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The entertainment experience offered by Xtream Powered by Xtream powered by Mediacom is intuitive, smart, and exciting all at the same time. With the entire setup running on TiVO, there is just so much to look forward to – including the program search guide, DVR, voice remote, and top video quality. Serving over 22 states in the country, Xtream powered by MediacomTV has evolved to be dynamic and enticing, offering a variety of TV channels and more to forever keep things interesting. With plenty of premium programming to discover and an array of different add-on options, you can be certain that quality entertainment will always be at your fingertips with Xtream powered by Mediacom.

In this article, we discuss the FOX channel on Xtream powered by Mediacom, the numbers of the channel in different markets, and all of the things that you can enjoy on this channel! So let us begin.

All You Need To Know About FOX Channel

Fox, much better known by its official brand name, FOX is a commercial American broadcast television network. It is owned by the Fox Corporation with its headquarters based in New York City; however, most of the operations are run through some of the offices and studios at the Fox Network Center in Los Angeles or the Fox Media Center in Tempe.

FOX was primarily launched as a competitor to the Big Three over-the-air television networks (ABC, CBS, and NBC) on October 9, 1986. As luck would have it, FOX quickly became just as popular as its competitors were, offering unique dramas, movies, and entertainment-packed original TV shows.

The FOX channels offer a variety of entertainment options from sports, live updates in your city, news, and all sorts of TV shows. Enjoy a selection of TV shows, reality TV, animated shows, and so much more. The Xtream powered by Mediacom channel lineup ensures that you always have something fun to unwind with no matter where you are.

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Xtream Powered by Xtream powered by Mediacom – TV Plans for Limitless Entertainment

FOX is one of the over-the-air broadcasting channels like ABC, CBS, and NBC. Hence, it is included with all the three service tiers that come with Xtream powered by Mediacom TV, or Xtream TV. The Xtream powered by Mediacom cable TV packages ensure that everyone finds something to entertain their family with – with varying channel lineups and plan prices. There is a great unique variety in each channel lineup and if you do feel like adding a little extra spice to your plan, you can always choose to get an add-on with the service. One of the top favorites Xtream powered by Mediacom TV plan appears to be a bundle pack that gets you high-speed internet and Variety TV with 170+ channels for only $94.99 per month.

Here is a list of the some of best TV channels that come included with the Xtream powered by Mediacom channel lineup for each of its service tiers.

Xtream powered by Mediacom TV Plan No. of Channels Popular Channels
Local TV 50+ ABC, CBS, CW, FOX, HSN, MeTV, Music Choice™ Channels, NBC, PBS, QVC, etc
Essential TV 150+ ABC, Cartoon Network, CNN, Disney Jr., E!, FOX News, Food Network, FXX, National Geographic, Nickelodeon, TBS, truTV, etc.
Variety TV 170+ ABC, BBC America, Big Ten Network, Comedy Central, ESPN, Hallmark Channel, HGTV, FOX, FOX News, Lifetime Movies, MTV, MSNBC, Paramount Network, Telemundo, Univision, VH1, etc.

What Channel is FOX on Xtream powered by Mediacom?

When it comes to answering lineup queries such as “What Channel is FOX on Xtream powered by Mediacom?”, etc. it is important to know that FOX comes with all three service tiers so you can enjoy it regardless of the TV plan you get. The over-the-air broadcasting that FOX brings sets you up with a variety of programs that you can enjoy, right on TV, from the online website portal, or the FOX App with your provider log-in details.

The channel numbers for FOX on Xtream powered by Mediacom vary quite a bit between different locations, but we have made a quick list to help make it easier for you. If your city is not mentioned on the list, you can simply check out the channel number in your area here, by entering your zip code into the search box.

City/State FOX Channel#
Albany, GA 31/804
Angola, IN 6/706
Ankeny, IA 6/817
Americus, GA 4/804
Ames, IA 6/817
Burlington, KS 3/703
Bethany Beach, DE 5/856
Bloomington, IL 5/856
Columbia, MO 11/711
Cedar Rapids, IA 8/828
Columbus, GA 7/807
Carbondale, IL 10/710
Charleston, IL 8/708
Dubuque, IA 4/704
Des Moines, IA 6/817
Davenport, IA 7/707
Huntsville, AL 5/805
Fort Dodge, IA 6/817
Gulf Shores, AL 10/810
Iowa City, IA 8/828
Joplin, MO 11/711
Linden, AL 6/806
Lakeport, CA 2/802
Lake City, MN 9/809
Marshalltown, IA 6/817
Milton, FL 10/810
Nogales, AZ 11/511
Ocean Pines, MD 5/805
Panama City, FL 10/810
Pensacola, FL 10/810
Gadsden, FL 9/809
Rosemary Beach, FL 10/810
Spirit Lake, IA 5/805
Springfield, MO 10/710
Valdosta, GA 10/810
Waterloo, IA 6/828

Enjoy Exclusive Content & Originals with FOX

FOX unfolds a world of limitless entertainment with something for people of all ages to enjoy. Whether it is adults, children, sports fans, news freaks, or anything else, there is a little bit for everyone. With so many genres and categories of fun shows to choose from, you can rest assured that your weekend plans with FOX are always top-notch.

Here is a quick look at some of the most popular categories and TV shows as part of FOX’s current programming schedule.

  • Famed dramas: 9-1-1, 9-1-1 Lone Star, Fantasy Island, The Cleaning Lady, Accused, etc.
  • Fun comedies: Call Me Kat, Animal Control, Welcome to Flatch
  • Thrilling reality shows: Hell’s Kitchen, Lego Masters, MasterChef, MasterChef Junior, Name that Tune, etc.
  • Best of animated shows: The Simpsons, Family Guy, Bob’s Burgers, HouseBroken
  • Latest on news: FOX News Sunday
  • Exciting sports: FOX College Football, MLB on FOX, NASCAR on FOX, NFL on FOX, FOX Soccer, WWE SmackDown

This is just a small selection of what FOX has to offer. With constant evolution in the media and entertainment industry, FOX is expected to offer even more enticing programs in the days to come. The best part is that you can watch whatever you want right on your television screen or log in to the FOX App with your provider details and enjoy on the go!

Wrapping Up…

Xtream powered by Mediacom has taken the wheel on quality and top-notch entertainment with its TiVO system, complete with a cloud DVR, voice remote, and plenty of on-demand options if you find yourself bored. You get the freedom to build on any plan you want or choose one to fit your needs. FOX, which is a popular over-the-air broadcasting channel with a whole load of fun programming is included in all three service tiers of Xtream powered by Mediacom TV. Plus, you get even more value when you bundle Xtream Internet and Xtream TV together – an experience you won’t forget in a hurry!

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  1. Do I need a set-top or cable box for Xtream powered by Mediacom TV?

Yes, since it is a cable service, you would require a cable box/set-top box to enjoy Xtream powered by Mediacom TV. If you do not get one, you would not be able to enjoy all of the services that come with Xtream powered by Mediacom TV including the full channel lineup, cloud DVR, and more.

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  1. Are Xtream TV and Internet available in my area?

Xtream powered by Mediacomis accessible to millions of people in about 22 states and Iowa, Georgia, and Illinois are some of the areas with the greatest coverage.

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