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Americans are die-hard sports fans. No sport is more celebrated than National Football and no League is more eminent than the NFL. Sure, baseball is America’s favorite pastime, but when it comes to its favorite sport, football dominates. You’d be hard put to find a household that doesn’t have an NFL game blaring on its TV on a Sunday. And, it could be any game. Viewers are often only concerned about their teams, but with NFL, every game is interesting no matter which of the 32 teams are playing.

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So, What Is It That Has Got Us All Addicted?

Well, the great thing about NFL is that it offers you a bit of everything. Great athletes, showcasing their talents, running to score, makes for great entertainment. And, that too every week! What’s more? You’re in for a lot of drama with this, and the gossip just reels you in. There’s so much happening in the game both on and off-field that grabs your interest. The highlight of it all is the Super Bowl!

This finale is perhaps the biggest event in the country. Even if you have zero interest in the game, chances are you will tune in. This is when all the hype, built over weeks, hits the climax. A great game ensues and the winners for the season emerge. But, the game is only a part of the event.

You get to see a star-studded stage and celebrity performances that leave you awestruck. Nobody wants to miss that. Suffice to say then, NFL is a must-have the channel and if you’re subscribed to Spectrum, you know you’re covered! The only thing you may be having trouble with as a new Spectrum subscriber is finding the channel number. Worry not though, we’ve made a list of the NFL channel numbers on Spectrum to make it easier for you. Before we get there, though, let’s look at which Spectrum TV Plans offer the NFL Network.

Spectrum TV Plans That Offer NFL Network

NFL games are aired on multiple sports channels, but a channel dedicated to it is heaven for all fans. And, with all that it has to offer, NFL is undoubtedly a sought-after network. By giving its audience quality content over the years, it has built a name and so, these days getting access to NFL through a more basic plan is close to impossible.

So, if by any chance you are currently subscribed to the basic Spectrum TV Select Signature plan, but want to access the NFL Network, you can check out exciting Spectrum TV add-ons like the Entertainment View. And if you also wish to look into subscribing to the NFL RedZone, you can explore the Sports View add-on.

What Channel Number is NFL on Spectrum?

Once you have subscribed to a Spectrum cable TV plan that includes NFL Network in the lineup, the next logical step usually is to organize channel numbers for your favorite networks. This sounds simple, but it can become a time-consuming task. However, the on-screen Spectrum TV guide is pretty user-friendly and a good source of more of programming information. The guide will help you find channel numbers and also manage personalized lists for a complete entertainment experience. 

For further clarity regarding the Spectrum channel numbers in your area, call 855-423-0918.

Location Channel Number
Tampa, FL 95/1145
Columbia, SC 81
Charlotte, NC 310
Detroit, MI 90/360
Buffalo, NY 96/310
Lincoln, NE 99/310
Duluth, WI 14/802
Dallas, TX 310
Los Angeles, CA 310
Kansas City, MO 310

There you go! The Spectrum Channel Lineup is easy to figure out once you know where to look. Turn on the TV, sit back and relax. Sitting for hours on the same couch though can get dreary, so if you want to go mobile, just log in to your Spectrum TV app and watch the game on the go. All you have to do is download the app and sign in, as you would for your Spectrum account. Ta da! You’re in.

What Does NFL RedZone® Offer?

For the sports-crazy, one channel is never enough which is why NFL Network offers another for its fans: the NFL RedZone®. Chances are you must have already heard about it, but if you’re wondering what does it offer that has all the people going gaga, read on.

The channel takes you from game to game, showing you replays of the most exciting shots, the highlights of the whole week—you can watch your favorite athletes and teams in HD—while all you have to do is wait for Sunday and Scott Hanson, a brilliant host who takes you through the best of NFL across the country every week.

Watching all the touchdowns from each game, you’ll feel the adrenaline pumping through your veins. And, this is not all. NFL RedZone® also brings you an exciting roundup of the Fantasy Football stats. For a football fan, this network is no less than a Godsend. After all, the pure delight you’re sure to experience week after week, as you relish the NFL content, is what life is all about!

For more details, Visit Spectrum TV

What is the NFL Fantasy Hype All About?

NFL has gained more and more followers over the years due to the engaging content it offers. The games are just the tip of the iceberg. NFL focuses on connecting fans with their favorite teams and athletes, by updating them with all that happens. The packed stadiums and the format of the game, are all reflective of the efforts invested into engaging fans. And, it’s not just the sports fans who find themselves involved with it all. The Super Bowl and the halftime performances ensure everyone is entertained!

So, it only seems logical the NFL Network would encourage greater fan involvement. The NFL Fantasy League is an effort in that direction. You can start your own league or join an existing one within minutes. All you have to do is draft your team, set your lineup, and watch them win or lose. To add to the fun, take a jibe at your opponents to fluster them. It’s a fantasy game alright, but really to all who play. This feature makes NFL all the more interesting. The NFL Fantasy app can help you get started in minutes.

The End Note

That’s all you need to know about watching NFL on Spectrum TV. Now, if you don’t already have the network included in your TV plan, you’re missing out loads.

As we said earlier you can go about this in 2 ways—and if you are confused as to which one may be your best bet make sure you give Spectrum Customer Service a call at 855-423-0918 (for ESP users please dial numero de Spectrum) — they can advise you and also help place the order for your preferred option. They can also help you choose a Spectrum Internet plan to fit your needs—alongside expanding the scope of your TV entertainment.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is Spectrum football schedule?

You can easily find the schedule for the day on the NFL website.

How much is the NFL package on Spectrum?

Spectrum Service offers access to NFL Network as an add-on with Select Signature.

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