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Spectrum is one of the largest internet and TV service providers in the U.S. with coverage that spans 41 states. Of all that is available from this provider, Spectrum TV service is quite popular for all the value and quality it offers. You not only get to enjoy a variety of channels with Spectrum TV plans but also get to choose and customize your TV plan as you like.

In this article, we discuss how and where you can find the channel BTN on Spectrum and how to completely enjoy it. So let us begin!

BTN Channel – All You Need to Know

The Big Ten Network, commonly known as BTN is one of the most popular sports networks in the U.S. Based in Chicago, IL, this channel is a joint venture between FOX and the Big Ten Corporation. It is exclusively dedicated to college-level sports especially those endorsed by the Big Ten Conference. This channel airs live events, recorded games, news, talk shows with in-depth game analysis, and other things.

The Big Ten Network is included with most major TV providers and has millions of subscribers nationwide. It is one of the first few channels dedicated to college sports, which makes its programming original and exciting.

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How to Watch Channel BTN on Spectrum

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BTN is considered a specialty TV network since its offerings are so exciting and different. If you have Spectrum TV and you want to enjoy this channel, there is something you need to know.

Spectrum offers a number of different TV plans that you can choose from depending on the needs of your home. Spectrum TV Select Signature is the starter plan, which offers over 150 channels with a good mix of all—so you can have the best TV-watching experience. Spectrum TV Plus, on the other hand, comes with 160+ channels, including some popular cable networks.

However, BTN does not come as part of the general Spectrum channel lineup. It is available separately with the Spectrum Sports View, which is just $7 per month and adds immense value to your plan. This is because it comes with several other premium sports networks, which are exactly what you need to spice up your home entertainment.

What Channel is BTN on Spectrum?

While BTN is available on Spectrum, the channel number of the network tends to vary between different locations. If you want to know what the BTN channel number on Spectrum is in your area, you can check out the Spectrum TV guide directly on your screen.

Alternatively, you can also use this Spectrum channel tool to search for the channel number using your address over the internet. You can also use this channel tool and guide to search for other Spectrum TV channels in your area if you can’t find a certain one.

City Channel Number
Austin, TX 382
Albertville, AL 324
Cedar Park, TX 382
Grand Junction, CO 138
Avon, IN 61
Allendale, MI 65
Great Falls, MT 138
Carson City, NV 400
Ridgefield Park, NJ 382
Staten Island, NY 382
Greenville, SC 307
Los Angeles, CA 382
Orlando, FL 809
Saint Louis, MO 81
Wapato, WA 400
Lincoln, NE 24
Alexandria, KY 531
Dayton, OH 57
Knoxville, TN 307
El Paso, TX 307
Athens, GA 324
Jacksonville, NC 382
Sheboygan, WI 33
Bristol, VA 307
Belleville, IL 81

Can’t Find BTN on Spectrum?

It might not be included in your plan

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Watch Exclusive Shows with BTN Channel on Spectrum

BTN is known for some of the best sports shows and leagues in the industry, making it a must-have network for sports freaks. It covers not only football but also basketball, volleyball, and a number of other college sports.

Here is a little look into what you can enjoy with the BTN channel on Spectrum.

  • B1G Football in 60
  • B1G Today
  • B1G Women's Basketball
  • B1G Men's Basketball
  • The Final Drive
  • The B1G Story
  • The B1G Show
  • B1G Volleyball in 60
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Choose Spectrum TV for Great Entertainment Features

Not only do you get a vast channel lineup when you choose Spectrum, but also quite a few features that take your entertainment to the next level. Let us take a look at some of the top perks that you get to enjoy when you choose Spectrum TV packages.

  • Enjoy live TV, thousands of on-demand titles, and more directly on your TV screen
  • Stream content from your favorite streaming apps with the Xumo Box that comes FREE for 6 months with all Spectrum TV plans
  • Customize your TV how you like it – choose different add-ons such as Entertainment View, Sports View, Latino View, and premium channels to make an unforgettable TV experience
  • Get entertainment on the go with the FREE Spectrum TV App and watch anytime, anywhere you can connect to the internet
  • Access to a DVR service with several hours of recordings available so you never miss a live show again!

At The End…

Spectrum TV packages are dedicated to bringing you entertainment exactly how you like it. Choose a TV plan, customize it as you will, and you are good to go. Plus, the add-ons are the perfect accessory to your TV plan, along with premium channels for a little extra flavor. Bundling with Spectrum Internet just makes your experience even better, and opens up streaming services to you that you can enjoy as well.

To learn more about Spectrum TV service, call 844-481-5997.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is BTN Channel on Spectrum?

Yes, the BTN channel is available with the Spectrum Sports View add-on. All you need is a subscription to Spectrum TV service and you can choose to top up with this add-on to enjoy all the college sports you like.

Don’t have BTN in your Spectrum channel lineup? Call Spectrum phone number at 844-481-5997 to upgrade today!

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