Mediacom offers its customers the option to choose a conventional setup that includes a standalone Mediacom-approved modem and router, as well as a combo device. You can pick any of the two options with Mediacom’s high-speed internet service.

What’s special about current Mediacom cable modem routers is they use DHCP. This means the connection is always on and any device connected to the modem-router is automatically configured. DHCP assigns an internal IP address to every connected device, therefore a manual set up is not required. You can connect a Mediacom modem-router directly to your PC or laptop using an Ethernet cable, and if you have a Wi-Fi set up, you do not need any extra bits and pieces.

However, if you like to keep things conventional and typically straightforward with regards to your equipment, you can use a Mediacom modem and router as separate devices. But, how do you get started?

Well, worry no further about that, because if you continue to read you will find out how you can set up your Mediacom modem and router, free of hassle.

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How to Install a Mediacom Cable Modem

  • Using the coax cable jumper included in the installation kit, connect the modem with the wall outlet for your cable connection. This will be the primary connection of your modem with Mediacom Cable.
  • It is possible that the wall outlet is already connected to a TV. If that is the case, in order to establish your internet connection you would have to use a splitter. Use the splitter to connect the line that goes to the TV – instead of the wall outlet the TV line will now be connected to one of the “Out” ports on the splitter.
  • The other “Out” port on the splitter will now be used to connect the Modem. Naturally, you would require 2 jumpers to connect your modem now that a splitter is involved.
  • Thankfully, to ensure ease of installation, the kit already includes 2 jumpers. Using the second jumper, you’ll have to connect the “In” port of the splitter with the wall outlet. As a result, both your TV and Mediacom modem will get simultaneously connected to Mediacom Cable.
  • Now it is time to connect your computer with the Modem. This can either be done via a USB cable or an Ethernet cable, both of which will be provided in the installation kit from Mediacom. However, your computer also needs to have a compatible and functioning network interface card to make sure there is a stable connection. A USB hub can come handy at such times if you are a gadget-person.
  • Once your computer is connected to the Modem, you are ready to go through the last step. Open a browser window. By default, you will be directed to a Mediacom page where you would have to register your modem. At this point, you need to have your account number on hand. You will find it on the receipt with your installation kit. Once you provide Mediacom the account number, your device will be flagged authentic and ready to use. All that’s left to do now is ‘everything internet’.

Note: Skip steps 2,3, & 4 if you have a second wall outlet for the coaxial cable connection from Mediacom or if you are not using TV service.


How to Install a Mediacom Router

  • Begin by connecting your Mediacom router to a power source and switch it on. Just a minute’s patience is required from you, for your router to completely turn on.
  • Now, to use your Mediacom router, you have to connect it to the Modem first – the one you set up earlier on. The two devices will be connected with an Ethernet cable. Use the WAN or Internet port on the router for this purpose.
  • You are now ready to connect your PC or laptop to Mediacom Internet via an Ethernet cable. Use the LAN port on your router to establish a wired connection, and let your device juice up the bandwidth.
  • If however, you intend to connect wirelessly, use the network name and the default password that comes printed on the device label. Once this has been done using the Wi-Fi settings of your PC, laptop or smartphone, you will be able to connect to Mediacom Internet wirelessly.
  • After finding the wireless connection, access Mediacom Home Network Manager. You’ll be led to your router’s control panel, that you’ll have to access using your Mediacom ID and password. Upon approval of the Mediacom router login, you’ll be led into the Mediacom portal where you can perform various activities such as changing the SSID, user name or password or configuring the router for your home network, etc. Continue using your Mediacom-powered Wi-Fi connection on your smartphones, tablets, laptops, etc. and enjoy all the amazing benefits that come with it.

Why Do It Yourself?

Mediacom modems and routers function via DHCP so that users can easily create and share a network space. Installing and setting up Mediacom modems and routers is uncomplicated. Anyone who can simply read the instructions manual and comprehend it adequately can fire it up. However, the important thing is to follow each step carefully, because it’s in the hand of this process to render the product you have chosen to use, function effortlessly.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How to install a Mediacom Router?

  • Connect the Mediacom router to a power source. Switch it on.
  • Connect the router to the modem using an Ethernet cable.
  • Connect the other end of the Ethernet cable to your PC or laptop.

How to get Mediacom router and modem?

To get the latest Mediacom cable modem routers, contact Mediacom customer service at 855-349-9315.