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Do you happen to live in Indiana and are facing Wi-Fi signal issues even though you are subscribed to the superfast Smithville Fiber? If yes, then we have got you covered!

First things first, no matter how exceptional Smithville Communications services are, you are bound to run into internet-related issues from time to time. It might be because of an outage or some hardware issue at your end.

In case, you are currently struggling with poor wireless signal and range, then you need to know that you’re not alone. Despite the optimal online experience Smithville Internet offers, there are different things that can limit the range and strength of your wireless network. But it’s time to leave all your worries behind as we have put together some simple solutions that you can take to get rid of those issues.

Before you consider throwing in the towel and call in a professional for help, here is a list of DIY tips to improve the Smithville Wi-Fi signal and strength. So, without further ado, let’s dive right in!

Check the Speed of Your Internet Connection

Before you blame your Wi-Fi device, it is important to make sure that you are getting the internet speed you subscribed to. In order to ensure that your internet is performing well, you need to take the time to run a speed test.

In case, the speed you are getting does not match the speed on your internet bill, you may need to reach out to your internet service provider (ISP) or get your modem replaced. If either of the tips doesn’t help, then you should consider upgrading your Smithville internet plan.

In some cases, you may face internet speed issues due to your modem. It may seem perfectly fine because you get good speed when you stand next to the router. But as soon as you move elsewhere in the house, your Wi-Fi coverage gets affected. In such a case, your router is to be blamed as it could either be faulty or an older version that may lead to an issue.

Reboot Your Router

Once you find that there is no issue at your provider’s end, it’s time to give your router a much-needed reboot. It is undoubtedly one of the simplest things that you can do to boost your Wi-Fi signal strength, that too in every corner of the house. Just like restarting your computer or laptop can clear up issues with its performance, rebooting your wireless router could be a great way to get rid of weak Wi-Fi signals.

To do exactly that, you need to locate the restart button of your router. You may find it on the backside of the equipment. Make sure that you turn off the device for a while. After waiting for at least 30 seconds, turn the router back on. This way, the bugs affecting the performance of your Smithville router will automatically be removed.

Find the Best Spot for Your Router

Not all places in your home will distribute Wi-Fi signals properly. What you need to know is that the placement of the router in your house can have a great impact on your wireless coverage.

You may like placing the router on top of your appliances or near the window where the cable comes in, but chances are, the Wi-Fi signal strength is likely to be less severe. Instead of placing the router to a far end of your house, you should consider positioning the router in the center of your house so that the Wi-Fi signals can evenly reach throughout the house with ultimate ease.

Make sure that you keep your internet equipment at a safe distance from metal objects and household appliances such as tumble dryers, televisions, radiant heaters, stoves, microwave ovens, washing machines, and cordless phones that emit electromagnetic waves. When a metal object is placed close to a Wi-Fi router, it can easily create a large dead zone.

Other materials like plastics, cardboard foam, glass, and wood, can also interrupt a Wi-Fi signal. Therefore, placing your router near them would be a bad idea. So if you genuinely want to boost the Wi-Fi signal, you should place your Wi-Fi router as far away from electric appliances as possible.

Check if Any App Is Hogging Your Bandwidth

Needless to say, every application that you use requires different amounts of bandwidth. And if there are multiple apps running in the background of your system, there is a good chance that they are hogging the bandwidth. This could result in affecting the overall performance of your internet. If you have got multiple different apps running in the background, make sure that you close the ones you do not need.

Most routers come with a tool known as Quality of Service (QoS). It is specially designed to help you limit the bandwidth amount used by different apps. You can use these tools to grant higher priority to certain apps over others. For example, if you are playing an online game, you can prioritize it so that your gaming experience is not interrupted because of other apps.

All Things Concluded

Without a fast and reliable internet connection, you may often find yourself exasperated as you wait for video buffering to be over or a certain website to load on your computer so that you can continue going about your task. Instead of waiting around for a professional to fix the problem for you, it’s best to employ the aforementioned steps to get rid of weak Wi-Fi signals. You do not necessarily have to be tech-savvy to use these tips.

But what you need to keep in mind is that everyone’s Wi-Fi situation is different, so there’s not a one-size-fits-all solution to getting rid of weak signals. If you are having some Wi-Fi issues, make sure that you use the above-mentioned solutions to see if they lead to any improvement in your Wi-Fi signal. If nothing seems to work, then you should consider reaching out to Smithville customer service representative at 1-844-343-1144. The expert will either guide you or send a professional to fix whatever issue you are facing.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are Smithville services available in my area?

Smithville Communications is an Indiana born and bred company. You can get its unparalleled services in 50 Indiana cities at this time. 

What is the service type of Smithville internet?

Smithville Communications delivers fiber internet in its service locations. In the service areas of Smithville where Fiber is hard to find, you can access high-speed DSL internet, which is delivered over the copper line network. Speak to a Smithville customer service representative at 1-844-343-1144 to determine Smithville availability in your area.

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