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With the arrival of innovative technologies and easy-to-use applications, our reliance on the internet has increased rapidly in a rather short period of time. And the internet continues to revolutionize the way we work, learn, connect and entertain. So much so, it is difficult to imagine a day without a working high-speed home connection. That is why when you relocate or just have had it enough with a sub-par broadband service, looking for a new ISP becomes an immediate priority.

In Indiana however, the task becomes easier for the Hoosiers. Because Smithville Communications, a privately held telecom company rooted and based in Indiana, serves residential and business quarters alike, in about 50 cities.

With its long time dedication to empowering fellow Hoosiers, the family owned company has continued to grow over the many decades since it was first founded. The company’s culture depicts a deep understanding of the local dynamics, and sets it apart from the giant corporates it competes with. Smithville is devoted to ensuring the fruits of modern technologies reach more and more communities around Indiana via its communication and data services. And remains focused on delivering the highest  possible level of customer satisfaction.

Our today’s article focuses on familiarizing you with Smithville Communications services in Indiana, and presenting the top bundle offers from the provider. Like so you’ll be in a better position to compare the value of options available in your area when you set off to look for a new ISP in Indiana.

Where Are Smithville Communications Services Available?

Smithville serves 80+ ZIP codes across 50 Indiana cities. The company utilizes both a phone line based DSL network and a fiber optic network to deliver its residential services. Over a decade ago, Smithville was the first in Southern Indiana to embark on a project that involved replacing of all copper wiring in its network. Not a surprise then, it’s foresight has turned tables around. Because today Smithville Fiber is estimated to cover about 63,000 people, while its high-speed DSL service now fills the gap for 30,000 Hoosiers.

Here are the cities covered by Smithville Communications in Indiana. But we recommend you speak to a Smithville Customer Service representative at 1-844-343-1144 to confirm offer availability at your address.

·        Bloomfield         

·        Bedford

·        Bloomington

·        Crane

·        Ellettsville           

·        French Lick

·        Goldsmith

·        Gosport

·        Griffin   

·        Hymera

·        Harrodsburg

·        Heltonville

·        Jasonville

·        Jamestown

·        Jasper

·        Kokomo

·        Linton

·        Lyons

·        Lizton   

·        Mitchell

·        Nashville

·        Newberry

·        North Salem

·        New Harmony

·        Norman

·        Owensville

·        Orleans

·        Owensburg

·        Paragon

·        Paoli

·        Poseyville

·        Quincy

·        Solsberry

·        Sharpsville

·        Shelburn

·        Shoals

·        Spencer

·        Springville

·        Switz City

·        Smithville

·        Scotland

·        Sullivan

·        Windfall

·        Stinesville

·        Sandborn

·        Tipton

·        West Baden Springs


Choose Smithville Fiber for a Cutting-Edge Connection

Smithville Fiber covers multiple Indiana communities with a cutting-edge connection, and delivers up to 1 Gbps uploads and downloads. Fiber internet is the future of internet. And if available in your area, leaves little room for other internet types to steal the spotlight.  

Smithville Fiber gives you more than one reason to take your pick from available offers:

    What is Smithville Fiber Good For?

    When you sign up for Smithville Fiber plans, you can rely on the connection for multiple reasons. With more speed and bandwidth, more users and devices can connect with ease. And when you have a dedicated Fiber connection the output is also consistent, without a drop in connectivity even at peak traffic times.  

      Well, Smithville fulfills all your connectivity needs with its committed service delivery whatever your level of internet consumption maybe.

      Bundle Smithville Fiber in a Triple Play

      Top Smithville Bundle #1

      Internet + Smart Security + Voice


      Smithville Fiber
      For the best experience of cutting-edge Fiber Internet at your home

      You can work from home without the lag, and relax that everyone else is connected too

      Add-on Smithville Smart Home and stay protected with a pro-installed smart security system & 24/7 pro-monitoring

      You can relax when you connect your Smithville Smart Home security with super-reliable Smithville Fiber

      Add-on Smithville Voice with unlimited nationwide calling at bundle rate for an all-round connected home

      Make a Smithville Bundle with Fiber & Smart Home

      We live in a world where crime is on the rise. Taking the right steps to prevent undesirable situations now means you make it a priority to protect your home and family with professional services. And for the Hoosiers, there cannot be a more trustworthy option than Smithville smart home security. 

