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What Sets Smithville Internet Service Apart?

Smithville Communications is local to Indiana—and serves over 30 cities & towns, encompassing over 80 ZIP codes. Smithville Fiber is available to an estimated 63,000 Hoosiers. While the Smithville Copper service gets to about 32,000.

“Small Town Roots—Big Time Vision”

Ensure Great Customer Service

Quite a few big names in the nationwide ISP industry serve Indiana, and compete for supremacy. But Smithville stands out in spite of being local and smaller. Started as a family business nearly a century ago, the company saw modest beginnings. Yet, its commitment to customers continued to strengthen over time. And, drove Smithville to continuously adapt its services and products. So that it synced in with fast evolving networking technologies. Today, Smithville is an award-winning tech company. And, is proud to have empowered the Hoosiers with state-of-the-art communication and data services.

The family-focused values that sit at the core of Smithville culture make it unique. The company involves itself in community projects in its service locations. Because it believes in investing in organizations and people it serves well beyond the borders of business.

All of that is what makes Smithville subscribers appreciate the quality of service they get. And, acknowledge the committed customer care they receive through the life of their experience.

Smithville Fiber to the Home

Get the Speed You Pay For

In recent years, the broadband industry in the U.S. has been quick to utilize new networking protocols. And, quite a few cable and DSL service providers have optimized their networks to deliver fiber rich speeds. But, in most cases their fiber optic lines stop short of the subscriber location. Pure fiber optic internet connections are available only in select neighborhoods. While widely available broadband types get delivered via copper or coaxial cable lines in the “last mile”.

Smithville Fiber gets straight to your home. Meaning it is a Fiber to the Home (FTTH) connection. So, it gets you the speed you sign up for. Bandwidth and speed do not deteriorate in the “last mile”. Like it happens with hybrid networks, which use a mix of fiber optic lines with copper or coaxial. As a result, you are able to connect multiple devices, and still not suffer from poor performance.

Smithville Internet

Redefines Affordable Quality

Smithville is all about serving the community. Customer care and customer satisfaction sit at the heart of Smithville corporate values. That is why the provider exerts all effort to ensure delivery of quality service at affordable rates. The scale of Smithville network is smaller compared to its nationwide competitors in the Indiana market. But, the provider is very mindful of the cost factor. And, ensures services are always competitively priced.

Smithville offers its subscribers the chance to bundle services as well. Because this way you can benefit from discounted rates. Smithville internet and voice double plays are packed with value for money. You can get over $20 off on the voice service when you pair it with Smithville Internet. The offer is hard to pass. Because having a home phone backup for your cellular service is always a wise investment.

Smithville Fiber Comes with the Giga-Center

Go a Notch up with High-End Equipment

Smithville Fiber is not about speed and bandwidth alone. The service comes with state-of-the-art Giga-Center. Your pure fiber optic connection requires an Optical Network Terminal (ONT). This device converts a fiber optic signal to Internet and Voice. And, Smithville Fiber actually gets you a high-end piece from the latest in internet equipment to do the job.

The Smithville Giga-Center is the only indoor Optical Network Terminal (ONT) currently available. It supports symmetrical speeds up to 1 Gbps. And, comes with built-in Home Wi-Fi. So you don’t need a wireless router. The Giga-Center supports not only an internet service, but Voice. If you are subscribed to an internet and voice double play from Smithville, the Giga-Center would suffice for both.

High-Speed Smithville Copper Internet

Serving the Underserved

Smithville is primarily a fiber broadband provider. But, the provider still puts its pre-existing copper network to the best use. And delivers a high-speed Copper internet service to multiple communities across Indiana. These are mostly service locations where Fiber to the Home connections are not yet possible due to lack of infrastructure.

Until fiber optic lines reach these neighborhoods, Smithville is committed to serving the Hoosiers with the best possible. So, it utilizes available tech to optimize data transfer speeds over copper lines. And you can get up to 50 Mbps fast download speeds. Upload speeds are typically 15%-20% of the download speeds. However, the speed you get is largely dependent on your distance from the provider hub.

Smithville Copper speeds may be slower relative to Fiber. But for limited to moderate usage, speeds as high as 50 Mbps are adequate. Your line is dedicated. And your bandwidth is not shared. So, you can reap the most advantage of Smithville hybrid Fiber-Copper network.

