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New in Mansfield Ohio? And, looking for a service provider for your new home? Then bring home plans and packages from Spectrum Mansfield Ohio.

Sure, you’ve moved to the city known as the Fun Centre of Ohio, located in the middle of the state, only about 65 miles from both Columbus and Cleveland. But, the digital lifestyle of today needs more than being able to chill out at the Kingwood Center Gardens, visiting the Ohio Bird Sanctuary, or attending a concert at the Renaissance Theatre. It needs reliable high-speed internet to fuel everything from your work at home and virtual learning needs to streaming TV, gaming consoles, and a variety of mundane tasks. 

This is where Charter SpectrumTM comes into the picture. And gives you a chance to enjoy streaming ‘The Shawshank Redemption’ right in the vicinity of the Ohio State Reformatory where it was filmed!  

Residential Internet Access in Mansfield, Ohio

A Statistical Walkthrough

Mansfield is not one of the best connected cities in Ohio, but there are about 12 residential internet service providers serving the residents. With 92% population able to access multiple wireline services, about 8% are limited to one wired service or none at all. Which means a vast majority of Mansfield households do have the liberty to choose the type of internet they prefer.  

As for the types of internet in Mansfield, you get:

  • Cable
  • DSL
  • Satellite
  • Fixed Wireless

For communities outside the reach of wired networks there is decent choice with satellite and fixed wireless internet. But where wired networks do provide coverage, the obvious winner is wired broadband.

The two major wireline services in the city are Spectrum Internet and CenturyLink Internet. So, in neighborhoods where the two overlap, you’ll see Cable pitched against high-speed DSL or Fiber. There are also a couple rather less heard ISPs which provide Cable and Fiber services in select areas. While the rest of the options are wireless.  

Spectrum Mansfield, Ohio: The Biggest Cable Provider in the City

Spectrum is the brand name used by Charter Communications® to market cable TV, internet and phone services. First introduced in 2014, Spectrum is now the second-largest American ISP with a footprint in over 40 states.  

Spectrum offers cable broadband in about 91% of Mansfield. The network responsible for delivering Spectrum services is an advanced hybrid Fiber-Coaxial that uses DOCSIS 3.1 tech. The HFC network boasts 50% more capacity, significantly lowers the lag, connection drops, and latency.

Spectrum packages stand out among competitor offers because of easy-to-understand tiers and pricing. The unlimited data and no-contract plans make Spectrum Internet a favorite among cord-cutters. While Spectrum TV plans come in great variety even for the Spanish-speaking.  

Widespread availability and appealing offers give you all the reason to learn about what Spectrum in Mansfield, Ohio has to offer, so you can compare and assess better when making the final call.  

Let’s then walk you through each Spectrum service, so that you know what is a Spectrum bundle of your choice likely to get you.

Spectrum Internet in Mansfield, Ohio: Delivering Customer Satisfaction by the ‘GIG’

For the residents of Mansfield, Ohio, the internet service from Spectrum is available in three tiers: 300 Mbps, 500 Mbps and 1 Gbps, with prices ranging from $49.99 to $89.99 per month for 12 months with auto pay. The 300 Mbps tier is the most widely available speed plan and the most common choice for households seeking affordable connectivity. It easily covers standard consumption in a family of 5-6.

As we said, the Spectrum Internet service is backed by an HFC network, and is therefore able to support bandwidth extensive activities such as HD video streaming and competitive gaming. You’ll have no reason to lack confidence when you get onto an online meeting, or attend an online class.  

The best thing? Spectrum Internet comes with no data caps. You can download all you want. Connect as many devices as your chosen speed tier allows. Without ever worrying about your data running out or an overage fee hitting you at the end of the month.


Common to all Spectrum Internet plans, these are the added perks you can look forward to:

Spectrum out-of-home WiFi

Connect with the FREE nationwide Spectrum WiFi hotspots. Exclusively for Spectrum subscribers, the out-of-home WiFi lets you enjoy a secure high-speed connection just like your Spectrum home network.

Strong Security Included   

Keep your network safe and your personal info safer. Get real-time protection against malware, remove spyware and viruses from your device(s). And most importantly, keep an eye on your kids with Parental Controls.

Free Modem

Save money and reap the benefits of a FREE top-of-the-line modem!

Add-on Strong in-Home WiFi  

The pre-configured router ensures unhindered, high-speed internet connectivity around the house, and is able to support multiple devices.

No Contracts

You get the full liberty to switch to another service whenever you want. Spectrum does not prefer to overcomplicate things with binding contracts.

Freedom to bundle

Want to add more value to your standalone internet plan? Go ahead and bundle your Spectrum Internet service with any TV tier of your choice. You can even add phone to the mix.

Spectrum Cable TV in Mansfield, Ohio : The Perfect Distraction from a Boring Routine

Like the internet service, Spectrum Cable TV service is also three-tiered. All cable TV plans are packed with popular networks and dozens of features that we’ll shortly walk you through.

