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Smithville Internet Plans, Packages & Prices

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Smithville Internet


  • Internet speeds up to 50/10 Mbps
  • Unlimited data plan
  • A great budget option for a smaller family with standard usage―browse the web, access email instantly or stream video on more than one device at once
  • No annual contracts

Smithville Fiber Internet


  • Equal upload and download speeds up to 1 Gbps
  • Unlimited data plan
  • Get the best speed on all your connected devices―work or learn, stream TV or game online―it’s internet for the entire family
  • No annual contracts

Smithville Fiber Internet + Home Phone


  • Equal upload and download speeds up to 1 Gbps
  • Unlimited data plan
  • Enjoy unlimited nationwide calling & customize with useful add-on calling features
  • Go for simplicity with one-bill convenience
  • No annual contracts

Smithville Fiber Internet + Smart Home


  • Equal upload and download speeds up to 1 Gbps
  • Unlimited data plan
  • Make your home safe with professionally installed security & 24/7 pro-monitoring
  • Customize your smart security system around the needs of your home

*Price is exclusive of taxes and regulatory fees. Price, speed and availability may vary with location.
Best Speed Available: Up to 50 Mbps download/10 Mbps upload based on distance.
Best Speed Available: Up to 300 Mbps download/300 Mbps upload or 1 Gbps download/1 Gbps upload depending on service area.

Smithville Fiber Transforms Your Home Internet Experience

smithville internet

Reliability & Speed

Smithville Communications is committed to ensuring the Hoosiers are always on top of things―reason why we continue to expand our state-of-the-art fiber optic network across Indiana.

Smithville Fiber connects you with reliability and delivers consistent speeds―it is a dedicated connection that your neighbors don’t share so there is no lag or snag even at peak time.

Equal upload and download speeds up to 1 Gbps support multiple users and devices. Everyone in the family can enjoy the benefits of the increased bandwidth that fiber optic internet supports.

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Unlimited Internet & No Annual Contracts

Smithville is Hoosiers’ very own―our roots go deep into the communities we serve, so we understand what makes the Hoosiers happy customers.

Most internet users don’t prefer to get tied up with data caps and annual contracts―they’d rather retain their sense of freedom.

For this reason Smithville does not restrict your data usage. You can enjoy ultra fast speeds for everything you love to do online without the fuss about data. And it is also not mandatory for you to sign an annual contract. We want you stay with us only if you’re happy.

smithville internet

It’s the Perfect Match for Smart Home Security

Smart home security is becoming a necessity―quite like the internet. Over 63 million households in the U.S., are now estimated to be in the smart home market, and this count is only expected to increase.

For homes that include a smart security system in their IoT inventory, a reliable and fast internet connection becomes all the more critical.

Smithville Fiber delivers exactly what you need to ensure your smart home security is up and running at all times―reliable, fast speeds and consistent performance, that minimizes product malfunctions and security risks.

Enjoy Smithville Fiber Internet with Wi-Fi+

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What is Smithville Wi-Fi+?

Smithville Wi-Fi+ is a one-stop solution for all your internet and Wi-Fi support needs.

The commercial-grade Wi-Fi 6 router that sits at the core of this system can handle the full power of gigabit speeds―and delivers a seamless experience for all connected devices.

Enjoy whole home Wi-Fi coverage, fast speeds, proactive internet security and the ease of managing your home network via an interactive and intelligent Wi-Fi management app―all backed by Smithville customer support.

Manage Your Home Wi-Fi Network with Ease

With as many devices―laptops, TVs, game consoles and security cameras―that are nowadays connected to the home network, our Wi-Fi+ setup gives you the ability to manage all via the intelligent and user-friendly Smithville Command IQ app.

Make Your Internet Experience Secure

Smithville Wi-Fi+ includes proactive network security powered by Protect IQ. It monitors and blocks malware, viruses, malicious websites etc. on all your connected devices.

The best part is Protect IQ comes included with your Smithville Wi-Fi+ subscription―at no extra cost

Get Access to Enhanced Parental Controls

When you subscribe to Smithville Wi-Fi+, you can also add enhanced parental controls powered by Experience IQ.

Monitor usage and online activities of the young ones―block age-inappropriate content, manage screen time, make online rules for users and devices etc.

Enjoy 24/7 Tech Support

Our Wi-Fi+ tech support team can diagnose the problem even without coming to your home―and ensure you’ve the best coverage, signal, and speed at all times.

We’re a local business so you can count on live support from people who are part of the community―your call would not get routed overseas.

Connect Your Home with Reliable & Fast Speeds
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Smithville Internet

The Best Gaming & Streaming Experiences Come with Fiber

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Enjoy Seamless Gameplay

Smithville Fiber gives you all the speed and data you need to enjoy a seamless gaming experience―not only do you get ultra-fast downloads but equal power to upload, higher bandwidth than Cable, super-low latency, and minimal ping spikes.

As more and more games move to the Cloud, a 100% fiber internet connection will become the order of the day for passionate gamers.

Switch to future-proof Smithville Fiber Internet TODAY!

