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Entertainment mediums have changed significantly over the years. You have streaming networks like Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime and now you have a Disney-exclusive streaming platform known as Disney . If you are a gamer who prefers watching live-streams then you have Twitch to resort to. For the free streaming of non-copyright content, you can access YouTube, which is now a pre-downloaded app in most new Android smartphones.

The cable TV regime has changed quite a lot as well; it is no longer as traditional as it used to be. Many cable providers like Spectrum have added On Demand selections and streaming options to their arsenal. The good news is that you get access to over 200 channels, which include a few premium TV networks, DVR recording, and a streaming app. There is a TV channel for every time of the day and for not only you but also the kids and young teens in your home.

We understand why you are here though. You are looking for a Spectrum channel lineup or maybe you stumbled across FX channel and would like to binge away the upcoming American Horror Story season. Well, you are in for a lot of entertainment options if you have chosen Spectrum TV and for that very reason, we have compiled this short overview on FX channel on Spectrum, what channel numbers you can find it on and what you can watch on it!

FX Channel – What You Need To Know

When you subscribe to Spectrum TV, you get access to a wide range of American pay television networks and the FX channel is one of them. FX, owned by Walt Disney Television, directly competes with the content quality of American premium networks such as HBO. It is a given as the network broadcasts global favorites like American Horror Story and American Crime Story.

If you look at the channel’s origins, FX was launched in 1994 and primarily aired re-runs of classic TV shows. You get to watch theatre movies, docu-series, sitcoms and comedy shows on a single network. As for its nationwide availability, FX catered to 89 million American households in 2018 alone. The number is only expected to increase given the current popularity of the channel.

With that said, FX is a must-have to add to your TV channel repository, but what can you watch on the channel and which channel number is allocated to it in your region? Keep reading to find out.

Which Channel Number is FX on Spectrum TV?

A weekend is not a weekend if you do not feel like lazing around and watch your favorite TV shows. Spectrum TV has all sorts of entertainment genres covered. The provider has divided its TV plans into three tiers (SELECT, SILVER & GOLD) and the channel lineup varies for each tier yet each plan has to offer enough TV networks for everyone. If you want to enjoy 200 channels along with some premium favorites like HBO, SHOWTIME, and STARZ, you can choose the Spectrum GOLD package and your entire households will have favorites to pick from.

Now that is about it on the available Spectrum TV plans. You can head here to pick one if you are looking to subscribe. However, if you have already subscribed and have been flipping channels without luck, you do not have to search on Google to know your channel numbers; we are here to tell you which channel number is FX on Spectrum. We have jotted down a list of all the cities where Spectrum is most popular and the corresponding channel numbers for FX for each city.

Take a look below:

FX Channel Numbers

City Channel Number
Austin, TX 68
Bakersfield, CA 36
Charlotte, NC 45
Cincinnati, OH 42
Cleveland, OH 62
Dallas, TX 48
Fort Worth, TX 57-798
Houston, TX 52-798
Los Angeles, CA 60
New York, NY 10
Orlando, FL 70
Reno, NV 70-754
Rochester, NY 67
Saint Louis, MO 77-784
San Antonio, TX 37
Tampa, FL 60-119

Channel numbers differ for every region

What to Watch on FX Channel?

Most TV channels today broadcast drastically different content than they used when they first launched; the same is the case with FX. The channel started as an American network that rebroadcasted classic TV shows. Fast forward to today, the channel is not limited to its classical roots anymore. FX channel has so far aired some popular original programs like American Horror Story, Better Things, Damages, The Shield, and Justified. The now-owned by the Walt Disney Television unit American pay-TV network has many current, upcoming, and in-development TV shows to pick from.

Here are a few titles that are worth a watch:

Current FX Programming


  • The Weekly

Comedy Shows

  • ✓ What We Do in the Shadows
  • ✓ Atlanta
  • ✓ Better Things

Drama Series

  • ✓ Pose
  • ✓ Snowfall
  • ✓ Mayans M.C.


  • ✓ Breeders
  • ✓ Fargo
  • ✓ American Crime Story American Horror Story
  • ✓ Mike & Molly

Upcoming Shows

  • ✓ The Old Man
  • ✓ Cat’s Cradle
  • ✓ Pride
  • ✓ Hip Hop Untold
  • ✓ Shogun
  • ✓ Hue 1968
  • ✓ A Teacher
  • ✓ A Wilderness of Error
  • ✓ Black Narcissus

Under Development

  • ✓ Compliance
  • ✓ Why Visit America
  • ✓ The Wanted
  • ✓ The Girl
  • ✓ The Changeling
  • ✓ Run
  • ✓ Honey
  • ✓ Crimetown
  • ✓ Welcome to Night Vale
  • ✓ Heist 88
  • ✓ Space

All-time Favorite Selections

  • ✓ Rescue Me
  • ✓ American Horror Story
  • ✓ Legion
  • ✓ Wilfred
  • ✓ Justified
  • ✓ Damages

Now you have a full list of all the TV shows that you can binge-watch on FX. For an exact day-wise schedule for the TV shows, you can head to the official FX website.

For more entertainment

Looking for some reality TV spice in your life? You have TLC. Need a weekend binge-watch fix? You have TNT. Spectrum TV simply cannot wrong its subscribers with its entertainment choices. There are so many options to choose from.

Subscribing to a TV plan is quick and easy, however, if you are looking for the assistance of any sort, you can contact Spectrum customer service (for Spanish Users visit Servicio al cliente)and get your queries sorted out!