Don’t give in to boredom. When home is where you want to relax, it does not have to be a boring retreat. Make it fun time by pairing your internet with Spectrum Cable TV, and let the whole family enjoy quality time. The Spectrum TV Select Signature plan is a not-to-miss bargain. At $64.99/mo. with availability varying by location, it gets you 150+ channels, with HD programming at no extra cost.

Even if you belong to the Spanish-speaking community in Mansfield, you’ll get the best value for you money with Spectrum Latino TV plans. Enjoy the most Spanish channels in HD, with a network mix that gives you the best of Spanish and English programming.


And here are the added perks that make any Spectrum TV plan worth your shot!

Spectrum On Demand

Get access to a library packed with thousands of popular and timeless classics! Watch your favorite movies, TV shows and more whenever you like, with the extensive Spectrum On Demand library.

Spectrum TV App

Watching TV on-the-go becomes possible with the Spectrum TV App. All you need is a good internet connection. And you can stream your favorites On Demand or live, right on your hand-held device, no matter where you are.

Interactive On-Screen TV Guide

Get insight into what you’re watching: the program, rating, airtime, length, you name it! Place your favorite channels on top for instant access. The interactive On-Screen Guide turns your TV into your own personal assistant.

Add-ons Networks

The Spectrum Cable TV service allows you to include any of the premium networks like HBO Max™ and SHOWTIME® to your subscription à la carte. And if you are a sports fan you can pick from NFL, MLB, NHL, MLS and more. International programming is also available in multiple languages.

Spectrum Home Phone in Mansfield, Ohio: Affordable & Unlimited

You can go for standalone internet or TV plans. Or tie everything together in a bundle of your choice with the home phone service i.e. Spectrum Voice®. Spectrum Voice is reliable and every bit convenient!

Place unlimited calls from Mansfield, OH to anywhere in the U.S., Canada, and Mexico. With Spectrum Voice®, you can also enjoy calling with several digital features. All at the affordable price of $14.99 a month for 12 months, and you can pair it with one or more Spectrum services.

Here’s what Spectrum Voice subscribers get to enjoy:

  • Unlimited calling in the U.S., Canada, Mexico & more
  • Several handy phone features including: Call Forwarding, Caller ID, Voicemail, Call Waiting, Speed Dial and more
  • Block unwanted Spam calls with Call Guard
  • Cheap international calling to 70 countries with an add on plan for $5/mo.
  • 911 calls allow emergency vehicles to locate you
  • No hidden fees

Spectrum Bundles in Mansfield, Ohio: Enjoy Everything for the Price You’ll Love!

The best thing about Spectrum Mansfield, OH is definitely the bundles. Spectrum bundles provide a much more personalized experience. You get to choose a combination of your choice: Double or Triple Play. And, you save money, energy and time.

You can sure go for a standalone internet or TV plan, but why compromise on your needs when your home requires more than one service? Why not enjoy a discounted rate, and also get to deal with one vendor and pay for all services on one bill, if possible?

Spectrum offers a variety of bundles to fit your needs and of course, your budget. For an affordable monthly price, you can bring home an Internet + Voice, Internet + TV or Internet + TV + Voice combo, the choice is all yours.

Moreover, Spectrum also offers up to $500 in Contract Buyout for some triple and double play bundles. This means, you can easily break-free from your previous under-delivering provider, without putting up with the hefty early termination charge. To find out if you qualify for a Contract Buyout, get in touch with Spectrum Sales Support or Soporte de ventas de Spectrum, if you are Spanish-speaking.


Concluding Words

We hope the information we’ve shared helps you figure out which Spectrum service tier is the best suited for your home. And how well does it compare with other available options at your address. As we said earlier, you’re most likely to see an overlapping between Spectrum and CenturyLink in your new Mansfield neighborhood. And if so, we advise you to assess which type of the internet will work the best for your needs. Plus don’t forget, when it comes to bundles Spectrum is a clear winner in the Mansfield market.

To determine Spectrum offer availability at your address dial 1-888-267-6535.

Frequently Asked Questions  

Does Spectrum charge an early cancellation fee?

Spectrum offers are contract-free. That means, you can cancel your service whenever you want without incurring an early termination fee unless you have signed up for a plan with a term commitment.

What’s the location of Spectrum Store Mansfield, OH?

Spectrum Store in Mansfield, Ohio is located at 1575 Lexington Ave. It is advisable to check for business hours before you drop in due to the prevailing uncertainty on account of COVID-19.

How much is Spectrum Select package and what does it include?

The Spectrum TV Select Signature is the only plan the provider offers. However, you may customize it with a multitude of add-ons at a price you like. The TV Select Signature plan costs $64.99/month and availability varies by location. But to determine the price in your area, speak to us at 1-855-423-0918.