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CBS has been offering some of the best shows for quite some time, which is why it has such a huge demographic tuning in each day. Whether you are looking for comedy, drama, action or anything really, it always has something in store for you to enjoy.

Chuck Lorre hits like Two and a Half Men and Big Bang Theory will have you laughing in no time. Or if you have watched that already you might want to give Young Sheldon a try. You can also watch A Good Wife if your into political drama or if you are into mystery and action then NCIS and Criminal Minds might seem a better fit.

Whats more? CBS makes sure that sports fans are catered as well. You can watch NCAA and NFL on CBS with ease. Its no wonder that CBS is so popular and that people demand this channel to be a part of their lineup whenever they are choosing their cable provider.

Spectrum is aware of the popularity of the channel. Spectrum cable TV works to make sure that its subscribers get the best of the best including the much loved CBS. So, with Spectrum service you can rest assured that you will get what you want and more. The only thing that might be an inconvenience though is finding the channel number for CBS on Spectrum and were here to help you with that.

CBS Channels Offered on Spectrum Plans:

CBS network offers two channels: CBS and CBS Sports Network. Before we move forward, it is important to make a note of which channels you get access to in each of the Spectrums packages. The table below highlights that.


Spectrum TV Select

Spectrum TV Silver

Spectrum TV Gold





CBS Sports Network




As you can see, CBS is available in all three of Spectrums TV plans: Spectrum Select, Spectrum Silver, and Spectrum Gold. It can not get better than that! If you are looking to watch sports, however, you would have to upgrade to the Silver plan at the very least. Then again, given that it costs just $25 more and gives you premium channels like HBO and Cinemax, its more than worth it.

CBS Channel Number on Spectrum Channel Lineup

Once you have subscribed to a cable TV plan, the next logical step usually is to jot down all the channel numbers for your favorite stations. This sounds simple, but its a time consuming, and agonizing task. With channel numbers changing from region to region, it can get really confusing. To save yourself from the hassle of it all, read on. The table below shows the NFL channel numbers in various states. So just look through, place your state, and voila! You have found the number.



CBS Sports Network

Montgomery, Alabama



Beverly Hills, California




Clifton, Colorado



Indianapolis, Indiana



Alma, Michigan



Ballwin, Missouri



Great Falls, Montana



Lincoln, Nebraska



Cincinnati, Ohio



Knoxville, Tennessee



San Antonio, Texas



Orlando, Florida



Carson City, Nevada



Creswell, Oregon



Wapato, Washington



Madison, Wisconsin



Athens, Georgia



Jacksonville, North Carolina



Greenville, South Carolina



New York, New York



Ridgefield Park, New Jersey



Brookfield, Massachusetts



Thompson, Connecticut




What Shows Does CBS offer its viewers?

CBS is the perfect blend of all the things you love; you get drama, comedy, and even a couple of reality shows which are sure to keep you entertained for a long time. Plus, with the On-Demand library that Spectrum offers, not to forget its DVR capabilities that allow you to record and watch your loved shows at a later date, you can binge-watch and catch up all your favorite shows with ease.

So, what hit shows does CBS have to offer its viewers? Well, here are some shows from each of the genres that will have you hooked.

A Little Drama is Important

Life can get boring if there isnt any drama to spice it up, which is why CBS has a list of dramas for you to revel in. The best part is that these shows offer a fair bit suspense and action, which makes it unlikely that you will ever get over them. Here are some hits you should consider including in your schedule:

All Rise shows you what it is like working in the courts. You get an insightful view into the tumultuous lives of judges, public defenders, and prosecutors.

In Blood & Treasure, you get to go around the globe and follow the adventures of and antiquities expert and art thief who are trying to catch terrorists funded by stolen treasures.

If you qre into police shows then Blue Bloods is a much watch. It follows the members of the Reagan family, a family of Irish Catholics each of whom represents different aspects of police work and law.

The rest of the shows are similarly entertaining and will have you hooked in no time The good part is that you wont have to start a binge-fest to catch up. If you have watched the previous episodes worry not. You can start from any episode you like. It can be the middle of the current season, or the pilot episode if you have the time.

A Little Laughter to Lighten the Day

CBS knows how to make you laugh. No matter the stress levels, it has a way of lightening the load with its sharp wit and a great sense of humor. It brought you your favorites like the Bing Bang Theory and it is still bringing you great shows today. Young Sheldon is every bit as funny and great to watch as its precursor and that is just the beginning. The list just goes on.

Seeing a young Sheldon making sense of life growing up is fun, but there is still more fun in store with shows like Broke, Man with a Plan, and The Neighborhood. So, make sure to get your daily dose of laughter— they say its the best medicine out there!

Reality Shows: A Sneak Peak to the Struggles of Real People

Americans love a good reality TV show and in this country, there are many to go around. CBS offers some of the best ones there are so you know you are getting a good deal. With shows like Survivor, Big Brother, The Amazing Race, Undercover Boss, Whistleblower, and Love Island you will get all the entertainment you need and more.

For the Love of Sports

CBS has positioned itself with curated content that promises something for everyone. No other network has come quite as close to breaking the code and taking over peoples hearts. Its use of the perfect show formula, its understanding of peoples likes and dislikes, and its ability to give all types of content set it apart. It goes the extra mile and offers a second channel solely for the sports fans: CBS Sports Network.

Whether you are a basketball fan who wants to watch the NCAA March Madness or a football lover who must watch each NFL game, CBS offers it all. It also airs college football and basketball games so there really no need for anything else. Then again if you want access to the NFL, then you already have it.

Spectrum subscribers can watch the NFL as much as they desire and even the NFL RedZone by updating to Gold. You also get access to ESPN among other popular channels. You can also watch it all on your mobile devices using the Spectrum TV app. So, go ahead and give Spectrum customer service a call. They love to hear from you and set up your cable connection so you can watch your favorite shows with ease! While you are at it though, bundle it with Spectrum internet to get even better prices.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Spectrum Select include CBS?

Yes, you can watch CBS on all three of Spectrums cable TV plans.

Does Spectrum Select include CBS Sports Network?

No, Spectrum Select does not offer CBS Sports Network but Spectrum Silver does and it just costs an additional $25 a month, which is a great deal!

Can you watch the NFL on CBS?

Yes, you can and you can also watch NCAA.