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Smithville Support

Reliable & Dynamic Service is at Your Disposal

When you subscribe to Smithville services, you can rest assure all your questions and concerns will be well taken care of. Because Smithville belongs to the Hoosiers. And, is committed to looking after you for the life of your Smithville customer experience—starting from the time you call in to place an order!

Whether you are looking to speak to a Smithville sales representative for details on Smithville plans and prices. Or you are an existing Smithville customer looking to resolve an issue with your account, billing or internet, voice or security services. Either way you can depend on Smithville support.

Looking for Smithville Support with Sales?

When you opt for Smithville services, you not only enjoy the ultimate peace of mind, but convenience at the same time. Smithville is dedicated to making the entire ordering process hassle-free for you. Dedicated Smithville sales representatives are available around the clock to take your questions and offer the information you seek.

Call at Smithville phone number i.e. 1-844-343-1144 to find out if services are available in your Indiana neighborhood. Let professionals guide you on which plan may be the most suitable for your needs. And walk you through the subscription process.

Smithville Fiber Customer Service

Searching for a Resolution to Your Internet Problems?

No matter how Smithville may strive to make its services unrivaled, at times you may find yourself facing trouble. Are you unable to leverage your Smithville Fiber service as expected? Is the internet equipment at your end malfunctioning? Are you looking to resolve a minor glitch in your in-home Wi-Fi network? Or is there a rare issue with the wider area network?

Smithville is aware of the fact studying and working from home is no easy feat. And, they also know you don’t have time to spend on long calls. Whether you are experiencing an issue with your Smithville Fiber service or high-speed Copper. Smithville Tech Support is at your beck and call 24/7. Don’t let an occasional “bad internet day” end bad. Because Smithville would want you to inform them of any issues, and put you back online at the earliest.

Call 1-866-470-2583, and speak to a Tech professional for a resolution.

And, if you are looking for information regarding Smithville Fiber Network Scheduling call the Smithville Fiber phone number i.e. 1-877-513-4237.

Click here to access quick answers to your Smithville Internet related questions.

 Smithville Fiber Customer Service

Need Smithville Support for Your Landline?

Smithville Voice is committed to keeping you connected. And, maintaining the highest quality level at all times. The provider is aware emergencies don’t follow a schedule. And, it is critical to have an optimally functioning landline. So you can contact 911 and have your location generated instantly.

Is your Smithville Voice service down? Or are you facing voice issues? Are you unable to reach your voicemail. Or do you have questions about how to use the voicemail web portal? In any scenario, you can contact the Smithville Tech Support Center at 1-800-742-4084 for troubleshooting.

Click here to access quick answers to your Smithville Voicemail related questions.

Smithville Support for Your Landline

Get Dedicated Smithville Support for Security Services

Smithville understands full well, any glitch in your smart devices or the security system is an emergency that needs to be dealt with immediately. That is why all Smithville Security customers have access to 24/7 tech support, 24/7 monitoring, and a dedicated Smithville security account manager. No matter how big or small the issue is, Smithville is always ready to assist you around the clock.

  • For general questions, billing, monthly testing, issues with the security service, and to schedule an assessment visit contact Smithville at 1-800-742-4084.
  • If your alarm has sounded, reach out to Smithville monitoring team at 1-888-325-0769.
  • To get in touch with your Smithville Security account manager, you can call at 1-800-742-4084 or email at You can also send a message to Smithville via the online contact form.

How to Pay Your Smithville Bill?

Pay Via the SmartHub

How to Pay Smithville Bills
  • Smithville makes it easy for you to pay your monthly service dues. You can do so with convenience and flexibility—via the Mobile app or the Web portal —when you do not wish to step outside your comfort zone. Both the app and the web portal are powered by SmartHub. And, allow you secure access to your Smithville account.

  • Maintain and modify your account and billing related information. You can view your bills, see payment history, make payments on one or more accounts, set up recurring payments, or report an outage—via the App and the Web versions of the customer portal.

    The App version facilitates you in locating Smithville stores as well as payment drop boxes & kiosks—and you can also get directions via the map interface.

  • The Web version lets you register your account(s) and set up notifications for important account milestones. For example, you can set it up to send you a reminder as the due date for your monthly bill nears. Or get an alert when you miss out on paying by the due date. The Web portal features a profile page where you can organize your personal information, passwords and pass phrases, and stored payment methods.

  • Download the app from Google Play or the App Store free of cost. Search for SmartHub—provided by Smithville partner National Information Solutions Cooperative.

    If you have questions or concerns regarding your account information/status or billing, you can contact Smithville customer support at 1-800-742-4084.

    Click here to access quick answers to your Smithville account and billing related questions.

All the Ways for You to Pay Your Smithville Bill

Pay Online Account via SmartHub Pay via SmartHub mobile or web application. You can pay via Visa, MasterCard, Discover, Debit card or an electronic check.
Pay Online Now via SmartHub Via Pay Online Now feature on the SmartHub you can make a one-time payment without registering for an account. You will however need the Last Name or Business Name and Account Number(s) to log in.
Pay via Phone Call at the automated Smithville phone service at 1-888-678-8529.
  • Keep your account number and the Smithville Secure Pay PIN handy.
  • And pay via Visa, MasterCard, Discover, Debit card or an electronic check.
  • If you do not have the account number and PIN, contact Smithville at 1-800-742-4084 on weekdays between 8am and 6pm.
Pay via Mail Send in your payment at the following address:

Smithville Communications, Inc.

P.O. Box 6455

Indianapolis, IN 46206-6455

Pay in-Person Drop off the payment in the form of check or money order using the drop box at the main Ellettsville office:

1600 W. Temperance Street

Ellettsville, IN 47429

All the Ways for You to Contact Smithville Support

With its “small town roots” Smithville is always willing to go the extra mile to serve its subscribers. After all, it’s the Hoosiers serving their own! All you have to do is call Smithville Customer Service to get yourself heard. From professional sales representatives to empathetic local customer service and skilled tech support. Smithville takes care of you for the life of your customer relationship!

Smithville Customer Service Numbers & Other Ways to Contact Smithville Support
Smithville Sales Support 1-844-343-1144
Smithville Internet Tech Support 1-866-470-2583
Smithville Voice Tech Support 1-800-742-4084
Smithville Security Support 1-800-742-4084 & 1-888-325-0769
Smithville Customer Service Number for Account & Billing 1-800-742-4084
Smithville Online Contact Form
Smithville Main Office Location

(Visit by Appointment only)

1600 W. Temperance Street

Ellettsville, IN 47429

8:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m. (M-F)