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When it comes to sports, FOX Sports 1 (FS1) reigns supreme with its quality coverage of all things sports. It not only follows tournaments, but it also keeps you updated with all the gossip in the field - be it a change in the coaches’ or the players’ personal lives — you’re sure to hear it first on FS1. What’s more, the plethora of talk shows on FS1 that offer in-depth analysis of the playoffs, just take sports coverage to another level. There’s little reason for you to not love FS1, isn’t it? And, FS1 on Spectrum TV  gets even better.

That is indeed a testimony to a well-curated Spectrum channel lineup, one that tells you’ll be able to have a great televisual experience with Spectrum TV. The only thing you need to do is figure out what channel number is FS1 on Spectrum TV, and you’ll be all set.

What Channel is FS1 on Spectrum?

While it is not hard to find the FS1 channel number on Spectrum, it can get a little tricky with the channel numbers varying from one region to another. But, worry not. We are here to help you solve this dilemma and ensure you can watch FOX Sports 1 on Spectrum without facing the hassle of having to locate it.

To find your desired channel number on Spectrum, you can use the Spectrum channel guide and browse through the features. You can also sign in to your Spectrum account to find a list of channels included in your subscription and their channel numbers. 

Here is a list of some locations with the FS1 channel number on Spectrum in the respective area.

FS1 Channel Number on Spectrum
Location Channel Number

Albertville, AL


Los Angeles, CA


Grand Junction, CO


Avon, IN


Allendale, MI


Saint Louis, MO


Great Falls, MT


Lincoln, NE


Alexandria, KY


Dayton, OH


Knoxville, TN


El Paso, TX


Orlando, FL


Carson City, NV


Wapato, WA


Athens, GA


Jacksonville, NC


Greenville, SC


Bristol, VA


Staten Island, NY


Ridgefield Park, NJ


Sheboygan, WI


Belleville, IL


Kalispell, MT


Cincinnati, OH


Fort Worth, TX


Choosing the Right Spectrum Package

For a sports fanatic, the FS1 channel on Spectrum is a one-stop shop for all the latest sports news. However, Spectrum channel lineup includes a range of sports networks that make up to be a great source of refreshing and engaging sports content. Spectrum TV packages are equipped with a variety of perks and features, some of which include:

  • Free Xumo streaming box for 6 months
  • Spectrum TV app for on-demand and live TV on the go
  • Spectrum on-screen TV guide ensures smooth and easy browsing of live TV content
  • No annual contracts required
  • Spectrum Live TV DVR so you never miss a beat from televisual entertainment
  • Range of bundling options with Spectrum Internet and Spectrum Voice

Spectrum TV plans mainly include the Spectrum TV Select Signature and the Spectrum TV Select Plus. And the good news for all sports fanatics is that both TV plans include FS1 in the channel lineup. Here is what each Spectrum TV package has to offer:

Spectrum TV Select Signature

  • Includes 150+ channels, including popular networks like ESPN, Discovery, CNN, and more
  • Perfect for sports fanatics
  • Thousands of on-demand titles

$64.99/mo. for 12 mos. Availability varies by location.

Spectrum TV Select Plus

  • Includes 160+ channels along with regional sports networks
  • Perfect for the complete entertainment and sports fixture
  • Thousands of on-demand titles available on the Spectrum TV app

$69.99/mo. for 12 mos. Availability varies by location.

Subscribe to Spectrum TV Plans Now and Watch FS1 Today!

So, think about what you need, and once you are done contemplating your wants and options, give Spectrum customer service a call at 844-481-5997. They’ll set you up with the right package in no time. And, if you have any lingering questions, they’ll be more than happy to help you sort those out.

FS1 Shows That Make It All Worth It

Catching the much-awaited match may be on top of your to-do list, but that alone is not enough to ensure a great viewing experience. You want to hear the news and watch the experts analyze every throw, every catch, and every hit. This critical analysis is the key to understanding the stakes in a game.

