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Why Choose Smithville Voice?

Smithville Communications has been in the business of connecting people for nearly a century. It all started off as a family business local to Indiana. And, today Smithville is proudly serving the people and organizations across 30+ cities in the state. Smithville Fiber has empowered multiple communities by bringing the advantage of fiber optic internet straight to their doorstep. Like so, when it comes to serving the Hoosiers with the best in telecommunications, Smithville Voice delivers!

Old School Matters!

We live in an era where being connected to our loved one(s) is a basic human need vital to our well-being. Our connection to others enables us to survive and thrive. With crazy fast adaptation to cellular communication, we now prefer to connect digitally. But considering that phrases like “dropped call” took birth in the cellular industry, it is only wise to pause and think twice about a landline at your home.

It maybe old school, and not appear fit for a modern 21st century lifestyle. But it gives you rock solid reliability—no “dropped calls”. No signal hunting. 911 knows exactly where you are. And, you may not want to use DSL internet, if you have Smithville Fiber available in your neighborhood. But, you will always have a secure landline to keep wired internet activity going if you ever need.

Old school is still a more sure bet!

Local & Long Distance Calling Options

Smithville Voice now offers FREE unlimited nationwide calling. At all hours, every day, and at a competitive price. Call your loved ones anywhere in the U.S., without counting the minutes or stressing about the bill.

When you choose Smithville Long Distance™ for your home, unlimited nationwide long distance calling is included in your plan at no extra cost. Global calling is charged separately. But, you get your local and long distance dues listed in one easy-to-read convenient bill. And, if you don’t tell Smithville you want to use another provider for Long Distance, the service is automatically included in your subscription.

Smithville Long Distance™ brings you flexible calling options. You can pick the regular or unlimited plan. Whichever fits your calling needs the best. For more details on Smithville Voice plans contact Smithville Customer Service at 1-844-343-1144 .

Smithville Keeps it Transparent

When you sign up for Smithville Voice, rest assured you are switching to a provider who knows its customers. Smithville has served Indiana for decades. So you get to do business with people who live and work in the local community. People you can trust.

Smithville likes to keep things simple and straightforward for its fellow Hoosiers. There are no gimmicks and no additional fees. The provider promises not to bury a service fee in the fine print in lieu of great call rates. And does not even bind you with a contract. You receive credible and quality service which is priced transparently for you to see.

Useful Calling Feature Add-ons

Smithville Voice pledges to bring you a crystal-clear calling experience. You don’t face a lag or hear feedback as you talk over a solid landline connection. But that is not it. At the most affordable prices, you can subscribe to useful calling feature add-ons.

With Single Number-Follow Me, you can list up to 3 numbers where you can be reached via your home phone. So, that no matter where you are caught up during your hectic work schedule, you never miss an important incoming call on your Smithville phone number. Anonymous Call Rejection lets you reject calls with blocked phone numbers. And, cuts the hassle of having to deal with calls from unidentified numbers. Caller ID, Call Forwarding, Call Waiting, Call Transfer and 3-Way Calling, Call Trace, Speed and Repeat Dialing, Voicemail—there is a great variety of calling features you can pick from according to what helps you stay organized with your telecommunication.

Smithville Enhanced Voicemail Add-on

Subscribe to Enhanced Voicemail with your Smithville Voice service. The new voicemail service from Smithville gives you the choice to determine how you receive the recording. Access the Voicemail CommPortal to manage your preferences. You can add Enhanced Voicemail to your Smithville subscription for $7.99/month.

Smithville Voice Plans and Packages

When you have a landline phone at home, the biggest plus is that you no longer need to worry how much battery life you are left with when the power goes out. You still have a reliable way to communicate. Not to forget, in the event of an emergency, the Smithville landline covers you with 911 access. While with FREE unlimited nationwide calling on offer, you also get the opportunity to save on your cellular service every month.

At the end of the day, keeping a landline is a smart move. Your Smithville phone number is what you can always fall back upon. It provides you the peace of mind you deserve. And, if you bundle Smithville Voice with Smithville internet service, you can save around $20 on your landline service. Which is quite a bargain!

Smithville Voice & Internet Packages Key Features
Smithville Voice + Fiber Internet Bundle


  • Best internet speed available up to 1 Gbps download & 1 Gbps upload**
  • Symmetrical speeds capable of internet browsing, email, gaming and more on all your devices
  • Unlimited nationwide calling
  • Reliability and peace of mind with 911 location accuracy
  • No annual contract
Smithville Voice + Copper Internet Bundle


  • Best Copper speed available up to 50 Mbps***
  • Speeds capable of internet browsing, email and streaming
  • Unlimited nationwide calling
  • Reliability and peace of mind with 911 location accuracy
*Price is exclusive of taxes and regulatory fees. Price, speed and availability may vary with location. **Best Speed Available: Up to 300 Mbps download/300 Mbps upload or 1 Gbps download/1 Gbps upload depending on service area. ***Best Speed Available: Up to 50 Mbps download/10 Mbps upload based on distance.

Ready to Place an Order for Smithville Voice?

Ready to place an order for a Smithville Voice-only plan or a voice & internet bundle? Or you would first like pro advice? To help decide which plan or package would fit your household needs the best.

Contact Smithville Customer Service and speak to a professional. When you tell them about your phone or phone & internet needs, they will familiarize you with the plans that are available at your address and likely to work the best for you.


Access to the Lifeline Service

Smithville partners with the Federal Communications Commission in their endeavor to make internet and voice services more affordable for low-income households. Under the Lifeline program, you are able to get a discount on the monthly landline service, broadband internet service, or bundled voice-broadband packages from Smithville.

If you meet the criteria set by the Lifeline program i.e. there is:

  • A senior citizen in your household who is entitled to Veterans Pension and Survivors Benefit or assistance from Medicaid
  • A child in the family who is signed up for the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP)
  • Or an adult in the household who is on Supplemental Security Income plan or receiving Federal Public Housing assistance

—you may be eligible for discounted internet and phone access under the Lifeline program. Click here to check for more details about the Lifeline service.

Smithville Voice-Broadband Packages

Smithville Availability

Find the Smithville Voice Service

The Hoosiers can find services offered by their very own Smithville Communications across multiple locations in Indiana. The Smithville landline network has been serving Indiana for a long time. So, voice service is available in all Smithville service areas. And, now you can pair your Smithville phone number with the added advantage of Smithville Fiber in most neighborhoods. In areas where Smithville Fiber is in the process of reaching, you can pair your Smithville Voice service with high-speed Copper internet. To confirm availability of Smithville bundled offers at your address speak to a Smithville Customer Service representative at 1-844-343-1144 .

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