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CBS has been offering some of the best shows for quite some time, which is why such a diverse demographic tune in each day. Whether you’re looking for comedy, drama, action or anything really, it always has something in store for you to enjoy.

Chuck Lorre hits like Two and a Half Men, and Big Bang Theory will have you laughing in no time. And, if you’ve watched that already you might want to give Young Sheldon a try. You can also watch The Good Wife if you’re into a political drama. NCIS and Criminal Minds might seem a better fit if you’re a fan of mystery and action. What’s more? CBS makes sure sports fans are catered well too. You can watch NCAA and NFL on CBS with ease—and much more.

The Columbia Broadcasting System (CBS), began its operations in 1927 making radio news broadcasts. Both the commercial broadcast television and radio network remained under the ownership of ViacomCBS. CBS Radio operated until 2017 and was then sold to Entercom. CBS TV network however continues after almost 80 years of launch with a solid hold on a variety of programming genres. With the Showtime cable TV network and Simon & Shuster publishing groups among other ViacomCBS holdings, quality entertainment is pretty much guaranteed on CBS. It’s no wonder then, CBS is so popular and people demand the channel as part of a lineup when they choose a cable service provider. It is not one to miss out on!

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CBS Channel on Spectrum TV

Charter Spectrum™ is aware of popular demand. That is why Spectrum cable TV service ensures subscribers get the best of the best, including the much loved CBS. With the CBS channel, you are taken care of in terms of a variety of programming. And, with a subscription to Spectrum services you stand covered in terms of what you want from a TV service. You get not only, that but more.

CBS Channel Number on Spectrum Channel Lineup

Once you have subscribed to a cable TV plan, usually the next logical step is to make a note of all the numbers you must tune in to watch your channel favorites. This sounds simple, but can be time-consuming, and somewhat agonizing. With Spectrum cable TV channel numbers changing from one region to another, it can also get confusing. So, whether you have moved to a different town and had your Spectrum TV service transferred too or you have recently joined the growing Spectrum Family, and even if you are planning a switch to Spectrum cable TV service soon—in any case, the information you get by calling 855-423-0918 may come handy. Look through it, tel your address, and voila

What Shows are on CBS

What Shows Does CBS offer the Viewers?

CBS is the perfect blend of all the things you love in TV entertainment. There is drama, comedy, game shows, talk shows, and even non-scripted reality shows, which are sure to keep you entertained. And, this is on top of the extensive news and information programming from CBS.

With Spectrum on demand and the DVR service, you have the means to ensure you can watch your CBS favorites at a later time. So even if you are unable to catch them on air via the Spectrum TV app while you are on the move, Spectrum TV service keeps you covered.

So, which popular programs does CBS have to offer its viewers? Well, here are some from each genre that has the power to have you hooked.

Stay Updated with the News

CBS gives you a bit of everything. If you watch the channel on a daily basis you’ll have no trouble keeping abreast of the latest news. Whatever time suits you the best, whether it’s the morning when you’re your sharpest or the evening when you have the time to pay attention, you’ll be able to find a show that tells you all you need to know. Here’s a list of the shows you might be interested in:

    • CBS Morning News
    • CBS Weekend News
    • CBS News Sunday Morning
    • CBS This Morning
    • CBS Evening News
    • Face the Nation
    • CBS Overnight News
    • 48 Hours

A Little Drama is Important

Life can get boring if there isn’t any drama to spice it up, which is why CBS has a lot of Drama for you to revel in. The best part is these shows offer a fair bit of suspense and action, which makes it unlikely that you’ll ever get over them. Here are some hits you should consider including in your schedule:

All Rise (Legal Drama)
All Rise shows you what it’s like working in the courts. You get an insightful view—into the tumultuous lives of judges, public defenders, and prosecutors—from a Los Angeles courthouse.

Blood & Treasure (Action-Adventure)
In Blood & Treasure, you get to go around the globe and follow the adventures of an antiquities expert and an art thief who is trying to catch a terrorist—one who funds his activities through stolen treasures.

Blue Bloods (Crime-Drama)
If you’re into police shows then Blue Bloods is a much watch. It follows the members of the Reagan family, Irish Catholics, each of whom represents different aspects of police work and the legal process.

