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Let us Talk a Little about the WE TV Channel

We TV, an American pay-tv network launched in 1997, was known as Romance Classics until 2001. The channel is owned by AMC Networks and has a few popular sister channels too—AMC, BBC America, IFC, and Sundance TV.  

Focused on movies and TV miniseries, the network’s identity as Romance Classics originally circled around romantic drama and comedy. In 2001 Romance Classics was rebranded as WE—Women’s Entertainment—and a few years later christened as We TV.

Following the rebranding, the channel transitioned to an ad-supported general entertainment format. And, focused on showcasing content that would engage the female audience—for instance, the famous Australian TV series McLeod’s Daughters which aired until 2006. And, reality TV shows like Bridezillas, Secret Lives of Women, and Amazing Cakes—which reflected  We TV channel’s continued shift in programming.

But, the rebranding did not end there. In 2014, AMC Networks decided to revamp the channel’s identity and removed the tagline ‘Women’s Entertainment’ once and for all. Albeit, the core of WE tv programming remained the same. Meaning, the channel was still intended to serve as a network with a strong focus on television entertainment for women.

Today, We TV is distributed to over 85 million American households with a pay-tv subscription—and is carried by all major cable and satellite TV service providers in the US. If reality TV entertainment is something you crave, the We TV channel can be the right pick for you to add to your go-to-networks.

WE TV on Spectrum Cable TV

Now, if you are a new Spectrum subscriber, the good news is We TV is available on the Spectrum channel lineup. And to get it, you would not need to upgrade to the Spectrum Silver package or Gold. Because, We TV is included in all Spectrum Cable TV packages—meaning even the more basic Spectrum Select has it. So, whichever you may be signed up for, all that is left is to find the We TV channel number on your Spectrum TV service before you can tune into “entertaining reality” on your screen!

Channel Spectrum TV SELECT Spectrum TV SILVER Spectrum TV GOLD



If at all by any chance you are not yet subscribed to Spectrum TV, let us give you some useful information to help with your pending decision.

Spectrum categorizes its cable TV plans in three tiers. Spectrum TV Select covers all the TV essentials a household needs. You get access to 125 channels, free HD programming, and more. But it always works in one’s favor if you get to upgrade your in-home televisual entertainment options. And for that, Spectrum offers its two high-tier plans – Spectrum TV Silver and Spectrum TV Gold. The Spectrum Silver package includes 175 channels while the Gold comes with 200. And, both are garnished with premium networks like SHOWTIME®, HBO Max™, MLB, NFL, and more.

You can view the complete Spectrum channel lineup to learn more about which channels and add-ons does Spectrum offer.

What Number is the WE TV Channel on Spectrum?

Long story short, let us put an end to your dilemma—and help you find the WE TV channel number on Spectrum TV. We understand how lost a new subscriber is likely to feel until they get a hang of the Spectrum TV on-screen guide and become comfortable with navigating their way around things. And also how perplexing it can be for the less tech-savvy if they have to reorganize their network favorites all over again when they relocate.  

Here is the list we have compiled outlining the We TV channel numbers in cities and towns where Spectrum TV is the most popular. Cannot find your city listed? Just head here, input your ZIP code and pull the We TV channel number in your region.

City/State WE TV Channel Number
Albertville, AL 163/739
Austin, TX 28
Athens, GA 125/744
Avon, IN 63
Alexandria, KY 82
Auburn, ME 86
Allendale, MI 119/766
Albany, MN 97/739
Belleville, IL 87/739
Baton Rouge, LA 163/739
Bakersfield, CA 41
Baker City, OR 118/739
Bristol, VA 163/739
Crisfield, MD 44/739
Charlotte, NC 61
Cincinnati, OH 69
Cleveland, OH 214
Concord, VT 134/744
Cheyenne, WY 83/583
Dallas, TX 172
Grand Junction, CO 83/583
Greenville, SC 74/739
Great Falls, MT 83/583
Hayden, ID 63
Harvard, MA 134/750
Knoxville, TN 163/739
Kansas City, KS 21
Lincoln, NH 87
Lincoln, NE 55
Los Angeles, CA 92
New York, NY 39
Orlando, FL 37/1272
Picayune, MS 163/739
Ridgefield Park, NJ 55
Reno, NV 88/711
Rochester, NY 72
Saint Louis, MO 87/739
San Antonio, TX 56
Sheboygan, WI 156/724
Tampa, FL 69/1272
Wapato, WA 118/739
Waterford, PA 214
Winsted, CT 19/750
Yuma, AZ 92


What to Watch on WE TV?

We TV channel’s current programming lineup features unscripted TV shows like Growing Up Hip Hop, Love After Lockup, Extreme Love, as well as acquired unscripted reality TV shows like The Real Blac Chyna and Beyond the Pole.

In spite of having turned into more of a general entertainment and lifestyle network, which intends to broadcast content focused on shared experiences, We TV remains true to its commitment to entertaining women. And like so, its programming is geared towards shows, reality TV, and movies that feature women or cover their televisual interests.

Tune into the glamorous lives of reality TV stars or catch influential celebrities in behind-the-scenes moments. Watch diverse shows revolving around strong-willed women or have some light-hearted time with the glamour and gloss of reality TV programs. Get all that and more with We TV—take your pick from scripted reality shows, mini-series, and originals. The We TV channel has everything women would want to binge-watch on a sluggish weekend. 

Featured Shows on WE tv
Love After Lockup
The Real Blac Chyna
Growing Up Hip Hop: Atlanta
Mama June: From Not to Hot
Marriage Boot Camp: Reality Stars
Life Goes On
Braxton Family Values
Extreme Love
The TS Madison Experience



That amounts to everything you would need to know about the We TV channel on Spectrum Cable TV before you start exploring its programming more—trust us you would not want to miss out on Joselin’s Cabaret: Miami which is due to premiere on the We TV channel this year.  

Again, if you have not landed yourself a Spectrum TV subscription yet, we would suggest you browse through available plans and packages or contact Spectrum Customer Service at 1-855-423-0918 for pro advice. As for the Spanish-speaking, you can contact Spectrum Español customer support team at Telefono de Spectrum i.e. 1-844-487-2710.


  1. How can I contact Spectrum Customer Service?

The Spectrum Customer Service phone number is 1-855-423-0918. Spectrum’s Spanish-speaking subscribers can dial 1-844-487-2710 to contact Servicio al Cliente de Spectrum.

  1. What channel number is We TV on Spectrum Dallas?

The number for the We TV channel on Spectrum Dallas, TX is 172.

  1. What channel number is We TV on Spectrum Los Angeles?

The number for the We TV channel on Spectrum Los Angeles, CA is 92.

  1. What channel number is We TV on Spectrum New York City?

The number for We TV channel on Spectrum New York, NY is 39.