The underdog might take the trophy if it’s working hard enough and at the same time, the star of the game might lose the game due to personal issues. Any sports fan would want to know all that as they watch the game on the field. FS1, with its crazy lineup of shows, ensures you are not left wanting. Here are the popular top picks:

First Things First

The morning shows that it is sports-centric. First Things First is a daily talk show that discusses the day’s top stories and debates the issues making headlines. It gives you perspective in a show format — one that we’ve come to love. Hosted by Nick Wright, a renowned sports personality, and co-hosted by Chris Broussard and Kevin Wildes, you know it’s worth a watch. Even if you’re not an avid sports watcher, you’re sure to have heard about it. This is where sports fanatics get their daily dose from.

The Herd with Colin Cowherd

FS1 offers a variety of show formats, each one just as enjoyable. Morning shows are great, gossip ones even more so, and radio shows can be the absolute best when hosted by Colin Cowherd. The witty way he tackles all things related to sports is music to the ears. Each time you tune in, you know you’ll leave completely entertained.

On this show, you’ll get to hear the big names in the industry share their stories and views which makes it an even more enjoyable experience.


The daily two-and-a-half-hour program gets you into a lively debate with Skip Bayless, Richard Sherman, Michael Irvin and Keyshawn Johnson. Their incisive wit and direct opinion on popular sports topics will surely get you hooked.

Big Noon Kickoff

Are you a college football fan? Then, don’t miss out on the pre-game show that will serve you quite a bit of insight into the upcoming big game.

Bear Bets: A FOX Sports Gambling Show

Chris "The Bear" Fallica, a betting expert, and Geoff Schwartz, a former NFL offensive lineman, place real bets in this unique sports gambling show. But that’s not it, the hosts offer entertaining and in-depth insights in the NFL and college football betting scene.

Streaming FS1

Staying stuck in front of a TV, on the same couch, in the same room is no fun. You might want to watch your favorite shows in your bed just before you sleep or watch it alone really without any distractions. And when you do want time alone, Spectrum has got your back.

Using your Spectrum credentials, you can stream the channels you have subscribed to right on your hand-held device(s) via the FOX Sports Go app, which you can access at no additional cost with your Spectrum subscription. With the app, you never have to worry about missing any show from the FOX schedule.

All you need is a high-speed internet connection. In case, you’re already subscribed to Spectrum cable TV, you might as well bundle it with Spectrum Internet. You’ll save good money and have a connection you can rely on.

Let’s not forget the FREE Spectrum TV app that comes as part of the Spectrum TV plans and packages. The app is your gateway to live TV and on-demand streaming on your mobile devices, smart TVs, and many more.

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How Extensively Does the FOX Network Cover Sports?

FOX offers several sports-related channels on its network. And not without good reason. Given how important a part sports plays in the American way of life, having only one channel just doesn’t cut it.

The FOX network also offers FOX College Sports Atlantic, FOX College Sports Central, and FOX College Sports Pacific, which are great for college sports fans. The same is the case with the much-loved FOX Soccer Plus. It also includes FOX Sports 2 or FS2 in the lineup. The FOX Deportes channel is specially dedicated to broadcasting Spanish-language sports content. You will find a range of FOX networks in the Spectrum channel lineup!

To Finish With

FOX Sports 1 is one of the best sports channels you could tune into. As you finally get a hold of the answer to “what channel is FS1 on Spectrum", gear up to relish a myriad of sports events and the news and debate associated with each — all on one platform.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What Is FS1 on Spectrum?

FS1 is short for FOX Sports 1, a sports programming cable TV channel owned by the FOX Corporation. The channel airs several sports events and shows and is part of the Spectrum TV Select Signature and TV Select Plus channel lineup.

How much is Spectrum TV?

Spectrum TV plans start from $64.99/mo. for 12 mos., including 150+ channels, a free streaming app, no annual contracts, and a 30-day money-back guarantee.

Is the Spectrum TV App Free?

The Spectrum TV app comes free of cost with all Spectrum TV plans and packages. The app houses thousands of on-demand titles and lets you stream Spectrum live TV on any screen.