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Thanks to technology, we are only a click or tap away from connecting with the outside world. With time, we have seen many new digital platforms take over the entertainment world with innovative services. Netflix, Amazon Video, and Hulu are some big names to emerge with an impressive mark in the entertainment industry during the past few years. But, that has not dampened the American liking for traditional cable TV channels that have reigned the realm of in-home entertainment for decades. Many of the most-watched American networks include good names like ABC, FOX, CBS, TNT, A&E, etc. which is why reputed cable TV providers ensure to include these networks and more in their channel lineups.

2020 is all about innovation and creativity. And, competition is fierce between streaming services and traditional cable TV service providers. The strengthening trend of cord-cutting has motivated most reputed U.S. service providers like Spectrum TV to give subscribers contemporary means to access TV entertainment. You do not have to be subscribed to Netflix to watch original content on-demand. If you hold a subscription to Spectrum TV plans, you can access a plethora of original content in a variety of ways—catch it Live or recorded, stream it via Spectrum TV app on a screen of your choice or watch it on the TV with family—with ease, convenience and flexibility—not to forget discounted rates when you bundle Spectrum services.

With the way the entertainment industry has evolved, it is no surprise you find a great number of networks offering a variety of content—from original to syndicated programming. And, a great many TV service providers too, which carry these networks. For instance the A&E channel—one of the most popular in America—is included in the Spectrum Channel Lineup as well.

Before we tell you which number you will find A&E on Spectrum in your city or town, let us talk a little about the network itself.

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All You Need to Know about A&E

If you are someone who enjoys binge-watching shows over the weekend or loves catching up on your favorite TV series on a daily basis, the A&E channel on your TV set is a necessity.

Originally known as the Arts and Entertainment network, in 1995 it was rebranded as A&E in order to dissipate the negative impression that it was all about arts programming. The rebranding effort was directed at making the network known more as a “thought-provoking” channel instead. By 2002, at the expense of arts programming, A&E shifted focus towards a younger audience—and by 2017 scripted content also phased out. The gap was mostly filled in with reality series, which was more appealing for the new target audience.

Today, A&E primarily showcases programming from many genres—drama, crime, reality docu-soaps, and documentary miniseries—nonfiction content has remained the core focal point for the network. But it is as true as it was yesterday, that A&E on Spectrum gives everyone something to love. Whether you are a fan of crime shows or enjoy watching the epic drama, it is docu-soaps that catch your attention or documentary miniseries that glue you to the screen—you will stumble upon several rare gems on the A&E Channel—especially among its classic docu-series and crime shows loved by many.

Founded in 1984, the network has successfully built a loyal following mainly due to the quality of its programming. No surprise that 20 years after its first rebranding, the channel was available nationwide on TV sets in more than 80% of American households via pay-TV subscription. Canadians to get to enjoy the A&E programming aired in the U.S., however, Australia, Latin America, and Europe have their own international versions of the A&E Channel.

One interesting fact about the network is that it was initially launched as a commercial equivalent to PBS. Albeit, it went on to produce original content and became a huge name in the entertainment industry. And, when we talk about original content, it is a must to mention the movies, documentaries, and mini-series produced or co-produced by the network—popular names include Pride and Prejudice (2005), The Great Gatsby (2000), and the famous series of documentaries called ‘Biography’.

A&E on Spectrum

While it is true cable TV is not the only source of TV programming anymore, it is impossible to ignore the efforts of cable TV providers in recent years—endeavors that have resulted in giving modern garb to traditional cable TV. Renowned services like Spectrum TV have in fact transformed the experience of in-home entertainment by giving the user increased control over their TV watching regime. It was not long ago that we could not imagine how one day we will be able to carry our cable TV programming in a pocket-size device while on the go, or how we would be able to watch our favorites on our own timeline. 

A&E channel number on Spectrum will vary acrosss different locations. Therefore, it is essential that you verify the A&E channel number in your area by using the on-screen TV guide offered by Spectrum. The guide is rich with all the details you need for various channels included in your subscription. Plus, you can use the guide to manage personalized channel lists.

You can also find out the channel number of A&E by calling at 855-423-0918 or check Channel Lineup

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Here is What You Can Watch on A&E on Spectrum

With affordable Spectrum TV plans and packages, and the great value they bring, there is more than enough to make potential cord-cutters rethink about getting rid of cable TV for good. Charter Spectrum TV gets you popular show and movie favorites under one roof—with convenience and flexibility—retaining the traditional charm of cable TV service and adding a modern touch to the experience.

