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With the overall cost of living lower than the national average by an estimated 18%, and a population of a little over 44,000, Apache Junction sits bounded by the Superstition Mountains to its east, and the Goldfield Mountains to its north. People who move to Apache Junction, for its small town charm, warm weather and great views, find the quiet and relaxation they come seeking.

Many find its family and retirement communities appealing, while others love the ambience created by the town’s many family-owned businesses run by a friendly people. For residents and movers alike, the best part is Apache Junction is just a short drive from Phoenix, about 40 minutes, which means you are never far from the allures of city life.

Speaking of which let’s tell you Apache Junction also offers residents great means to stay digitally connected. So, if you’re moving here because you want to enjoy your retirement years in peace and quiet, don’t get anxious about not being able to staying connected with family and friends elsewhere.

Mediacom Cable in Apache Junction, Arizona

The city has about 8 residential internet providers, with some industry big shots among them. And DSL, Fixed Wireless, Fiber and Cable, all service types available. But for the consumer who prefers Cable broadband and TV over other options in the market, Mediacom Apache Junction, Arizona, is a no-brainer choice. Especially so with its 78% coverage of the city.

Mediacom Cable is therefore not a stranger for most Apache Junction permanent residents. But for those of you who have not used the provider’s services before elsewhere in the U.S., Mediacom delivers cable broadband, TV and home phone services to over 6.5 million people in 22 states. With an estimated 1.44 million broadband internet subscribers in 2020 and 611,000 pay-tv subscribers according to Statista studies, Mediacom ranks among the top 10 U.S. Cable providers. So, when you start looking into getting a complete home service suite under one roof, Mediacom Cable is an obvious top choice in Apache Junction.

Let’s then run through a quick synopsis of Mediacom services in Apache Junction.

Mediacom Internet in Apache Junction Arizona—Fast Speeds You Can Rely On!

Mediacom Internet is delivered over a hybrid Fiber-Coaxial network, which is why you can get up to 1 Gig download speeds. And, Mediacom also gives you an upload speed which is higher relative to competition. The Gig service allows you to upload at 50 Mbps! Given it comes Fiber backed, your cable broadband connection is not just fast, but reliable.

Mediacom Internet delivers speeds ranging from 250 Mbps, moving up to 500 Mbps and lastly 1000 Mbps plans are the most popular in most service locations. Each comes with a bunch of perks, included in the price or as an add-on.

The Total Defense security suite includes protection from viruses and malware for up to 5 of your devices, and is ideal for family homes for this reason. You can also utilize the advanced parental controls that come along. Online protection comes included in the price.

A valuable addition to your subscription is the Mediacom Xtream WiFi 360 powered by eero. For an additional $10/mo. you can lease 2 eero Pro 6 devices and eero Secure, and enjoy seamless whole-home WiFi.

What You Must Know

While you may not find the service cheap, Mediacom Internet plans and packages are competitively priced, and get you good value of your money. While you do have to sign a term agreement, and there is a price hike once the promo term expires, which is anyhow an industry-wide standard, what you get in return is a high-speed internet service you can count on, with some value-added perks.

Mediacom Internet Apache Junction

$19.99/mo. For 12 months

Mediacom High-Speed Internet in Apache Junction, Arizona

  • Download speeds from 250-1000 Mbps
  • Data allowance from 1000-6000 GB
  • Smart internet security suite

Mediacom Cable TV in Apache Junction, Arizona—For the Love of Entertainment!

For most American homes internet and TV are complementary services, and nothing makes more sense if you can get both services delivered by one provider. Mediacom internet and TV bundles stand out in the Apache Junction market. Not many competitors in the city are able to deliver as much choice, convenience and flexibility with their service plans.

Mediacom Cable TV service delivers a contemporary experience of in-home entertainment powered by TiVo. Together with TiVo DVR and Xtream voice remote, you can enjoy an integrated TV watching experience, which is just a new and better way of watching TV. The TiVo powered Xtream TV app is your portable TV, all you need is high-speed internet to power it when you are on the go.

Mediacom offers 3 TV plans, starting from Local which includes 50+ basic channels, Essential which gets you 125+, and Variety with its 170+ channels. Free On Demand titles add to your entertainment options with each plan.

When you subscribe to the Variety TV lineup, you get to choose from the full spectrum of Mediacom TV add-ons which include premium entertainment and sports networks, and a variety of mini-packages. International programming is also available.

Mediacom Home Phone in Apache Junction Arizona—Gets You Unlimited Talk Time!

Mediacom home phone service is a great addition to your internet and TV double play. Especially so because it does not cost you a dime extra for the first year, and gets you unlimited nationwide calling, as well as to Canada, Guam, Puerto Rico and the U.S. Virgin Islands. While a home phone service may sound unnecessary, Mediacom home phone is a great backup to your cellular service. And, comes complete with essential and popular digital calling features. Plus the unlimited talk time is bound to help you save on your cellular service bill every month.

Are Mediacom Bundles in Apache Junction Arizona Worth It?

Bundling is a good way to take advantage of discounted bundle rates which promotional offers in the market usually include, albeit the discount lasts only for the length of the promo term. With Mediacom you get to enjoy a discount for 12 months, which makes for good savings. Plus you get the added benefit of having to deal with one vendor and pay one bill every month, which is quite a relief.

So, if your home needs more than one service, explore your options with Mediacom in Apache Junction, Arizona. Pick what you need, and what fits your household budget. And in case you need to speak to a Mediacom Customer Service representative to determine offer availability in your area, call at 1-855-349-9315. For the Spanish-speaking, you can contact at 1-844-527-5630 for assistance.

All in All…

Mediacom in Apache Junction, Arizona is a top choice for reliable communications services and a modern cable TV experience. With its robust network powered by Fiber, and high-end internet and TV equipment, Mediacom offers good value with its single play internet deals as well as internet and TV bundles. Now that you are more aware of what Mediacom has to offer the city, go ahead and compare to whatever else is available at your address, and when its time to make the call speak to Mediacom Customer Service .

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