The rest of the shows are as entertaining. The good part is that you won’t have to start a binge-fest to catch up. If you haven’t watched the previous episodes, worry not. You can start from any episode you like. It can be the middle of the current season, or the pilot episode if you have the time.



(Crime Drama-Police Procedural)

FBI: Most Wanted 
(Crime Drama-Police Procedural)


Magnum P.I. 

(Action-Drama-Police Procedural)

NCIS: Los Angeles 
(Action-Drama-Police Procedural-Military)

NCIS: New Orleans 
(Procedural Action-Crime Drama)

SEAL Team 



A Little Laughter to Lighten the Day

CBS knows how to make you laugh. No matter what the stress levels, CBS shows have a way of lightening the load with sharp wit and a great sense of humor. CBS brought you favorites like the Bing Bang Theory and still brings you great shows today.

Young Sheldon is every bit as funny and great to watch as its precursor and that is just the beginning. Seeing young Sheldon making sense of life while growing up is fun, but there is still more fun in store. So, make sure to get your daily dose of laughter— they say it’s the best medicine out there! Here are a few titles:

    • Bob Hearts Abishola 
    • Mom 
    • The Neighborhood 
    • The Unicorn 
    • One Day at a Time

Reality Shows: A Sneak Peek into the Struggles of Real People

Americans love a good reality TV show and in the U.S. there are many that go around. CBS offers some of the best ones there are, so you know you’re getting a good deal. With shows like Survivor, Big Brother, The Amazing Race, Undercover Boss, Tough as Nails, and Love Island you’ll get all the entertainment you need and more.

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For the Love of Sports

CBS has positioned itself with curated content that promises something for everyone. No other network has come quite as close to breaking the code and taking over people’s hearts. Its use of the perfect show formula, its understanding of people’s likes and dislikes, and its ability to give all types of content set it apart from the crowd. No surprise then CBS goes the extra mile and offers a second channel solely for the multitude of sports fans in America: CBS Sports Network.

Whether you’re a basketball fan who wants to watch the NCAA March Madness or a football lover who must watch the NFL games, CBS offers it all. It also airs college football and basketball games so there’s really no need for anything else.
Spectrum subscribers can watch NFL to their heart’s content, even the NFL RedZone®, if they subscribe to add-ons like the Entertainment View or the Sports View. You also get access to the ESPN network among other popular sports channels. The best part is you can catch your must-watch games on your mobile device(s) using the Spectrum TV app.

So, go ahead and give Spectrum Sales Support (for ESP users please dial Telefono de spectrum) a call at 1-855-423-0918. They’d love to hear from you and set up your cable connection so you can watch your favorite shows with ease! Before we leave you to that, let’s suggest going with a Spectrum Bundle which also gets you high-speed Spectrum Internet making it a more value packed deal.

Frequently Asked Questions

What channel is CBS on Spectrum in California?

In California CBS channel on Spectrum is available in the following numbers:

    • Bakersfield, California: 7
    • Los Angeles, California: 2

What channel is CBS on Spectrum in New York?

In New York CBS channel on Spectrum is available in the following numbers:

    • Rochester, New York: 8
    • New York, New York: 2
    • Staten Island, New York: 2

What channel is CBS on Spectrum in Texas?

In Texas CBS channel on Spectrum is available in the following numbers:

    • Austin, Texas: 5
    • Dallas, Texas: 11
    • San Antonio, Texas: 5

Does Spectrum Select include CBS?

Yes, you can watch CBS on all three of Spectrum cable TV plans.

Does Spectrum Select include CBS Sports Network?

No, Spectrum Select does not offer CBS Sports Network but Spectrum Silver and Gold do. Spectrum Silver costs an additional $25 a month, but brings you a lot more in return, which is a great deal!

Can you watch the NFL on CBS?

Yes, you can stream local NFL and watch live football games on your TV, phone, and all other connected devices with CBS All Access and

Can you watch CBS online if you use Spectrum?

Yes, if you’re subscribed to Spectrum, you'll have no trouble using CBS All Access. You can stream on the go movies and shows on your preferred device - however, this will be limited to Live programming.