As we remarked earlier, A&E programming is universal. There is something to suit everyone’s taste in entertainment. From crime shows to drama and reality shows to documentaries, you will find original and syndicated content in plenty. Here, take a look at the top 5 shows you can tune into and enjoy your Spectrum TV experience to the max!

Born This Way

Who does not love a bit of honesty and fun when it comes to reality TV? This reality TV series focuses on the personalities and abilities of 7 young adults with Down syndrome. Watch a feel-good and truthful depiction of how far they go in pursuing genuine passions despite the challenges life throws at them. And, how their amazing strength helps them defy the expectations of society. Parents also get to share their side of the story—as they speak of the difficulties and the joys on the journey to help these young adults live as independently as possible.

The First 48

If you are a fan of crime stories, this one is for you. An exciting documentary TV series is full of thrilling mystery. The critically acclaimed, as well as controversial, series takes you behind the scenes of real-life murder cases—focusing on the first 48 hours of the investigation in particular. Most cases are resolved in 48 hours, but the series often follows the investigation to the end even when it takes longer. With 21 seasons under its belt, you are in for a treat with The First 48! The nail-biting show has enough thrill to captivate you completely.

Ghost Hunters

Love watching horror movies starring spirits and ghosts? Are you looking for horror drama exciting enough to binge-watch over the weekend? Ghost Hunters is paranormal and documentary reality TV series—the first 10 episodes were filmed as docu-series, but later ones shifted to a more documentary focus. The series depicts a team of Ghost Hunters visiting locations that are believed to be haunted—within the U.S. as well as in Ireland, U.K., and Canada—in an attempt to uncover the truth behind paranormal activity. If you are into supernatural stories and love solving mysteries, you must give this show a shot!


This A&E docu-series originally premiered in 2005. The show follows one or two participants—either substance dependent or addicted—over a period of time until a planned intervention is made to take place. And, one of the family or friends acts as the interventionist. The show tackles real-life problems people face when addicted to drugs, alcohol, or other abusive substances. And, highlights the positivity introduced by the intervention—the participants are offered to undergo all-expenses-paid treatment for 90 days or else risk losing income, privileges, and loved ones. It is an insightful show which talks about facing the deepest human fears while overcoming strong addictions.

Duck Dynasty

This show introduces you to the life of the Robertson family from Louisiana. True to the bone, the reality TV series portrays the complex yet, entertaining personalities of family members in the most honest manner. Watch the Robertsons go about their lives as they run their family business “Duck Commanders”. If you are looking for a feel-good reality show to watch with your family, this is it!

The Final Words

We know how difficult it can be to find good content to watch on cable TV. But with the right service provider on your side, rest assured you will not have to scramble around the channel lineup. The Spectrum Channel Lineup gives you a myriad of networks to watch in addition to A&E. 

So, before you jump to cut the cord, we would say, skim through all the Spectrum deals, and remember the channel lineup from Charter Spectrum TV™ includes A&E. Get in touch with Spectrum Sales Support (for ESP users please dial Telefono de spectrum) at 1-844-481-5997 and get professional advice if you so wish.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Which Spectrum TV deals offer the A&E channel?

You will find the A&E channel on all 3 Spectrum package tiers. Spectrum Select, Silver, and Gold all offer the A&E channel. So any bundle with Spectrum TV or a standalone Spectrum TV plan can give you A&E to watch.

How do I get A&E on my Spectrum subscription?

Contact Spectrum Sales Support at 1-855-423-0918 and you will be assigned a Spectrum representative to cater to all your needs.

Where do I find the channel number of A&E on Spectrum in my city?

Take a look at the listing of cities and towns in this article. These are popular Spectrum markets around the U.S. We have included the channel number for A&E on Spectrum TV in these cities and towns. If you cannot find your city or town in this list, click here and search by Zipcode.

How can I subscribe to Spectrum bundles?

Call at 1-844-481-5997 to speak to a Spectrum expert. And, get all the information on which Spectrum bundles are available at your address. The Spectrum representative can guide you to a Spectrum TV, internet, and home phone bundle which fits your needs the best.