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BET – A Brief Overview of the Network  

Owned by the ViacomCBS Domestic Media Networks—a unit of ViacomCBS—BET (Black Entertainment Television) is a cable TV channel primarily for African-American viewers. The TV channel has been around since 1980, but as a USA Network timeshare channel at the time. Three years later, in 1983, BET was launched as an independent full-time channel.

The TV network is currently based in three major U.S. cities—Chicago, New York City, and Los Angeles— and has spread out beyond the borders of the United States. The BET broadcast area now includes the United Kingdom, Canada, France, South Africa, Sub-Saharan Africa, and South Korea. In the U.S., BET is estimated to reach 88 million households with a pay-tv subscription.

For a long time, the BET channel remained the sole player in the realm of Black TV, although statistics show African Americans watch 37% more TV than any other demographic. It was only in 2018 the Oprah Winfrey Network managed to surpass the total number of BET viewers. Owing to the recent awakening in the entertainment industry which has led to greater recognition of the excellence of African-American creativity and talent, competition for BET has increased significantly. But then again, what new networks for the African-American have started to explore now, BET has been engaged in for over 40 years—the reason why it remains the most widely recognized by its target audience.  

BET Channel on Spectrum Cable TV

Quite a few TV service providers in the U.S. carry BET given its long-established popularity among the African-American communities. And for this reason, Spectrum cable TV also includes the network in its channel lineup. However, other sister channels of BET may not be available in all of the Spectrum TV Plans, but you can always get a premium channel add-on for a more refined TV experience.

If you wish to check on other networks included in your Spectrum Cable TV package view the complete Spectrum channel lineup.

What Number is the BET Channel on Spectrum?

Now let us get to the real reason why you are here—finding the BET channel on Spectrum TV.

We understand for a new Spectrum subscriber finding the number of a favorite TV network can be an ordeal—in fact even if you have relocated, and transferred your Spectrum Cable TV service to your new home, you are likely to be lost. Because as it is, the number of cable TV networks varies with your geo-location.

For the tech-savvy, navigating the Spectrum TV on-screen guide can do the trick, but for the rest, it may be a while before you find your way. Of course, another go-to solution is to Google search the channel numbers—tedious as that may be. To make your search spree easier, however, click here and use your ZIP code to pull the details of the BET channel number in your area.

Fun Things to Watch on the BET Channel

BET original programming brought viewers a taste of every genre. You got to watch comedy, news programs, talk shows, and even music shows that revolved around hip-hop, rap, and R&B music. However, the current BET programming lineup has changed quite a bit.

The channel’s former music programming block is now aired on its sister channels while the BET channel itself broadcasts popular drama series like American Soul, The Oval, Tales as well as comedy shows such as Twenties and Boomerang. BET has an extensive lineup of acquired programming as well, which includes classic TV shows like The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air and The Parkers. Viewers also get to watch live specials such as the BET Awards, Soul Train Music Awards, and BET Hip Hop Awards.  

To Conclude

Now that you know what number to tune into for the BET channel on Spectrum TV, let us add a scrumptious cherry on the top: BET will be releasing a new comedy-drama The Archer Connection. And a 3-part original scripted miniseries Uptown. So keep an eye out for those!

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