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If the brain isn’t stimulated each day, it deteriorates. But, before that comes to pass, boredom is sure to have you begging for death. TV is the answer to it all. Good entertainment promises to keep your mind engaged and boost your creativity. What’s more, it brings people joy!

It’s no wonder then, that TV has become such an important part of our lives. Increasingly though, people are demanding quality content. Shows, movies, and events they watch, they want them to be the best. Quality content is key, but not all channels manage to offer the same at all times. CW however, manages to hit the mark each time with its great assortment of shows. That is why it has become such a sought after channel.

For those looking to subscribe to a new cable plan, the inclusion of CW on the channel lineup is a must, and nobody knows this better than Spectrum TV. If you too desire a versatile lineup, and you want it at pocket-friendly rates, you know Charter Spectrum™ would get you exactly that.

What Makes CW So Popular?

When you think of entertainment, CW is not the first channel to pop in your head. It doesn’t make for a striking presence, one that catches your eye and holds you, hostage. That is simply not how CW works. Instead, it slowly creeps into your heart and settles down forever. How do you ask? Simple. The great shows it churns out manage to attract a loyal network following, a community that keeps on growing long after the show ends.

Gossip Girl ended years ago, but we still talk about it. The same is the case with The Vampire Diaries and One Tree Hill. These successful shows are what have rendered CW one of people’s favorites.

Widespread fandom once shaped, ensures the shows never die - that’s one of the reasons why Supernatural managed to get as many seasons as it did. Fans demanded their daily dose of Supernatural be delivered, and delivered it was!

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Other such shows include Arrow - superhero genre content that got huge crowds to tune in for each episode, making Arrow the gateway to other superhero shows. Since it premiered, the superhero universe has expanded, and now we find The Flash, Supergirl, and Batwoman making waves. Another great hit on the channel is Riverdale. Based on Archie comics, this show had a huge fan following before it was even created, and popularity only grew with the release of the show! CW’s “The 100” to is a popular show which has attracted huge audiences each season. Their season finale left many distraught but at the same time glad for the worthy ending. With such a huge selection of hits, one may safely presume, CW is here to stay!

Which TV Plans Offer CW on Spectrum?

With a following as huge as CW boasts, the channel cannot be ignored and Spectrum knows this. Aware of its users’ tastes and wants, Spectrum aims to give them the best, which is why it includes the network in its cable TV lineup. If you’re looking for a budget-friendly option, we would suggest you bundle Spectrum TV Select Signature with Spectrum Internet, and phone. It doesn’t get better than that!

The Spectrum TV Select Signature offers 150+ live TV channels including popular networks like ESPN and Discovery. You can also opt for the recently launched Spectrum TV Select Plus package to enjoy more than 160+ live TV channels! Make sure to check what Spectrum plans and packages are available at your address by speaking to an expert at 855-423-0918. While you are at it, make sure you verify the availability of the CW channel at your address, as its availability can vary from location to location.

What Channel is CW on Spectrum?

As soon as you get your cable connection set up, you’ll want to ensure you can tune in to watch the next episode of your favorite CW show. May be it’s the troubles The 100 will face that have you on edge or may be you want to know how Supergirl is fairing. Whatever the case, we’re sure the channel has you hooked to at least one of its shows. The only obstacle hindering you from binging on the channels’ offerings is finding the CW channel number.

Once you have ensured that the channel is available in your subscription and is offered in your area by Spectrum, you can move on to looking for it channel number via the Spectrum on-screen guide. The guide gives you a comprehensive and detailed look at the channels included in your package, along with their channel numbers for your ease.

If you still can't find the CW channel number on Spectrum, you can use the Spectrum channel lookup tool to search for your area of residence and the corresponding channel number on the table. If you’re still having trouble finding CW on Spectrum, you can always call Spectrum sales support. They will answer your questions and guide you accordingly.

What Is There to Watch on CW on Spectrum?

Two Sentence Horror Stories

With just one season out with 9 episodes, Two Sentence Horror Stories is new. But, you can’t deny it is the horror series of the generation—each episode has its own plot and characters. Gripping terror tales give you an adrenaline rush and leave you at the edge of your seat. Be warned though, it is not for the fainthearted. Watch it at night, and you’ll be scared till the sun comes up. With that said, do watch it. It’s worth it.

Nancy Drew

Another popular show adapted from a series of books, Nancy Drew follows the gripping adventures of a teen detective we’ve grown up reading about. The sudden and unexpected death of her mother leaves a devastating mark on young Nancy. Nancy swears off of involvement in all crime-solving things as she grieves. That is, until she reapplies for college. And, during her gap year while working as a waitress, finds herself the prime suspect in a socialite’s murder. Is someone framing her and if yes, who? Well, tune in to find out!

