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Most people use news channels as a means of staying up to date with the world. In today’s era news is important, and a news channel not working on TV can be very annoying. People who read the daily paper and watch the daily headlines can get pretty upset when such an issue occurs. These viewers have a daily habit of staying up to date, and when that habit gets disturbed, it can be super infuriating and can make them feel disconnected from the world. We all know people who are avid news-watchers, and we understand the importance of the daily headlines.

Why is Fox News A People’s Favorite?

When it comes to news networks, Fox News Channel is one of the most-watched news channels on TV all around the US. The channel is most loved because many believe that it gives out authentic and important news. Especially today with the social and political situation all over the world, news keeps you updated with the current affairs of the states and the rest of the world.

With Netflix, Amazon Prime, Spotify, and other streaming services grabbing more and more market share from traditional TV, one thing that households still get cable TV for, is news. It is also people’s favorite because it helps them stay up to date with authentic current affairs nationally and internationally.

Why is Fox News Not Working on Spectrum TV?

With millions of Americans tuning in to Fox news daily, it can be super off-putting and annoying to see that the channel does not work. There are several reasons why Fox on Spectrum might not be working. It could be an issue with your connectivity, signals, a service outage from the channel’s side, or anything else. Well, if you also have a habit of staying up to date with daily news and your Fox Channel stopped working, not to worry because the issues could be simple and easily solvable. You can fix the problem and bring back your Fox news channel in these simple ways discussed below.

  • Check the Power Cords

One of the reasons for your Fox Channel or any other channel on your TV not working properly is that your power cords might not be plugged in properly. This step might sound stupid but it is not. When the power cords are not plugged in correctly, the strangest issues can surface and while you will be doing everything to fix it, you will not notice that it is actually because the power cords are not connected properly.

If you have connectors to plug it in, make sure that your connectors are in working order or your power cords will not function properly. Also, make sure that it is plugged in the right power strip. This is important because one of the major reasons and the most unusual reasons due to which mostly you don’t see your favorite channels working is that your power cords are not correctly plugged in.  

  • Reboot The Cable Box

If the simple step mentioned above does not work for you, do not worry as there could be plenty of other solutions to fix the problem for you. If it is not your power cords, another thing that could cause this issue is your hardware equipment. When the Fox channel on Spectrum TV is not working, there might be an issue with the Cable box.

Well, not to worry because it is not at all difficult and your lost channel from the Spectrum channel lineup can easily come back. To bring back your lost Fox channel all you need to do is reboot your cable box. It is very simple to reboot your cable box and you can do it yourself by following the simple steps mentioned below.

  • The simplest way to do it is to hit the reset button on the box, and your cable box will reboot itself.
  • Another way to do it is also super simple, all you need to do is turn the cable box off and keep it off for one good minute or a little while longer. This is because we often never turn these devices off which causes overheating and they start lagging. So, simply giving it a break of a few minutes could fix your problem. Well, when you do give it a rest, after switching your device back on, it should be working fine.
  • While the other two steps should have worked, if they did not, simply take the power cable out of the box and leave it unplugged for half a minute or more. Plug the power cable back in after a minute and your cable box should be working.
  • Talk to the Customer Service

Well, there are several other things that can be done if you can not see your desired channel on your Spectrum channel lineup. So, if the Fox news channel is still not working and you don’t feel like following these steps, call your provider and get the professionals involved.

By calling support, even the slightest problems can be fixed so it is never a bad idea. If you have followed a few steps and they did not work, simply just try to explain the attempts to your customer service representative. They will try to narrow down the issue and solve it for you as soon as they can. When such issues arise, it’s always best to call the Spectrum team because a professional team is there to solve all your problem regarding the service.

  • Make Sure There Is No Interference of High Power Devices Near Your Cable Box

If you do not want to call yet and will call them when nothing works then we have a few other steps for you. Well, oftentimes we don’t realize how some interferences from our side might be dropping the signals. This sounds complicated but this step is essential and people don’t realize that this is the reason mostly when a channel from their Spectrum Channel lists is not working.

In such a case, to renew Fox on Spectrum check if the signals to your device are being interrupted by other devices. This problem occurs when you have other such devices in the room, specifically computers, and other high output electronic devices. To make sure that any channel, specifically Fox on Spectrum runs smoothly, remove all other high output electronic devices from near your cable box and your problem will be solved.

  • See If the Channel Is Frozen

Often we mess up our devices and Spectrum Channel lists on our own by experimenting with our remote control. To get rid of this issue, check if you enabled the freeze option on your TV. To check or disable the freeze option, all you need to do is toggle the freeze button on your TV remote a few times and your Fox Channel will be back. This step sounds unlikely but it happens a lot that while experimenting with the remote, people tend to enable the freeze option. So, the drill here is to disable that option.


We understand how frustrating it must be to see your favorite channels stop working. These are a few simple and quick fixes that you can do and check if your channel is working again. If not, the most foolproof and easy way is to contact Spectrum


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What channel number is Fox News on Spectrum?

The channel numbers in each state are different and depend on the region you belong to. To learn more about a channel in your area, you can easily check your channel number by visiting Spectrum’s website and entering your location and address to pull up the channel lineup in your area.

What is the most common error when Fox Channel is not working on Spectrum?

Whenever you face the issue that Fox channel is not working, mostly it is because there is a problem with the cable box, or there is a bug from the network’s end. It is best to follow simple steps to fix it.

What are the top shows on Fox News Channel?

America Live with Megyn Kelly, The Five, and Hannity are the top shows on Fox News Channel.

What is the first thing I should do when any channel on Spectrum stops working?

The first thing you should do is reboot the cable box, and if that does not work the best thing to do is call the provider.