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Standing in a queue to get tickets for the next big Hollywood blockbuster has always had a charm of its own. But now movie buffs, who miss out on their favorite movies, can catch those on streaming platforms like Netflix and Hulu too. Streaming services have become the next go-to thing for Gen-Z in particular. “Is not cable TV a tad too conventional?” “Is not cord-cutting the new norm now?” These arguments are common and fuel the trend to stream content instead of accessing it via a pay-TV service.  

With that said, the ground reality is cable TV has not lost its traditional charm for millions even now—especially given the fact most cable TV providers have revamped their service features in recent years, bringing to the table a level of convenience and flexibility, otherwise associated with streaming services only.

For instance, Charter Spectrum™ has ensured to modernize its cable TV offerings while sustaining the package appeal of traditional pay-TV. Today, Spectrum Cable TV not only offers a massive lineup of over 200 TV channels but makes it possible for subscribers to access entertainment in many flexible, convenient, and affordable ways. With Spectrum Primetime On Demand, you can catch on TV favorites on your own timeline. The 80 network apps let you stream your watch list on whichever screen you may fancy. The DVR service helps you record and store programs that you would like to binge on at your leisure. Plus, Spectrum gives you the option to customize your entertainment regime with TV add-ons including premiums like HBO Max™, EPIX®, SHOWTIME®, STARZ®, TMC, and CINEMAX®. For the sports-obsessed, there is a variety of sports networks in the Spectrum Sports Package that gives access to everything from pro to college sports and minor to major league events.  

All in all, Spectrum TV packages are designed to ensure quality-level entertainment in all its colors—for the grown-ups and the young ones in the family, for a weekend stay-in with friends, and more! Minus all the bells and whistles that come with the service—even the Spectrum Channel Lineup on its own tells how the provider endeavors to add value to your subscription. That is why you do not only find networks that broadcast mainstream content, but ones that showcase original, artistic, and insightful content. And, one such network is Sundance TV—described by fans as “Ahead of the Curve, Intelligent, Original, Interesting and Engaging”. So, whether it is drama, comedy, docuseries, reality TV or talk shows that are your thing, you can catch entertaining and thought-provoking content with the Sundance channel on Spectrum. 

Sundance TV – One Look at the Channel

Owned by AMC Networks, Sundance TV (formerly known as Sundance Channel), is an American pay-TV channel that has earned a solid spot in the world of cable TV carriage since its launch in 1996. In 2015, Sundance TV was available to over 60 million American households with a TV subscription. Named after Robert Redford’s character in ‘Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid’, a 1969 movie which starred Paul Newman as the other half of the iconic pair, Sundance TV is an extension of Redford’s Sundance Institute. The channel however runs independently from the institute, as well as the famous Sundance Film Festival. In fact, since 2013 the channel has been fully ad-supported, and also underwent a brand makeover in 2014.

Albeit from renowned acquired shows to Sundance originals, you get a lot to watch on a single channel, you can enjoy a variety of genres on its sister channels too—i.e. BBC America, AMC, IFC, & We TV.

What is a Must-Watch on the Sundance Channel?

Sundance TV programming is extensive. Originally it focused on documentaries, indie feature films, and short films for the greater part of its content. But, more original productions, as well as acquired programming was inducted over time. You never encounter Sundance TV running out of documentaries, drama, comedy, or short films. Plus, the channel airs coverage of the Sundance Film Festival every year. So, all in all, the Sundance Channel has it all!

Here is a flavor of some of the forever favorites to enjoy on Sundance TV programming:

Sundance Originals Sundance Co-Productions Syndicated Programming
 This Close (Comedy-Drama, 2018)  Riviera (Drama, 2017)  Columbo (Crime Drama, 1968)
 The Red Road (Drama, 2014)  The Name of the Rose (Historical Period Drama, 2019)  The Returned (Supernatural Drama, 2012)
 State of Union (Comedy, 2019) Hap and Leonard (Crime Drama, Dark Comedy, 2016)  Top of the Lake (Drama, 2013)  Breaking Bad (Crime Drama, 2008)
 No One Saw a Thing (Docuseries, 2019)  Cleverman (Sci-Fi, Supernatural Drama, 2016)  Blue Planet 2 (Nature Documentary, 2017)
 The Preppy Murder: Death in Central Park (Docuseries, 2019)  The Split (Legal Drama, 2018)  Criminal Minds (Crime Drama, 2005)
 Close Up with the Hollywood Reporter (Reality, 2015)  The Cry (Mystery Drama, 2018)  M*A*S*H (Comedy-drama, 1972)
 Push Girls (Reality, 2012)  The Oslo Killing (Docuseries, 2019)  The Andy Griffith Show (Sitcom, 1960)
 The Writer’s Room(TV Talk Show, 2013)  Liar (Thriller, 2017)  
 Iconoclasts (TV Talk Show, 2005)    

It is never fun to limit yourself to a certain genre. So, if you are someone who enjoys watching everything from comedy series, crime shows, documentaries, reality shows, and miniseries, then Sundance TV is the ideal pick for your diverse taste in entertainment. Alongside the channel’s top-tier original programming, you get to feast on all-time popular TV shows like M*A*S*H, Columbo, The Andy Griffith Show, and more!

What Channel Number is Sundance on Spectrum TV?

Want to catch the more recent programming including shows and documentaries? We would recommend you think about subscribing to one of the Spectrum TV packages

The Spectrum TV Select Signature offers 150+ channels with essential sports and popular broadcast choices all included for an affordable $64.99/mo. A higher tier of service also exists with 160+ channels - the Spectrum Select Plus for $74.99/mo. and availability varies by location. This includes all of that on Spectrum TV Select and a little something more. Sundance TV is available with both service tiers of Spectrum cable TV. So, no matter which fits your household needs and pocket, you will not be without Sundance on Spectrum TV.

Post-subscription your next stop would be to find the number you can watch the Sundance channel on Spectrum. It can be a little tricky to do but it is part of the Spectrum channel lineup. You can check it via the Spectrum on-screen channel guide or through your Spectrum voice remote.

For more details, visit Spectrum TV


Final Words

If you stumbled upon this article while looking for a cable TV service to subscribe to, you are already in luck. Spectrum is the one-stop-shop for all your digital needs—from entertainment to connectivity. Spectrum not only carries the likes of the Sundance channel but gives everyone in the family something to engage with. And, if you consider going with Spectrum bundles to bring all your household needs under one roof, let us add, you can do so with real discounts. Contact Spectrum sales support at 1-855-423-0918 for professional advice if you so wish.


  1. Can I bundle Spectrum TV plans with Spectrum Internet and Home Phone?

Yes, you can. Visit Spectrum Bundles to view available bundle offers.

  1. How can I contact Spectrum customer support?

Contact Spectrum sales support at 1-855-423-0918 and a Spectrum representative will be glad to assist.