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Rooting for your favorite sports team behind your TV screen will never lose its charm. No matter how many times you watch your favorite baseball player swing the bat and secure a home run, it will be always exciting and Spectrum TV makes sure that nothing dims your excitement.


Spectrum has a wide range of sports networks such as ESPN, The Golf Channel, CBS Sports, and you even get an NBA League Pass. But the good thing about the SEC Network is you do not need an add-on subscription to watch it. 

Which Channel Number is SEC Network on Spectrum TV?

You have now tuned your new Spectrum TV plan, you grab your remote and you start switching channels. Mind you, Spectrum offers over 200 channels, and finding one particular channel is not that quick of a task.

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Watch SEC Network by Subscribe Spectrum Bundle Packages

SEC Network – A Brief Overview

What is so special about this channel? Keep reading and you will know why!

A joint venture between ESPN, Walt Disney, and Hearst Communications, SEC Network is a prime platform for airing live matches, events, recorded sports programs, and news all related to college sports. Over time, the channel has grown to be a nationally renowned sports network with a viewer base of 70 million subscribers.

That is just one way of showing how big and renowned the network is nationwide. But the crux of the biscuit for SEC Network is its overall programming schedule. The network broadcasts events that are authorized by the Southeastern Conference, which includes women’s basketball games, men’s basketball, and other sports such as volleyball, soccer, gymnastics, and baseball.

What to Watch on SEC Network?

SEC Network, an American sports network never keeps sports enthusiasts bored. Subscribers get their daily dose of sports entertainment on a nationwide level. After all, the SEC network is flawlessly conferred to 70 million subscribers locally. A very few other sports TV networks have a viewer base as colossal as SEC Network.

Now that you know how colossal the domain of SEC Network is, surely you would want to know what you can watch on the platform, as well. The good news is that there is a lot to watch. The network exclusively covers collegiate sports that are authorized by the Southeastern Conference (SEC). It means you get to watch live matches, recorded shows, and a galore of sports news.

TV Schedule for SEC Network

  •  SEC Storied
  •  SEC Inside
  •  For The Culture
  •  Saturdays in the South
  •  College Football
  •  Classic College Football
  •  Classic Women’s College Softball
  •  Classic College Baseball
  •  College Swimming and Diving
  •  SEC Now
  •  SEC Rewind
  •  The Paul Finebaum Show
  •  Rally Cap
  •  E:60 Pictures
  •  SEC Indoor Track & Field Championships
  •  SEC Women’s Golf Championship
  •  SEC Men’s Golf Championship
  •  SEC Baseball Tournament
  •  Marty & McGee

Shows Not to Miss on SEC Network

SEC Network’s TV schedule is smartly streamlined. You get detailed shows on sports and rebroadcasts of college football, baseball, softball matches, and many others in case you’ve missed any match. Here are some worth-watching shows on SEC Network.  

SEC Storied

Programmed on SEC Network in 2011, SEC Storied is primarily a franchise for sports-based documentaries. As for the content, films aired on the franchise are about members, sports teams, and events so far conducted by the Southeastern Conference.

Some famous sports documentaries aired on SEC Storied include The Book of Manning and It is Time: The Story of Brad Gaines and Chucky Mullins. It’s Time has also received two nominations for the Sports Emmy.


One cannot simply ever get enough of sports news and that is exactly what the news show SEC Now offers. The SEC Now the studio is based in Charlotte, NC, and focuses on news broadcasts on the Southeastern Conference and everything that goes about at the SEC.

SEC Rewind

Moments in the history of sports simply cannot be forgotten so easily. SEC Rewind embraces all those moments as an online video channel and showcases every achievement the Southeastern Conference has collected over the years. A total of 24 episodes have aired so far since SEC Rewind’s original in 2005 and here we are awaiting more of those rewind times!

With Spectrum TV you get more than sports channels

While SEC Network is one of the biggest sports networks Spectrum TV has in its channel repository, there are many other popular channels you can get in your TV package when you add on an affordable mini channel pack like the Entertainment View or the Sports View.  

The icing on the cake is Spectrum’s premium channel list that contains SHOWTIME, HBO, Cinemax, and many more. As for children and family entertainment, you have Nickelodeon and if you are a housewife who loves some reality TV show gossip shows, Bravo has got you covered.

All in all

Subscribing to Spectrum TV is not a hassling task. If there is anything that leaves you confused, you can contact Spectrum Sales Support (for Spanish users dial into Telefono de Spectrum) and do the needful.  Alternatively, Spectrum does not only have standalone TV packages. You can subscribe to Spectrum bundles and get internet, cable TV, and a home phone service at affordable rates.


  1. Which Spectrum TV plans offer SEC Network?

With Spectrum TV you do not need to subscribe to an add-on in order to get the SEC Network. It is included in the TV Select lineup. 

  1. How do I subscribe to Spectrum TV plans?

Head here to subscribe to a Spectrum TV plan of your choice.

  1. Can I bundle Spectrum TV with Spectrum Internet and Phone?

Yes, you can. Find Spectrum Bundles here and land yourself a subscription.

  1. How do I contact Spectrum to subscribe?

Call 1-855-423-0918 to get in touch with a Spectrum sales support representative.