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FOX Network is a household name. It’s been around for decades, entertaining us and keeping us updated with all the latest news and gossip. No lineup can ever be complete without the Fox network and its many channels—they make TV staples for a good part of America.

Over three decades, Fox has brought us some great content from a variety of genres—making sure we remain entertained to the fullest. It has graced our television sets with blockbuster movies, and some of the best TV series of all time. The channels, which the Fox Broadcast Network has dedicated to sports, offers in-depth coverage of popular sporting events. With entertainment and sports covered, how could the network not be involved in the dissemination of news? The network has mastered the trio, ensuring you can get all your TV nutrients efficiently under one roof. So, what does FOX have in store for you?

Why FOX is the Go-To Entertainment Center

The way any channel sets itself apart is by its original releases—and the Fox network has a ton of great original content to show off.

Not much unlike 20th Century Fox Film Corporation—which is now a subsidiary of The Walt Disney Company—and is known to have produced some amazing movies like Daredevil, Fantastic Four, Fat Albert, Fight Club, Die Hard, and more. Not to forget Deadpool and Logan that stole our hearts and all-time classics like The Sound of Music. And, Fox has also proven its merit with animated movies—for instance, the much loved Ice Age and Isle of Dogs, which reeled in children and adults alike.

The extensive list of original TV series from Fox is as impressive as the then-20th Century Fox Film Corp. From animated, Live-action and drama, to comedy, non-scripted reality TV, and kids programming—there is hardly a genre that Fox has not ventured into without huge success. The Simpsons, The X-Files, Beverley Hills 90210, American Idol, The Tracey Ullman Show, Ally McBeal, so on and so forth—the Fox TV listing is both extensive and impressive.

Fox News makes the go-to-news network for conservative-leaning audiences as it brings the world to your TV screens. While the Fox Sports channels keep you updated and entertained with all the happenings in the field of sports. And Fox Business covers the business and financial sectors, bringing you what you need to know about the economy.

FOX Channels Offered on Spectrum TV Plans

With all that is on offer, it’s no shocker then that Fox is popular among the masses. And, if you think your cable provider doesn’t care about your preferences, you couldn’t be more wrong.

Spectrum TV strives to ensure its customers receive top-notch service. This is why the Spectrum channel lineup includes a variety of channels from the Fox network. No matter which package you opt for—Spectrum TV Select Signature, Spectrum TV Select Plus, and Spectrum Mi Plan Latino—the “Fox staple” is included.  

What Channel is FOX on Spectrum?

As you can see, some Fox channels are available on all Spectrum TV plans, while some are not. And, numbers on the Spectrum TV channel lineup also tend to vary from one region to another. Making it quite confusing to figure it all out. While the on-screen Spectrum TV guide offers immense help, it can take a while to get a hang of things. 

To watch FOX on Spectrum, you need to first verify its channel number in your area. 

To find FOX channel number on Spectrum, you will need to use the on-screen TV guide or your Spectrum account to find a complete list of channels included in your subscription. 

FOX Sports on Spectrum

For all sports junkies who just can’t miss the next game and take a keen interest in all things sports, subscribing to FOX sports is a no-brainer. Luckily, with Spectrum, you get Fox Sports 1 in its basic TV plan, called Spectrum TV Select. Neat, right? Whether its NFL that you love or Soccer that you can’t live without or MLB, Boxing, NBA, NHL, or Golf for that matter, Fox Sports is the ultimate stop and Spectrum has you covered!

If you need additional details on which league is hitting the field next, and at what time the game will be aired, we’d suggest you visit the channel’s website. Not only that, you can easily get updates about UFC and any other sports via the Fox website. And, once there, you can also choose to stream the telecast on your smart device, using your Spectrum TV credentials. Just make sure you have a high-speed broadband connection like Spectrum Internet, which allows smooth streaming.

FOX News on Spectrum

Waking up to Fox & Friends on Spectrum TV is a great way to start your day. The easy banter helps you catch up with the latest news as you get ready for work. Fortunate for Spectrum subscribers, if you’re a fan of the show, like a great number of fellow Americans, getting access to Fox News is only one channel-number-away!

Offering a great balance of local, national, and international news, it keeps you abreast of all the latest updates. It’s not just news updates and weather forecasts that the channel offers, but a variety of talk shows on politics, economy, and more—so you get an in-depth analysis of what is happening and what the future holds.  

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Concluding Words

There you go. We hope you find the guide helpful as far as getting to the Fox channel numbers on Spectrum TV. Fox TV, Fox News, and Fox Sports 1 are available in the TV Select lineup, and you do not need to sign up for an add-on to watch.

But if you are a sports enthusiast, and would like to include other Fox channels such as FS2, Fox Soccer Plus, or Fox College Sports, you can subscribe to an add-on mini channel pack and customize your existing Spectrum TV package. For more information, call Spectrum at 1-855-423-0918.

Frequently Asked Questions

What channel is Fox Spectrum NYC?

For all New Yorkers here’s where you’ll find Fox in NYC: Fox TV—5, Fox Sports 1 & 2—400 & 401, and Fox News channel—44.  

What is the channel line-up offered by Spectrum?

Spectrum offers a variety of channels guaranteed to keep you entertained and informed. To find out about the line-up click here.