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Subscribing to Spectrum TV means you are in for a plethora of entertainment choices. At one end of the spectrum, there are kid-friendly and family entertainment channels that entire households can enjoy watching, and on the other end there are news networks keeping viewers updated about the latest buzz nationwide and globally. There is a TV network favorite for every family member with Spectrum TV.

Amid so many channel choices, Bravo is one American Pay Television Network that has sustained its roots in the TV entertainment scene since 1980. A channel that now primarily airs reality shows roots back to dedicating itself to performing arts and film. Bravo’s vision has evolved to quite an extent. The alternations are reflected in the current programming lineup the channel has.

Despite such a major makeover, in January 2016 alone, the network served 90 million U.S. households. That is an estimate of 77% of residential households that are linked to TV and Bravo.

How did the network earn this stature?

A Brief History in Time For Bravo

The history of Bravo is quite a detailed one. It initially entered the TV network domain as a commercial-free premium channel. That was back in 1980. Bravo aired content not limited to a certain genre yet the main selling point for Bravo was that over time, it dedicated itself to fine arts and film.

Channels ABC ARTS, CBS Cable, and NBC’s The Entertainment Channel all broadcasted content similar to Bravo. However, Bravo did things differently. It is the decision to resort to film more than performing arts that made Brave take away the cake effortlessly.

Fast forward to 1981, Bravo serves 48,000 subscribers across the country yet the content shown on the channel stayed inclusive of performing arts and classical films. The same old, same old. That stayed the same for a few years and Bravo remained a commercial-free TV network. It was until 1998 that Bravo accepted traditional commercial advertising.

If you could compare the content produced and shared across the Bravo network starting from its advent to the late 90s, not a lot had changed.

But the change that was brought forward by Bravo was a swift one. It happened in the early 2000s when in 2002 NBC bought Bravo and the content broadcasted on the network faced a major makeover.

This makeover and acquisition changed a lot for Bravo and the streak of Reality TV Shows started to emerge from 2003. The one show that made Bravo sustain this remodeling was the reality show Queer Eye for the Straight Guy. The show’s success and potential to cash in 3.5 million viewers was only the beginning of the network.

More reality TV shows that gained nationwide attention started to emerge which included Project Runway and Top Chef. Within no time, that is all Bravo was known about. That is what the selling point of Bravo became. It was not a shot in the dark either. If that were true, Bravo’s reality shows won’t be catering to audiences of varied demographics. Shows like the quirky Real Housewives of Beverly Hills and Project Runway drove more women toward the platform. On the other hand, content relevant to the LGBTQ community made Bravo rank as one of the most recognizable TV channel platforms for gay viewers.

The essence of cultural diversity, demographics, and region-specific content shows how Bravo withstood through the competition and knew how to cash in one USP, reality TV shows.

Which Channel Number is Bravo on Spectrum TV?

The hassling task of subscribing to a Spectrum TV plan and not finding the channel number of Bravo. We can feel the agony.

The accurate channel number for Bravo varies for every region. To find out the channel number of Bravo, you can use the Spectrum on-screen TV guide and view a list of channels and their numbers included in your subscription. For further clarity and assistance, call 855-423-0918.

Bravo Channel Numbers

Channel lineup varies from region.

For more details browse Spectrum TV Packages

What to Watch on Bravo?

Bravo is an old-timer in the TV realm that is still going strong with its galore of televisual offerings. Entertainment is non-stop for Bravo. It is no surprise the TV network serves 90 million U.S. households at once and does not slow down in rolling out new content either.  

The audience demographic falls under the ages of 25-54-year-old women. Won’t be calling any damsels in distress, now right? The provider is also renowned for furnishing content for the LGBT community. There have been upcoming, ongoing, and old television series that focused on content that represents the LGBTQ community.

Here are the current, upcoming, and past popular shows that have aired on Bravo.

Regular Bravo Programming

  •  Below Deck Sailing Yacht
  •  Blind Date
  •  Family Karma
  •  Last Chance Kitchen
  •  Shahs of Sunset
  •  Summer House
  •  The Real Housewives of Atlanta
  •  Top Chef
  •  Vanderpump Rules
  •  Vanderpump Rules After Show
  •  Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen
  •  What Would Tom Do?
  •  Camp Getaway
  •  Married to Medicine Los Angeles
  •  Million Dollar Listing Los Angeles
  •  The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills
  •  The Real Housewives of New York City
  •  The Real Housewives of Potomac

Bravo Favorites – Over the Years

  • The Real House Wives of (Beverly Hills, New York City, Atlanta, New Jersey)
  •  Southern Charm
  •  Million Dollar Listing New York
  •  Vanderpump Rules
  •  Project Runway
  •  House
  •  Below Deck
  •  Top Chef
  •  Queer Eye for the Straight Guy

Former Programming

Unscripted Shows

  •  Being Bobby Brown
  •  Chef Academy
  •  Courtney Love’s Dallas
  •  Fashion Hunters
  •  Fashion Queens
  •  Game of Crowns
  •  Jersey Belle
  •  Ladies of London
  •  The Real Housewives of Miami
  •  Untying the Knot

Scripted TV Shows

  •  Breaking News
  •  Dirty John
  •  Girlfriends’ Guide to Divorce
  •  Imposters
  •  Odd Mom Out
  •  Significant Others

Entertainment at the Core

Entertainment is not a secondary option with Spectrum TV. With Bravo in the channel repository, your neighborhood will be updated with the latest gossip, quirkiness, and extravagance that you can only experience on Bravo.

Looking to subscribe to a TV plan? Head on to Spectrum TV or contact Spectrum Sales Support (for Spanish users dial in Telefono de Spectrum) if you have any questions.