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Despite the new set of challenges COVID-19 imposed on the nationwide sports scene, the NFL season slowly returned to swing into action. And, so did the Cleveland Browns. The Browns have faced a tough schedule since early September, and have four games lined up ahead of them until the beginning of the new year—against the Baltimore Ravens on December 14, the New York Giants on December 20, the New York Jets on December 27 and Pittsburgh Steelers on January 3, 2021.

Fans have been nothing but excited. They did not get to see the Browns in the field Live, but as most were confined to homes, they did catch up on the Browns in action on their TV screens—and got the opportunity to root for their team even if from behind the TV screen.  

For those of you out there, who are trying to catch up on the Browns game, and add to the flurry of excitement with Christmas approaching, we have compiled a listing of the TV networks broadcasting the Browns Game. If you are a Spectrum TV subscriber you can count yourself in good hands. Because the cable TV service from Charter Spectrum™ sure gets you every network that airs the Browns Game. The only thing is if you are new to the Spectrum Family or recently moved with your Spectrum cable TV service, you may face a roadblock. Channel numbers vary with location, and it can be a little tricky to find the ones airing the Browns Game on Spectrum.

So, keep reading and learn all about accessing the Browns Game on Spectrum TV!

The Browns Game on Spectrum TV

Spectrum cable TV is like a savior at times like these. Because it does not only give you one or two networks that air the Browns Game but the full spectrum.

Now, that is quite a relief as opposed to going on a Google search spree looking for streaming sites to watch the Browns Game Live when you can get it all under one roof. Spectrum TV offers networks like ESPN, FOX SPORTS 1, CBS, and NBC that broadcast the Cleveland Browns game Live – not just the game highlights. And, if you are subscribed to higher tiers or get an add-on sports package, you can watch the game on the NFL Network and NFL RedZone® as well.

Just in case, you have not landed yourself a Spectrum TV subscription yet, you can catch the Browns Live on fuboTV—the streaming service. But if cable TV is your go-to choice, as we said earlier, Spectrum TV packages offer a wide variety of sports networks that can connect you to the Cleveland Browns. You can view the Spectrum Channel Lineup to learn more about how each has been put together, and which one may be right for you.

Channel Numbers for the Browns Game on Spectrum TV

You know what time Cleveland Browns will be Live but a dilemma strikes you. You do not know which channel number to tune in to. You start to change the channel over the channel, but no luck. And we do not want you to miss out on important highlights, roster announcements, and everything that completes a Cleveland Browns game. So, let us get to the list of TV networks and their numbers, so you can tune in to the next Browns Game.  

To find out the channel number of Browns Game, call 1-855-423-0918 or check Channel Lineup

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Spectrum TV has become the affordable go-to cable provider for sports enthusiasts. That is because Spectrum leaves out no popular sports network from its channel repository. You can binge on Live games, highlights, and telecasts on ESPN. But, if you are a die-hard football fan and want to watch content exclusive to football, you can subscribe to the Spectrum Sports package add-on. The package includes NFL RedZone®, which gets you 7 hours of exclusive coverage of Live football every Sunday afternoon during the regular season.  

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  1. Can I watch the Browns Game online?

You can stream the Browns Game on fuboTV. You can sign up for a 7-day free trial of the service.

  1. Do I get Spectrum TV packages with Spectrum bundles?

You can bundle up Spectrum TV, internet, and home phone services. Click here to subscribe to the Spectrum Bundles of your choice.

  1. What is the Spectrum sales number?

Dial 1-844-423-0918 to contact Spectrum sales. For Spanish speakers, dial 1-844-487-2710 or click here.