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Over the years, entertainment mediums have changed significantly. You had streaming networks like Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime, and now you have a Disney-exclusive streaming platform known as Disney . If you are a gamer who prefers watching Live-streams then you have Twitch to resort to. For the free streaming of non-copyright content, you can access YouTube, which is also a pre-downloaded app in most new Android smartphones.

The cable TV regime has changed quite a lot as well. It is no longer as traditional as it used to be. Many cable service providers like Spectrum have added the choice to view On Demand content as well as a streaming service to their arsenal. The best part about Spectrum TV service is that it gives you access to up to 200 channels, and the higher tier plans include some premium TV networks too. There is a TV channel for every time of the day for not only you but kids and young teens in your home. And, you get the chance to record your TV favorites via the Spectrum DVR or take TV on the go with the Spectrum TV app—so you never miss your favorites.

We understand why you are here though. You must be looking for the number on your Spectrum TV that you need to tune into in order to watch the FX channel. Whether you have recently switched to Spectrum, or relocated to another city. Or you have more recently developed a fondness for the content on FX Channel and would like to binge on the American Horror Story season. In any case, you have landed on the right page. Because our today’s article is going to talk about the FX Channel on Spectrum TV, tell you what channel number you must tune in to, and what you can watch on FX!

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FX Channel – What You Need To Know

When you subscribe to Spectrum cable TV, you sign up to get access to a wide range of American pay television networks, and the FX channel is one of them. FX, owned by the Walt Disney Television unit of the Walt Disney Company, endeavors to compete with premium American networks such as HBO®—both in terms of maturity of concept and quality of production. It is this commitment to the all-around quality of programming that the network is able to broadcast global favorites like American Horror Story and American Crime Story.

Launched in 1994 FX channel focused on original programming broadcast Live, as well as re-runs of classic TV shows from the 60s, 70s, and 80s. Following a relaunch in 1997 the channel aired Fox shows such as The X-Files and Married with Children as well as 20th Century Fox productions like Buffy the Vampire Slayer and M*A*S*H*. Sport content was also included—major League Baseball games and NASCAR races. But, there was not much FX could boast of in terms of original content. In the early 2000s FX got the much-awaited break and emerged as a force to reckon with as far as original pay-tv content was concerned—e.g. police drama The Shield, and Nip/Tuck which depicted two plastic surgeons. During this period, shows created by FX were applauded by the critics for strong storylines and characters. And, also attracted viewership. Albeit, there was much criticism of some content that aimed to push boundaries of what can be shown on TV. Concerns from organizations like the Parents Television Council and American Family Association were raised and advertisers asked to boycott shows that aired graphic content.

From thereon, FX was on a roll—the hit documentary Super Size Me, and then 30 Days which was more like a reality show with subjects placed in uncomfortable situations for 30 days—comedy shows like Starved and It is always sunny in Philadelphia, which was pitched as the ‘’ dark side of comedy”—and more original content revolving around reality TV and drama.  

Today, the FX channel brings you theatrically released movies from 20th Century Fox and other film studios—which take up a good chunk of Primetime as well as that of the weekend schedule. You can also watch reruns of famous sitcoms such as Two and a Half Men and How I Met Your Mother. With its original drama, comedy, docuseries, and a great selection of feature films, in 2018 FX reached over 89 million U.S. households via a pay-tv subscription.  

As must-have a channel as FX has become over the years for a great number of TV watchers in America, let us get to the number you can find FX channel on Spectrum TV.  And, let us also see what can you watch on the channel these days.   

Which Number is Channel FX on Spectrum TV?

To find out the channel lineup of FX, call 1-855-423-0918.

FX Channel Numbers


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What to Watch on FX Channel on Spectrum?

