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With, how entertainment channels have evolved, we no longer mark our calendars to remember the release dates of our favorite movies. And, we do not have to wait in long queues to purchase a ticket for the next Hollywood blockbuster. While cinemas are still thriving, watching a movie in the theatre has now become a matter of choice. Living in a time where streaming services like Hulu, Netflix, and Amazon Prime Video have become available to millions worldwide, some even end up considering cutting the cord. Only a few realize that with the passage of time, traditional cable TV has continued to evolve as well.

One primary example is that of the cable provider Spectrum™. Having secured a service availability scale of 41 states, the provider’s cable TV network is not to be taken lightly. With Spectrum, you get a lot more than traditional cable TV. Spectrum also owns a streaming service, with a variety of three plans that let subscribers stream Live TV and On Demand content with the utmost ease.

As for Spectrum™ TV plans, you get a choice – Spectrum TV Select Signature with 150+ channels is the base package, whereas a higher tier of service as well as several add-ons are available. Each offers a different number of channels. 

There is a wide variety of TV channels in the Spectrum Channel Lineup. The most notable mentions would be America’s favorite premium networks HBO®, Cinemax®, SHOWTIME®, and STARZ®. All, come included in the Spectrum add-on packages.

Moreover, popular local networks like ABC, FOX, CBS, NBC, PBS, CW, and others like the USA Network, AMC, A&E, ESPN, FS1, truTV, etc. are also included in the Spectrum channel list. Still, the TV One channel, which is one of the American basic cable TV channels, is worth adding to your repository if you enjoy classic sitcoms and original lifestyle programming, and entertaining series. 

The TV One Channel – A Cursory Overview

Some TV channels become hits, while some do not get to shine and are either retired or rebranded. Launched in 2004, Urban One’s cable TV channel TV One was not rebranded nor did it falter to secure a stable spot for itself in the TV-watching market.

TV One’s programming covers a wide spectrum of entertainment options. You get lifestyle series, comedies, docuseries, movies, and even sitcom reruns. However, the content aired on TV One is mainly targeted towards African-American viewers.

Competition for the African-American centered TV channels in the cable TV industry is a tough one. There is BET, Bounce TV, and aspireTV; all catering to varied demographics of African-American viewers. TV One’s entry in the entertainment realm made it a direct competitor to the well established ViacomCBS Domestic Media Networks’ BET. Initially TV One managed to secure its spot in 2.2 million American homes in 16 markets, but in 2015 the statistics showed that channel TV One is available to 57 million households across America. Quite surely, that figure is only expected to increase.

What Channel is TV One on Spectrum TV?

Coming home from a draining day at work, it is always pleasant to get an entertaining breather. And with TV One’s extensive entertainment lineup of comedy series, sitcoms, and movies, you seldom crave for reality TV shows.

As we said earlier, Spectrum™ TV plans are offered in two tiers. If you want a modest cable TV plan that will not break your bank, Spectrum TV Select Signature is the one to choose. You get 150 channels with programming from America’s favorite networks, local and otherwise, and also free HD programming. TV One is available as part of the channel lineup of Spectrum TV Select Signature. Moreover, there is also a higher tier of service that meets your needs even better with its 160+ channels, the Spectrum TV Select Plus. 

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Watch TV One now on Spectrum TV

What to Watch on TV One?

It is common to see TV networks steer away from their roots and originality, but not in the case of TV One. This American basic cable TV channel is known for programming that is primarily targeted towards African-American viewers. TV One’s programming includes original lifestyle series, movies, documentaries, and syndicated reruns of popular sitcoms. As for TV One’s viewer demographics, the content aired is curated for adults.

TV One has formerly broadcast favorites like Belle’s, The Rickey Smiley Show, and Donnie After Dark, but the channel’s top favorites include:

Original Programming

  •  Unsung
  •  Unsung Hollywood
  •  The D.L. Hughley Show
  •  Rickey Smiley For Real
  •  Fatal Attraction

Sitcom Television Series (Reruns)

  •  Family Matters
  •  What’s Happening!!
  •  The Jeffersons
  •  All of Us
  •  Girlfriends
  •  Sanford and Son

All in All

The scope of televisual entertainment with Spectrum™ TV is not limited. If you have had your daily dose of sitcoms and lifestyle TV shows, maybe your entertainment taste buds are craving for something else. In that regard, Spectrum has everything covered. If you want to marathon high-budget Hollywood movies, you have The Movie Channel and SHOWTIME® to resort to. If you would like to spice up your weekend with some reality TV gossip, there is E! and TLC to tune in to.

Remember, as you add services to your Spectrum Cable TV, you get to benefit from discounted rates and greater convenience overall. So, before finalizing your choice, do take the time to explore Spectrum Bundles as well. And if you think expert advice in this regard will help, do not hesitate to contact Spectrum phone number. A Spectrum representative will cater to your inquiries and present a solution!