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People looking for quality entertainment demand IFC in their channel lineups when subscribing to a cable TV plan and with good cause. The Independent Film Channel, as it was formerly known, gives you a wholesome taste of artsy films—something that only a handful of other movie networks can claim. Sure, HBO® and Cinemax® show you blockbusters, but for true movie connoisseurs living life on just that is simply not good enough.  

IFC channel takes movies to a different level. A spin-off of Bravo, created by then-Rainbow Media and now-AMC Network, IFC started by airing artsy independent films in its early years following the launch in 1996—and came to serve a niche market. Around 2010 the network began to experiment with original programming. And, they also acquired shows from the cult horror and comedy genres, which added to their collection and attracted a wider audience. Their new slogan ‘Always on. Slightly Off’ actually sums up their philosophy and approach to entertainment.

Established in 2000 as IFC Entertainment, IFC has two distribution labels—IFC Films and IFC Midnight, that work to get you the best of independent and foreign films. IFC Entertainment is known for leading the distribution model following which the theatrical release of movies occurs on the same day as on cable video on demand. And, given this way the release reaches 50 million homes, we can safely say IFC Entertainment has changed the distribution game. IFC Films focuses more on independent films that are talent-driven yet quality. While IFC Midnight boasts content from a long list of genres—horror, sci-fi, comedy, thrillers, action, and more. And, as for the IFC channel, it primarily showcases a rather quaint mix of horror and comedy—original and acquired.

This is sure to have made you eager for IFC.

Which Plans Offer IFC Channel on Spectrum TV?

Now, if you’re a Spectrum cable user you should have no trouble at all. Spectrum TV is aware of the allure IFC carries and makes it a point to include it in the Spectrum channel list. Movies have the power to bring people together, uplift the mood, and cast a positive impression overall on their level of awareness and well-being. And, as such, nobody should be deprived of this magic.

IFC Channel on Spectrum Cable?

So, then the only thing left is how to figure out the channel number you need to tune into—to get going with binging on the cream of indie films from IFC. While the Spectrum TV on-screen guide is an effective tool to sort such matters out, for the less tech-savvy here we come with some handy information.

The Best from IFC

Whoever would have thought that a mix of comedy and horror shows featuring on a channel’s programming could ever pull in such a huge audience? Well, IFC took a risk and it has remarkably paid off. The network offers comedy that will have you rolling on the floor with laughter. And, grim horror shows that leave you scared, at the brink of screaming from fear. If you are looking for some good TV time, this is the place to be. The IFC channel literally offers two extremes of entertainment which make for a rather strange combo and is unique in its appeal. Excited? Here are some shows to start you off with:

Documentary Now! 

This mockumentary television series that premiered on IFC in 2015 was created by Seth Meyers, Bill Hader, Fred Armisen, and Rhy Thompson. The show is a parody of popular documentaries—while it keeps the style of the original as a constant, subjects introduced are fictional, albeit similar to the original documentaries covered.

Year of the Rabbit 

This British sitcom is a more recent creation by Andy Riley and Kevin Cecil. Launched in 2019, this show takes you back to the year 1887. A group of Victorian detectives must investigate a local murder as they make their way through crooked politicians, street gangs, and Bulgarian princes among others. Bet you did not expect that! Well, the IFC channel is full of surprises.

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And More!

Popular Comedy Shows


Must Watch Web Series

Miniseries Worth a Watch

·         Brockmire

·         Bullet in the Face

·         Comedy Bang! Bang!

·         Gigi Does It

·         Maron

·         Stan Against Evil

·         The Business

·         The Festival

·         The Increasingly Poor Decisions of Todd Margaret

·         Z Rock


·         Cutting Ties

·         Four Eyed Monsters

·         Funnel of Darkness

·         Getting Away with Murder

·         Like So Many Things

·         Lunchbox

·         Pushing Twilight

·         The Unclothed Man in the 35th Century A.D.


·         Monty Python: Almost the Truth (Lawyers Cut)

·         The Spoils of Babylon

·         The Kids in the Hall: Death Comes to Town

·         The Spoils Before Dying


IFC Reality Shows

Acquired Programming

Upcoming Shows to Watch for

·         Dinner for Five

·         Framed

·         Food Party

·         Rhett and Link: Commercial Kings

·         Split Screen

·         The Henry Rollins Show

·         Young, Broke & Beautiful


·         Arrested Development

·         Blue Planet II

·         Dynasties

·         Freaks and Geeks

·         Hell Girl

·         Parks and Recreation·         The Ben Stiller Show

·         The IT Crowd

·         That 70s Show

·         Two and a Half Men

·         Undeclared


·         Almost Asian

·         Annika Erotica

·         Art Thieves

·         Beth

·         The Middle Passage



Final Words

To be fair, each title that the IFC channel brings to your Spectrum cable TV screen is interesting and engaging. And, once you know what channel is IFC on Spectrum, you should not have any trouble tuning in. Happy watching!

For those of you who are not yet subscribed to Spectrum TV, but would like to explore the service, you can speak to a Spectrum professional 24/7 at Spectrum Sales Support. Dial 1-855-423-0918 and learn more about Spectrum TV!

Frequently Asked Questions

Does IFC have its own app?

Yes, IFC has its own app. You can download it from Google Play or the App Store. And sign in with your Spectrum cable TV credentials to start streaming your IFC channel favorites.

What channel is IFC on Spectrum NYC?

The channel number for IFC on Spectrum NYC is 81.

What channel is IFC on Spectrum Los Angeles?

If you located in LA, for the IFC channel try the numbers 627/1354 or 125/825.