In the Dark

Blind Murphy is in her twenties living an otherwise uneventful life, doing what a twenty-year-old would do—managing her colorful dating life, alongside her much hated job at her parents’ dog training school. Her only friends are her roommate, Jess, and a teenage drug dealer, Tyson, who saved her from a mugging catastrophe. One day as she’s taking a walk with her guide dog she stumbles upon a corpse that she’s sure is Tyson’s. But, before the police arrive, the body disappears. When the law enforcement agencies seem disinterested in pursuing the case of her friend, she resolves to uncover the truth of what happened.

Katy Keene

Alongside some great but gloomy shows, you need some comedy. And, that is what Katy Keene aims to bring. Katy designs clothes and her friend Josie has amazing vocals. Both are struggling to make it. And, that can take a toll on anyone. But, not these two. They work on their friendship, along the way and as you follow their stories you’ll get some light-hearted laughter, and hope to help you keep it together too!


The story follows the life of billionaire playboy Oliver Queen. Stranded on an island in the North China Sea after the ship he’s on is wrecked beyond repair, he spends five years on an island full of mystery, before returning home to Star City. Taking up a bow and arrow, he begins his life as a vigilante fighting crime and corruption.

The Flash

After a particle accelerator explodes at S.T.A.R. Labs the crime investigator present on the scene, Barry Allen is struck and gains superpowers. He uses his newly gained super-human speed to fight crime and make the world a better place starting from Central City. He sets out to hunt other meta-humans all the while disguised as the Flash.


For all those who love Superman, and couldn’t wait to meet his cousin, Supergirl. Kara Zor-El is sent in a pod to earth to take care of the little Kal-El. However, her pod gets stuck in the Phantom Zone and when it finally reaches earth over two decades have passed, and Kal-El is no longer a baby, but an adult very much loved by the new planet where he is Superman. Kara is still a child and is placed at the home of one of Superman’s trusted people. She tries to fit in as best as she can while hiding her powers. It is only when she turns 24 that she eventually embraces her true self and becomes a superhero for the people.


It has been three years since billionaire philanthropist Bruce Wayne disappeared from the scene and with him, his alter ego, Batman. The people of Gotham City have suffered each day, with no hope in sight. That is when Wayne’s cousin Kate Kane takes up the mantle and becomes a beacon of hope for people. Donning the Batwoman suit, she is ready to face it all.

Crisis on Infinite Earths

A big one on DC comics, CW has also adapted the comic book series Infinite Crisis. Written by Geoff Johns and illustrated by Phil Jimenez, George Perez, among others, it offers an engaging story many are taking a liking to. For all DC fans though, this is a must-watch!


If superpowers interest you, so will all things alien. Roswell, set in 1999, focuses on the strange happenings in New Mexico, a place known for UFO sightings. The story starts with a high-school student saving the life of the waitress Liz. The two develop a strong bond and what happens next is all things amazing. You get to see superhuman powers as well as get up and close with aliens! This show is not one to miss. That’s for sure.


The story of Supernatural revolves around two brothers: Dean and Sam Winchesters. Following in their father’s footsteps they travel across the country in their Impala, hunting down demons and other evil entities. They fight fallen angels and monsters alike in an attempt to save the innocent. What really captivates the viewers is the characters and their mutual chemistry. You’ll undoubtedly find yourself falling head over heels in love with them, and well you know, once you go Supernatural you never go back.

The 100

If you like apocalyptic shows, this one must be for you. Set 97 years after a nuclear war destroys the human civilization, we see the last of the human race living in a spaceship struggling to survive. They decide to send 100 juvenile delinquents to earth to check out if the land is habitable again, and if repopulation is a possibility. When The 100 reach land, they come across grounders, people who survived the war and have been fighting to survive life ever since. Just recently the show reached its conclusion and what a finale it was. If you aren’t a fan already you’ll soon be one.

The End Note

These shows are just the crème de la crème, CW has something for everyone! Want a little mystery and suspense, give Nancy Drew a watch. Or, are you one of those who like a little magic in your lives? Well, if that’s the case we’d suggest you give Charmed a shot. It was a hit when it first aired and the revamped version makes for a great watch. Then again, if you want to watch the old stuff, simply use Spectrum’s on-demand library to watch the original. With Spectrum service, no matter which plans you subscribe to, you’ll get it all! So, go ahead and tune in for a great televisual experience.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which of Spectrum’s plans offer access to CW?

All three Spectrum cable TV plans let you watch CW to your heart’s content. Whether you’re subscribed to Spectrum Select, Spectrum Silver, or Spectrum Gold, you’ll be able to watch CW.

What channel is CW on Spectrum New York?

Channel number for CW on Spectrum in New York are the following:

    • New York City, New York: 11
    • Rochester, New York: 16
    • Staten-Island, New York: 11

What channel is CW on Spectrum Florida?

Channel number for CW on Spectrum in Florida are the following:

    • Orlando, Florida: 8
    • Tampa, Florida: 4

What channel is CW on Spectrum California?

Channel number for CW on Spectrum in California are the following:

    • Los Angeles, California: 5
    • Bakersfield, California: 12