Most TV channels today broadcast content that is drastically different than what they used to air when they first launched. The same is the case with FX. The channel started as an American network which focused more on rebroadcasting classic TV shows. But, fast forward to today, the channel is not limited to its classical roots anymore. Rather FX channel has so far aired some popular original programs like American Horror Story, Snowfall, Atlanta, and Justified. The American pay-tv network has a number of current, upcoming, and in-development shows that will make for a good watch. Here take a look:

Current FX Programming Upcoming Programs Under Development All-Time Favorites
 The Weekly (Documentary)  The Old Man (Drama)  Compliance (Comedy)  Rescue Me (Original Drama 2004-11)
 What We Do in the Shadows (Comedy)  Cat’s Cradle (Comedy-Drama)  Why Visit America (Drama)  American Horror Story (Horror, Thriller 2011)
 Atlanta (Comedy)  Pride (Docuseries)  The Wanted (Drama)  Legion (Drama 2017-19)
 Better Things (Comedy)  Hip-Hop Untold (Docuseries)  The Girl (Drama)  Wilfred (Comedy 2011-13)
 Pose (Drama)  Shogun (Drama)  The Changeling (Drama)  Justified (Drama 2010-15)
 Snowfall (Crime Film)  Hue 1968 (War Drama)  Run (Drama)  Damages (Drama 2007-10)
 Breeders (Comedy)  A Teacher (Drama)  Honey (Drama)  
 Fargo (Crime Film, Dark Comedy)  A Wildness of Error (Documentary: True Crime)  Crimetown (Drama)  
 American Crime Story (Crime Drama)  Black Narcissus (Drama)  Heist 88 (Drama)  
 American Horror Story (Horror, Thriller)    Space (Drama)  
 Mike & Molly (Sitcom)      


Popular FX TV Shows

American Horror Story

FX channel’s anthology horror series “American Horror Story” is known for getting gruesome and unsettling with every new season. The series originally released in 2011, has been aired for nine seasons straight. Season 10 is also in development, but due to production being hampered by the COVID circumstance, we are yet to know when it is scheduled to air. Every AHS season has a new story to tell, and is a self-contained miniseries, with different characters and a different setting while the storyline has its own twists and turns. It all started with a haunted murder house and escalated to a murky summer camp soon to be targeted by a serial killer on the loose. 


Crime TV series are aplenty but the genre is exactly what FX channel does the best. Snowfall was picked up by FX in 2016 and has earned itself three seasons so far. The TV show was renewed for a fourth season, but due to the COVID situation, its release has been pushed to 2021. The release date however remains indefinite. Snowfall’s plotline is centered on the very first crack epidemic faced by the U.S. in the 80s. The TV show gets glum by each episode as it focuses on the grim outcome of a drug epidemic that cripples a city’s culture.  


Starring Donald Glover, the comedy-drama TV series premiered in 2016 and has been greenlit for the third and fourth seasons. It is however not known as of yet whether the third season will premier anytime in 2021 due to production being pushed back by the COVID situation. The TV show revolves around Donald Glover who plays Earn Marks—a man whose life is nothing out of the ordinary. Jobless, roofless and hopeless, Earn tries to recover his repute in front of his ex-girlfriend, their daughter, and his family. How does he plan to do so? By helping his cousin, a potentially budding rapper, reach the stardom he deserves.

For More Entertainment…

Now you have a full list of all the sought-after TV shows that you can binge-watch on the FX channel on Spectrum. For an exact day-wise schedule of TV shows, you can head to the official FX website.

If you also happen to be looking for some reality TV spice in your life, you can tune into TLC—and for a weekend binge-watch fix, you have TNT. Spectrum TV does not go wrong with popular entertainment choices that American audiences desire.  

Subscribing to a Spectrum TV plan is quick and easy. So, unless you are already a Spectrum Cable TV customer, we would recommend you benefit from the pro advice you can receive from Spectrum sales representatives at 1-855-423-0918 (for ESP users please dial Numero de Spectrum) or visit the nearest Spectrum service store.


  1. What Spectrum TV plans offer the FX channel?

Yes. Spectrum Cable TV offers the FX channel in its channel lineup.  

  1. How can I subscribe to Spectrum bundles?

Subscribe to Spectrum bundles and get Spectrum internet, cable TV, and home phone services.

  1. How do I contact Spectrum for sales support?

Dial 1-855-423-0918 to contact the Spectrum sales desk. For Spanish users, dial 1-844-487-2710 or visit Soporte de ventas de Spectrum.

  1. Which is the cheapest Spectrum TV plan?

The cheapest Spectrum TV plan is Spectrum SELECT. It costs $44.99/mo. for 12 months.