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Digital entertainment platforms are aplenty. Video gamers have found their streaming hub called Twitch. There’s YouTube for content from independent content creators and streaming services are already thriving both nationwide and internationally. However, amid all these novel inclusions to the entertainment industry, we simply cannot toss aside cable TV.

Due to the efforts of cable providers like Charter Spectrum™, the regime of cable TV providers is still strong. Subscribers can choose to tune in to TV channels either on their TV sets or on their smartphones via Spectrum’s streaming service. So, if what you desire access to 200 channels and a plethora of other perks, Spectrum TV might as well be the cable provider of your choice.

Now on to the real deal. Surely you stumbled upon here looking for the channel number of WGN America on Spectrum. Keep reading and you will get your answer!

WGN America – About the TV Network

Owned by Nexstar Media Group, WGN America is an American subscription TV network. The network launched in 1978. However, fast-forwarding to 2018, WGN America is available to an approximate of 80 million American households with a pay television service subscription.

As for WGN America’s primary programming, the network broadcasts comedy shows, drama series, feature films, and an exclusive newscast show called NewsNation.

WGN America also has the following sister channels:

Sister Channels

  • WGN-TV
  • WGN (AM)
  • Antenna TV

What Channel Number is WGN America on Spectrum?

Would you let go of the opportunity of getting access to popular syndicated series like How I Met Your Mother, Last Man Standing, and M*A*S*H? We wouldn’t. When you tune in to WGN America you get to binge-watch nationwide famous syndicated shows, original series, and news programs at once. The network has a wide-ranging lineup of entertainment, news, as well as religious programming; you get the best of everything in a single network.


Spectrum TV packages are divided into the base TV Select (125 channels) plan and various add-ons divided into categories such as sports, entertainment, and more.

To top it off, you don’t have to get stuck in an endless loop of channel-skipping to find the WGN America channel on Spectrum. ViewSpectrum channel lineup instead or call 1-855-423-0918 for more details.

What to Watch on WGN America?

WGN America’s programming is an all-encompassing one. At one end, the network broadcasts reruns of popular American TV shows like Murder, How I Met Your Mother and Blue Bloods and on the other end, you have original programs like Carter and Dog’s Most Wanted. The most recent addition to WGN America is NewsNation, a three-hour-long newscast program. The newscast was added to the network on January 15, 2020.

Here’s the current programming lineup of WGN America:

WGN America Programming

Current Programming

  •  Blue Bloods
  •  Newsnation
  •  Person of Interest
  •  Know the Cause
  •  Joseph Prince
  •  Tomorrow’s World
  •  Through the Bible with Les Feldick
  •  Jag
  •  Joyce Meyer Enjoying Everyday Life
  •  Camp Meeting

Former Programming

  •  Almost Paradise
  •  Pure
  •  100 Code
  •  Manhattan
  •  Outsiders
  •  Gone
  •  Underground

To conclude

With Spectrum TV, you get a complete entertainment package. You get premium TV networks like HBO, Epix, and Cinemax. You get networks dedicated to sports like MLB Network, ESPN, and SEC Network and to satiate your daily dose of reality TV shenanigans, you have TLC, E! and FX,

If you cannot make up your mind on choosing the perfect Spectrum TV plan for your household, contact Spectrum sales support and get all your confusion sorted out.    


  1. What is the Spectrum phone number?

Contact 1-855-423-0918 and a Spectrum representative will answer all your questions.

  1. Which Spectrum cable packages offer WGN America?

To find out WGN America availability on Spectrum cable packages call Spectrum phone number.

  1. How do I subscribe to Spectrum bundles?

Input your Zipcode and check out the Spectrum Bundles available in your area and get yourself Spectrum internet, cable TV, and home phone at irresistible prices.

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