      Smithville Smart Home system comes packed with all the necessary equipment to protect your home and family from external and internal threats ranging from burglaries to flooding, fire, CO and more. The best part is 24/7 professional monitoring adds to your peace of mind even when you are not around. There is also the Total Connect App. Which makes it a whole lot easier to keep a tab on your house and loved ones even when you are away from home. Alerts and notifications are sent to your smartphone, so you are never really out of the loop.

      You can also take advantage of the Medical Alert System if you have elderly parents at home while you are away for long hours. Not only you can check on them anytime from anywhere, help can reach them as soon as an threatening incident occurs.

      When you add-on Smithville Smart Home onto Smithville Internet, the level of intelligent security goes up a notch. All smart gadgets get to connect over super-reliable Fiber speeds without a lag, allowing each component in the system to deliver optimal output.

      Here is what you get with the Smithville Smart Home package:

        Top Smithville Bundle #2

        Internet + Smart Security  


        Smithville Security
        Delivered for the Hoosiers, by the Hoosiers.

        Professionally installed security which is customized to fit your home and your needs

        24/7 professional monitoring to contact first responders as soon as alerted

        Keep your family safe with timely detection of hazards such as fire, flooding or CO

        Manage or control via the Total Connect app or the in-home touchscreen

        Connect your Smithville Smart Home security with super-reliable Smithville Fiber you can enjoy more peace of mind!

        Make a Smithville Bundle with Fiber & Voice  

        When you bundle Smithville Fiber with a landline home phone connection from the provider, you get to enjoy a solid backup at a discounted price. The unlimited nationwide calling, which comes included in the low flat monthly bundle rate, saves you on your cellular talk time. Plus you get the peace of mind that in the event of an emergency 911 would know where to find you.

        Going back to the basic landline for better reliability and security, does not mean you are without the essential calling features. If you need more than the basics like Call Waiting and Caller ID, you can add on features à la carte. Call Waiting, Three-Way Calling, Call Forwarding, Caller ID Blocking, Enhanced Voicemail, and more.  

        Subscribing to Smithville Voice with a fiber internet connection gives you the advantage of a reliable and smart landline connection and the best of fiber internet services in Indiana.

        Top Smithville Bundle #3

        Internet + Voice  


        Smithville Voice
        Get back to the basics for more security and reliability with a landline connection

        Feel protected knowing 911 will know exactly where to find you

        Enjoy unlimited talk time to connect for work and with family & friends anywhere in the U.S.

        Smithville Long Distance comes included with the local phone line

        No hidden fees & no contract

        Get the “one bill convenience” when you pair  with super-reliable Smithville Fiber


        Concluding Words

        We hope the information we have shared about the Smithville Internet service, as well as Smithville Smart Home Security and Voice services, helps you understand the value of bundling them. As well as the benefit of trusting an Indiana born and bred company with deep roots in the local community. Smithville has served Indiana for nearly 100 years now, and has continued to evolve and innovate in order to deliver the best of available technologies to the Hoosiers. Plus you get 24/7 local tech support.

        To determine availability of Smithville bundle offers at your address, speak to a Smithville Customer Service representative anytime at 1-844-343-1144. You can also get pro advice on the best bundle for your home needs.

        Frequently Asked Questions

        Can I use Smithville services in every part of the United States?

        Smithville Communications is an Indiana born and bred company, also based in Ellettsville, Indiana.  Smithville Internet and other services are available in the 50 Indiana cities at this time.  

        What kind of internet does Smithville deliver?

        Smithville Communications primarily delivers a Fiber service in its service locations. Where the copper line network has not yet been replaced by Fiber, you can enjoy high-speed DSL internet from Smithville. Call at 1-844-343-1144 to determine Smithville availability at your address.