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One cannot simply run out of entertainment options nowadays. You have YouTube for quick streaming, you have Twitch for gaming videos and then you have Netflix for full-fledged movie/TV show streaming. And, there are countless other platforms as well. However, despite these streaming platforms gaining global attention, cable TV is yet to be wavered from its stance, and Spectrum has contributed massively to that cause – despite coming up with a streaming service of its own a year ago.

Spectrum™ continues to cater to millions residing in 40 states with fiber-backed cable internet service and cable TV packages. Unlike streaming platforms, cable TV service from Spectrum presents audiences with an impressive channel lineup encompassing diverse genres. You get to watch so much in one go, you would not want to miss out on all that. So do not even consider cutting the cord yet!

In the extensive channel repository maintained by Spectrum, you have TLC too—a must-watch if you are fond of reality TV shows.

TLC – A Brief Overview

In 2015, TLC was available to 95 million U.S. households of which over 81% were cable TV subscribers. One can only imagine what an impressive growth rate TLC has sustained over time since its official launch in 1972.

So 48 years ago, this pay-television network was launched by Discovery, Inc. Keeping in mind the type of content Discovery, Inc. airs, TLC went about a similar route. However, the channel shifted towards reality TV content and family/lifestyle shows as it continued to evolve. Ever since the turn towards programming that attracts mass consumption, roundabout in the 1990s, TLC has come to be recognized as a favorite among viewers of the said genre.

Which Number is TLC Channel on Spectrum TV?

As a direct consequence of the level of favor TLC has earned among TV watchers, the channel is available on all the Spectrum TV plans. But with as many channels as you get, you will not want to keep pressing your remote control buttons into oblivion to locate your favorite channel. That might get pretty agitating, in fact – the physical hassle combined with the frustration of not knowing the exact channel number – especially one that you are so keen on looking for.

While Spectrum channel numbers vary for each location and region, the Spectrum on-screen TV guide makes it extremely easy to find the channel number for your desired channels on Spectrum. The guide comes with all advanced search features including comprehensive search filters, categories, and lets you manage channel lists and collections as per your preferences.

To find out the channel number of TLC in your area, call 855-423-0918.

What to Watch on TLC?

What emerged as an educational and learning platform as is apparent from the acronym TLC, the network did gradually sway away from its roots and now primarily airs reality TV shows and lifestyle stories. A major shift in programming content, but one that did not imply a loss in popularity by any means.

There are multiple TLC shows that have become nationwide favorites and have also earned recognition on video streaming platforms like YouTube. Whereas, snippets of a few popular shows are also shared across social media platforms. That clearly shows how viral the content programmed for TLC can get.

So if you are looking to test out a few reality TV shows and real-life documentaries on TLC, here are some that you can give a try.

Original Programming (First-run) Original Programming (Re-runs) Acquired Proity, Legal, Newsmagazine) What Not to Wear—Revival (Reality-TV)
90 Day Fiancé: The Other Way (Reality-TV) Say Yes to the Dress (Reality-TV) 48 Hours (Newsmagazine)  
The Family Chantel (Reality-TV) Say Yes to the Dress: America (Reality-TV) Big Fat Gypsy Wedding (Documentary)  
Counting On (Reality-TV) Say Yes to the Dress: Atlanta (Reality-TV)    
Dr. Pimple Popper: Before the Pop (Reality-TV) Say Yes to the Dress: England (Reality-TV)    
OutDaughtered (Reality-TV) Kindred Spirits (Reality TV, Paranormal)    
Little People Big World (Reality TV)      

Watch TLC Network on Spectrum TV

A Little About Some Popular TLC TV Shows

90 Day Fiancé

One of the most famous TLC reality TV shows, 90 Day Fiancé has been successful in earning itself seven seasons and several spin-offs. The TV show is TLC-exclusive and began airing on the network in 2014. The gist of 90 Day Fiancé is that every season centers on couples—with one half who is already an American citizen while the other a foreigner. The foreign fiancé enters the U.S. on a limited period visa. And, this limitation on their stay makes it all the more interesting. The couple must enter marriage before that—bridge all language and cultural gaps, arrange the marriage ceremony, and more. The real-time drama in their lives is the key to hooking the audiences onto the show.

Say Yes to the Dress

Filmed at Kleinfeld Bridal in Manhattan, Say Yes to the Dress is another popular TLC reality show. The show’s popularity has made it secure 19 seasons so far. And given this level of popularity, we can say TLC may never want to drop it either. As the name suggests, Say Yes to the Dress features to-be-brides who visit the Kleinfeld Bridal studio for the perfect wedding dress for their big day.

Kindred Spirits

TLC is not all about glam and gossip. The network’s original programming has also featured reality TV shows that run their course in the world of the paranormal. And, Kindred Spirits is one such show. It secured a spot on TLC in 2016. The show centers on paranormal findings in U.S. residencies. Each episode has a new case that investigators Berry and Bruni have to uncover.

Now you know you have a plethora of television programs to marathon on lazy weekends and week-evenings that weigh you down. For a precise day-to-day schedule of TLC programming, you can visit the official site and check the day and timings for each TV show.

All in all

Spectrum TV caters to diverse taste buds craving televisual entertainment. You get a wide variety of networks for children, sports, family entertainment, history, and even reality TV shows on Bravo and TLC.

In case you are not a current subscriber but have made up your mind to become one, do not think twice and contact Spectrum sales support (for Spanish users dial in Telefono de Spectrum) for further guidance if necessary. If not, you can choose to subscribe right away.


Which is the cheapest Spectrum TV package?

The cheapest Spectrum TV package is Spectrum SELECT. With a price tag of $ for 12 months, you get 125 channels, free HD programming, and more.

What channel is TLC on Spectrum Dallas?

The channel number for TLC on Spectrum Dallas, TX is 57.

What channel is TLC on Spectrum San Antonio?

The channel number for TLC on Spectrum San Antonio, TX is 49.

What channel is TLC on Spectrum Los Angeles?

The Channel number for TLC on Spectrum Los Angeles, CA is 48, 70 & 770 (HD).