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In times when most homes are left unattended for long hours during the day while occupants are away for work or school, every homeowner needs to ensure their home is protected at all times. According to reported statistics, in 2017 over 1.7 million burglaries occurred in the U.S., and almost half a million took place during the daytime. While this upward trend in home break-ins showed a relative decline between 2018 and 2019, during the 2019-2021 period an increasing number of states were reported to have witnessed a rise in property crimes.

No surprise then, more and more homeowners are opting to protect what matters the most to them via security systems, that are smart too. According to the Digital Market Outlook smart home security penetration will reach an estimated 35.6% in the U.S. by 2025. After all it is critical to ensure every member of the family feels safe and secure, and your belongings are well protected at all times. When you a have smart security system in place, you are likely to enjoy confidence instead of anxiety while you are away from home. Because such a system allows you to keep an eye on your home from anywhere anytime.

Why Choose Smart Smithville Home Security Solutions

Smithville is Indiana’s Very Own

When it is about protecting what matters to you, it is only prudent to deal with someone you can trust. If you are located in Indiana however, you don’t need to go on a hunt for a residential smart security provider. The Hoosiers’ very own Smithville Communications is right there to protect you with world-class security, perfectly tailored to your home, and professionally installed.

For Indiana, Smithville home security solutions are the top choice primarily because residents know the company. Smithville is not only the state’s largest independent telecom company, it shares deep roots with the local Indiana communities. Founded in Indiana, it has grown big here too. Its aim to empower the Hoosiers with the best available technologies, and its striving to that end, makes room for confidence and not worry. You know you can let Smithville home security products and services to take care of things. And, 24/7 pro monitoring with dedicated local Smithville tech support will always be at your beck and call ensuring a satisfactory customer experience.

Smithville Home Security Means Smart Protection  

When you have a professionally monitored smart home security system installed at your premises, you can travel without having to worry about the security of your house or family. You know you can check in on the well being of your loved ones and belongings anytime from anywhere. By investing in Smithville Security you not only allow yourself to enjoy services from a trusted supplier, and a state-of-the-art home security system, but smart control of your home security with real-time awareness.

Plus there is the convenience factor. Imagine what a relief it is when you forget your smart lock key inside the house, but can unlock the door using touch controls on you smartphone. Or how it must be to walk into a house where the temperature automatically adjusts to your desired comfort level. And how convenient it must be to switch the lights on and off with a simple voice command. Efficient usage of heat and electricity made possible by smart home gadgets also helps you maximize on utility savings.

When you choose from the range of Smithville home security products and services, you can get a variety of features which not only make your home safer but smarter.

Smart Features with Smithville Home Security

Smart Detection of CO, Fire, and Flooding Threats

Let’s take a moment for throwback to  your high-school chemistry class. Carbon monoxide is a tasteless, odorless, and colorless gas that can harm humans in different ways. While possible to detect the gas in your environment without a gadget, it is a task to catch on those sooty or brownish-yellow marks around a leaking appliance, get a sniff of the change in the characteristics of the air around you even if it has a smell to it, and feels stale or stuffy. This is where smart Smithville Home Security solutions comes into the picture. When you have smart CO detectors installed, you get an instant alert whenever a carbon monoxide leak is detected.

Similarly, smart smoke detectors, connect to the central hub and when a threat is detected not only an alarm gets triggered, you receive a notification via the central hub or the mobile app. Even if you are outside the house, instant alerts help mobilize emergency services quickly.

A flood or water leak detector is another useful gadget. It helps prevent leaks and potential flooding by sending out an immediate alert when its sensor detects the presence of water. If your floor or water leak detectors are integrated into your smart home security system, you receive an alert either via the hub or the mobile app.

A smart Home Security system from Smithville includes CO, smoke, and water leak detectors giving you an edge over any hazardous occurring in your home’s environment, whether you are on the property or away. 

Smart Entry & Motion Sensors

Entry way and motion sensors come included with your smart Smithville home security, and are great little gadgets that keep intruders at bay. When an armed door or window is opened, the door and window sensors are quick to detect intrusion, and send out an alert. Motion sensors can detect movement around your residence, whether it is a moving object or a person. And as with entry way sensors, when unusual activity is recorded by a motion sensor, the system sends out an alert via the hub, and you can also get it on your mobile app.

Total Connect App

The Total Connect app which comes with your Smithville Security system, is the most convenient way of keeping a tab on your home and family while you are away for work or business or vacation. Wherever you maybe, you can use one user-friendly platform to manage the security of your home, and the operation of your smart devices such as the surveillance cameras.

Video Surveillance & Pro Monitoring

Smithville home security solutions make it possible for you to watch over what matters the most to you even when you are running on a fast-paced schedule day in day out. With HD surveillance cameras, indoor and outdoor, and around the clock pro monitoring from Smithville, you can rest assured  everyone at home, from the elderly to the young ones and your pets, are protected. In case an emergency arises, the first responders will be contacted instantly by Smithville.

Medical Alert System

Whether you live away from your parents or they have a health condition that requires instant medical assistance, the medical alert system from Smithville comes in more than handy. It allows you to check-in on your parents no matter where you are at the time. And, in the event of an emergency, your parents can call in help with just the press of a push-button.

The Popular Smithville Smart Home Security Plan


Smart Home Security

Including equipment w/ 3-yr. agreement


·        5 Wireless Entry Way Sensors

·        Wireless Motion Detector

·        Wireless Smoke Detector

·        Wireless Water Leak Detector

·        Smart Light Controller

·        7“ Touchscreen Control Panel

·        Mobile app with Smart Home Control

·        Real Time Notifications

·        24/7 Professional Monitoring

·        Professional Installation



Smithville Security Keeps Your Business Assets Safe

Business owners are always looking for ways to protect their hard and soft assets from getting compromised. Smithville Security services provide peace of mind to Indiana business owners, whatever type of a commercial concern it maybe.

    All in all you can rest assured your business’ safety concerns will be dealt with expertise, integrity, discretion and professionalism.  

    Wrapping it up…

    If you have been lately contemplating getting a smart security system installed at your home, or it is a business concern which you would like to make secure, Smithville Security can be the answer to your concerns. For homes and businesses in Indiana, Smithville is a name that has earned the trust of Hoosiers. So you know you are not picking a stranger to protect what matters to you.

    To confirm service availability in your area, you can contact Smithville Customer Service at 1-844-343-1144 anytime.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    What is the fee of Smithville security assessment?

    Smithville Security assessment is totally free of cost. All you have to do is call a Smithville Customer Service representative at 1-844-343-1144 and ask for a free assessment to be scheduled.

    Can I access the Total Connect app on the go?

    Yes. The Total Connect app is a mobile app which helps you manage, control and monitor your Smithville Home Security from anywhere anytime.