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A Spectrum TV subscription is a TV buff’s match-made-in-heaven! The content-rich cable TV service by Spectrum lets you access a plethora of captivating channels that are enough to keep your entire family entertained in the comfort of your home. With a channel lineup as wholesome as Spectrum TV—every old and young member of the family gets a fair share of juicy TV entertainment that keeps them glued to the TV screen even after hours of binge-watching. Whether you love TV content that revolves around entertainment, sports, education, news, music, and even art—you name it and there’s nothing that the contemporary charm of Spectrum TV doesn’t offer to blow your mind away!

For instance, take the example of PBS on Spectrum TV—a fun-packed TV network that expands your digital entertainment horizon by letting you explore the world of art, music, education, news ,and popular TV entertainment right from the couch in your lounge.

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PBS on Spectrum TV

PBS, the Public Broadcasting Service, is an American TV program distributor and public broadcaster. Being a non-profit organization and a leading provider of education-enriched TV programming since 1969, PBS is the master distributor behind popular programs such as Barney and Friends, Sesame Street, Downtown Abbey, Nova, The PBS NewsHour, America’s Test Kitchen, Teletubbies, American Experience and many more.

A 2016-2017 research by Nielsen Media revealed a whopping 80% of all TV watching households across the U.S. tune into the epic programs from PBS over the course of a year. However, not all programs that are aired on PBS are produced by the network. A big chunk of PBS programming comes from its member stations such as WGBH-TV, Twin Cities PBS, American Public Television, WNET, WHYY-TV , and many others.

While other leading commercial broadcast TV networks in the U.S. such as ABC, NBC, or CBS partner with affiliate stations that carry their programming, PBS only serves as a program distributor that provides TV content and various services to its member stations. PBS has 350 member stations and each one is responsible for different sets of locally produced content such as hot news, diverse cultural programs, latest public affairs and interviews, for the individual market.

The PBS Network brings you a wide array of programming encompassing a myriad of genres. Whether it’s fine arts, history, drama, science, independent films, home improvement, interviews, documentaries, music, public affairs, or even children programs—PBS has a lot in store for you! But that’s not all! If you love watching British TV costume dramas, sci-fi and comedies, you’ll be thrilled to know that PBS rebroadcasts it all for you to treat your eyes! Whether it’s Red Dwarf, Father Ted, Doctor Who or Mr. Bean—just tune in to PBS and you’ll surely find something to suit your mood that evening.

Famous PBS Networks

Apart from PBS, the parent channel, here are some other engaging channels offered by the PBS network to keep you and your family entertained to the brim 24/7!

PBS Kids

PBS Kids is a brand owned by PBS that airs fun-filled children programming. Your little TV buffs can tune into PBS Kids on Spectrum TV and enjoy watching shows such as Splash and Bubbles, Arthur, Cyberchase, Peg Cat, Super Why, and many more. Undoubtedly, the programming on PBS Kids is just as good as Nickelodeon on Spectrum TV.

Satellite Service by PBS

The PBS Satellite Service is a 24/7/365 power-packed source of TV feeds that bring you an array of entertaining programs hand-picked from the parent PBS service.

What Channel is PBS on Spectrum?

When it comes to channel lineup, Spectrum TV subscribers get literally bombarded with epic choices. With an exciting plethora of over 160 action-packed channels, high-On-Demand programming, binge-worthy premium content, HD picture quality and whatnot, Spectrum TV is always there to satisfy your TV-pangs!

Even though exploring the world of boundless digital TV entertainment sounds fascinating, choosing what to watch between hundreds of attention-grabbing channels can overwhelm us and cause us to not choose at all. Shuffling between innumerable channels to find PBS can get pretty annoying and time-consuming when you don’t know which numbers exactly must be hit on the TV remote to find it.

PBS Channel Numbers on Spectrum

Even though the availability of PBS channels varies based on your Spectrum TV package and the city/state that you live in—you can call 855-423-0918 or visit Channel Lineup to find the exact number you need to jump onto in order to find PBS on Spectrum TV at some locations around the U.S.


Top Trending Shows on PBS

  • Nature
  • All Creatures Great and Small
  • Finding Your Roots
  • MotorWeek
  • Magpie Murders

In a Nutshell

Doesn’t PBS seem interesting? Apart from being available on Spectrum Cable TV, PBS can also be subscribed to via the Spectrum Streaming Service. This way all streamers get to enjoy the delightful programming broadcasted by PBS whether or not they are cord-cutters!

In case you are unable to find PBS on your Spectrum TV, contact Spectrum customer support.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is PBS channel is available on Spectrum Lineup?

Yes, it is available in the Spectrum Channel Lineup. If you want to add this channel in your subscription please call now at 855-423-0918.