Smithville Internet Service

Popular Single & Double Play Packages

Fast and reliable internet is no longer a luxury. It is a necessity that makes it possible for you to go about your day in the 21st century. Getting the right internet service for your home is crucial. Whether you need it to work from home or attend school online. Stream your TV favorites in your leisure time, shop or bank online. Your internet connection runs and oils all your modern day activities.

That is why it is necessary that you assess your digital needs carefully. Then, take a good look at available options from Smithville. And, narrow down to your final choice.

Smithville Internet Packages Key Features
Smithville Fiber + Voice Bundle


  • Best internet speed available up to 1 Gbps download & 1 Gbps upload**
  • Symmetrical speeds capable of internet browsing, email, gaming and more on all your devices
  • Unlimited nationwide calling
  • Reliability and peace of mind with 911 location accuracy
  • No annual contract
Smithville Copper Internet


  • Best Copper speed available up to 50 Mbps***
  • Speeds capable of internet browsing, email and streaming
Smithville Copper Internet + Voice Bundle


  • Best Copper speed available up to 50 Mbps***
  • Speeds capable of internet browsing, email and streaming
  • Unlimited nationwide calling
  • Reliability and peace of mind with 911 location accuracy
*Price is exclusive of taxes and regulatory fees. Price, speed and availability may vary with location. **Best Speed Available: Up to 300Mbps download/300Mbps upload or 1Gbps download/1Gbps upload depending on service area. ***Best Speed Available: Up to 50Mbps download/10Mbps upload based on distance.

Ready to Place an Order for Smithville Internet?

For the Hoosiers, Smithville is not a stranger. It’s a service provider that has risen and flourished with its roots set deep in Indiana. And, is known for its commitment to service quality. So, if you’ve checked out the available Smithville Fiber and Copper internet plans. Go ahead an match them with your digital needs. So that you can make your final pick from among internet-only or bundle plans. Smithville Customer Service is always available for pro advice.

Man and Women using Smithville internet on phone

The Edge You Get with Smithville Fiber

  • Fiber optic is the newest and the fastest type of internet available at this time. And, there is a great hype around this broadband type. Because it gives you: ultra-fast speeds, the same power to download and upload data, and a generous bandwidth.

    To ensure that you don’t fall behind in life, Smithville Fiber is committed to offering the fastest residential internet in the state. So that you can sustain your daily productivity without having to face inconsistent internet performance.

  • Fiber optic speeds from Smithville go as high as 1/1 Gbps or 300/300 Mbps, depending on your area. Such ultra fast speeds can support multiple internet enabled devices. Laptops, smartphones, tabs or Smart home devices. Even large households will find that gigabit internet from Smithville Fiber takes good care of everyone and everything without a snag. HD streaming or competitive gaming, working from home or attending school online, shopping or banking—all of that gets done in a breeze.

  • Moreover, fiber optic cables transmit data via light pulses and no electricity is involved. This protects them against many external factors. The reason why your Smithville Fiber optic connection is less likely to suffer an outage.

    Here are some numbers for you to munch. And, get you a basic idea of how fast Smithville Fiber can help you get done with daily tasks.

Man and women using Smithville Fiber Internet

Internet Type

  • Smithville Fiber
  • Average U.S. Speed

Time Taken to Download a Webpage (approx. 1.2 MB)

  • 0.03 seconds
  • 1.37 seconds

Time Taken to Download an Album (approx. 75 MB)

  • 1.59 seconds
  • 85.42 seconds

Time Taken to Download a Movie (approx. 3.0 GB)

  • 1.08 minutes
  • 58.31 minutes

Smithville Internet Service Availability

Smithville belongs to the Hoosiers exclusively. The Smithville network covers a good number of cities and towns across Indiana—with its contemporary fiber optic and Hybrid Fiber-Copper networks. The company believes high-speed internet should be available to all. And, it should be within everyone’s reach. No one should have to break the bank to get a Fiber to the Home internet connection. That is why Smithville is expanding its fiber optic network and increasing its capabilities, but in a mindful way. To check availability in your neighborhood call 1-844-343-1144 and speak to a Smithville representative.

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