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Stream Your TV Entertainment

Looking to cut the cord but not sure? If it’s your internet woes holding you back, make the switch to streaming TV with Smithville Fiber Internet.

Fast and consistent speeds, unlimited data, and more bandwidth, mean you can even stream your faves in the industry’s best picture format i.e. 4K UHD.

For homes where everyone likes to stream TV live or On Demand, and you need the internet for other activities at the same time, Smithville Fiber is the answer!

Switch to Smithville Home Internet TODAY

We Give You Many Reasons.

Small Town Roots & Big Time Vision

Smithville competes with key industry players in Indiana markets, yet the 5th generation family business stands out due to a history of commitment to keeping the Hoosiers always connected.

Our services and products have evolved to sync in with the newest technologies, and adapt better to the demands of our customers. We’re proud to have empowered homes across Indiana with state-of-the-art communication and data services.

Dedicated Fiber-to-the-home Connection

The Smithville network is built for the future, and to handle the newest in technology. It delivers consistent speeds and a reliable service―you can count on the performance of the dedicated 100% Fiber connection.

The Smithville Fiber Gigabit service keeps the whole family online at the same time―work from home or enjoy streaming TV―it’s a smooth experience for everyone, without the peak-time slowdowns.

Serving the Underserved Indiana Communities

One of the pioneers of fiber optic internet in Indiana, Smithville has expanded its Fiber network to service locations across the state―and the process continues. However areas where Fiber is not yet available, Copper-based Smithville Internet delivers download speeds up to 50 Mbps.

That may not be a lot of speed by today’s standards, but for the price, it’s a great budget option for communities that suffer from lack of high-speed internet options.

Freedom from Data Caps & Contracts

Smithville does not place restrictions on the user experience―whether you are connected via Fiber or Copper Internet, there are no data caps.

And no annual contracts either―albeit you can sign one if you want to lock in your price.

100% Fiber at a Great Price

For the price, the Smithville Fiber Gigabit service is not only affordable but gets you a great speed to cost ratio relative to the competition―it’d be difficult to find such a low per Mbps cost in the market.

Plus there are Smithville Smart Home and landline phone services that you can bundle the internet with for more value.

24/7 Smithville Customer Service

One of the best features of the Smithville Internet service is the 24/7 local customer support―we sit in the heart of Indiana, and when you connect to ask a question or share a concern, you get to speak to a fellow Hoosier who cares about the service the Hoosiers receive―at Smithville we’re dedicated to the communities we serve.

Smithville Internet Availability

Smithville services are exclusive to the Hoosiers. We cover a number of cities and towns across Indiana with our contemporary fiber optic and hybrid Copper-based networks. Our focus however remains on expanding the reach of the fiber optic network and increasing its capabilities, so even the underserved communities of Indiana are able to enjoy the fruits of innovative technologies.

Smithville Cities & Towns
Bloomfield Jasper New Harmony Scotland
Bedford Jamestown Orleans Sullivan
Bloomington Jasonville Owensville Shoals
Crane Kokomo Owensburg Springville
Ellettsville Lyons Paoli Smithville
French Lick Lizton Paragon Stinesville
Gosport Linton Poseyville Sandborn
Goldsmith Mitchell Quincy Sharpsville
Griffin Nashville Solsberry Tipton
Hymera North Salem Shelburn Windfall
Heltonville Norman Spencer West Baden
Harrodsburg Newberry Switz City Springs
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Are You Ready to Order Smithville Home Internet?

Smithville services bring quality to your doorstep. Whether you’re a small Indiana community with not many fast wired internet options around, or located in a city where Fiber is accessible―you can count on the reliability of the connection.

The Indiana-born Smithville gives you more than one reason to make a switch to its superior services that are exclusive to the Hoosiers. Speak to Smithville Customer Service representatives to determine availability at your address. Our experts will walk you through the offers and take your order.

Frequently Asked Questions

Smithville Communications serves Indiana residents with 100% fiber optic and Copper-based Internet. To determine which internet type is available at your address call at 844-343-1144.

Smithville is an Indiana-based company that has been serving homes and businesses across the state for decades. Its services are available in many cities and towns in Indiana. To check if Smithville offers services at your address call at 844-343-1144.

Smithville delivers two broadband service types, Copper and Fiber. Smithville Internet gives you downloads up to 50 Mbps via a Copper-based network. And, Smithville Fiber delivers internet speeds up to 1 Gbps via a Fiber-to-the-home connection. To check service availability at your address call at 844-343-1144.

Smithville Internet delivers all speeds up to 50 Mbps for $45.99/mo., and Smithville Fiber Gigabit plan is priced at $74.99. Both services are competitively priced and affordable. For more details on the latest offers in your area call at 844-343-1144.

Smithville Fiber offers equal upload and download speeds up to 1 Gbps. To check if the service is available at your address call at 844-343-1144.

Smithville offers competitively priced internet plans. Download speeds up to 50 Mbps are available over Smithville’s Copper-based network for $45.99/mo. and the Fiber Gigabit is priced at $74.99/mo. For more details call at 844-343-1144.