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You are always gripped by anxiety and worries generated by the office workload, home chores, and other “daily voyages”— there is not much room to take a moment to unwind during the hectic day. However, once you are done with all that “hustle and bustle” it is natural to look for different ways to rejuvenate your spirit. For millions in the U.S., nothing beats the satisfaction of binge-watching your favorite show from the comfort of your couch—a well-deserved break.

Among an unprecedented number of subscription video-on-demand streaming platforms that offer trendy ways of accessing TV entertainment, the appeal of the good ole’ cable TV is still hard to kill—especially with all the contemporary features which a pragmatic cable service provider such as Spectrum lets you enjoy—making it as flexible and convenient an experience as any!

So, as a Spectrum TV® subscriber—whether you are a sports aficionado or love to watch movies, get hooked onto great shows or like to stay updated with the latest in news—you’re in for a treat. But in order to get a complete taste of Spectrum’s offerings, you must learn to navigate your way around the extensive Spectrum channel lineup—via the interactive guide on your TV or the Spectrum TV app.

Our today’s article aims to help new Spectrum TV subscribers find and organize their favorites from among their subscribed channels on Spectrum.

How to Manage Subscribed Channels on Spectrum

Spectrum Internet® and cable TV services are one of the most widely available across the nation. And, all that comes with Spectrum packages not only adds to the value of your subscription but reflects the provider’s commitment to serving its customers with the highest quality services and products.

As a new subscriber, you’ll soon know for yourself what makes the Spectrum channel lineup one of the biggest highlights of the provider’s cable TV service. And, you’ll also come to find how handy the Spectrum TV app is—definitely an expedient tool that tags along as a perk with your Spectrum subscription—a great option for all streaming TV lovers because it makes every screen a TV.

Spectrum puts forth the interactive Spectrum TV Guide—a smart tool that helps you organize your entertainment options and allows you quick access to network favorites—both when watching on TV and via the Spectrum TV app.  

Learn about the Spectrum TV Guide Features

The Spectrum TV guide is interactive. It is designed in a way it gives you access to all your programming choices on one platform. It is simple yet has all the functionalities which make your TV watching experience easy.

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Subscribed Channels on Spectrum: Making Them Your “Favorites”

For quick and easy access to what is playing on your subscribed channels on Spectrum, you can use the Favorites option—pick any of the 2 methods listed below and create your Favorites List.

Create a Favorites List via the Guide

Create a Favorites List via Settings & Support

Subscribed Channels on Spectrum: Accessing Your “Favorites”

Now its time to find out how to access the favorites you have included in the list you just created. Again, you can do so in more than one way.

Access Favorites via My Library

Access Favorites via Guide Options

Access Spectrum TV Guide via the Spectrum TV App

The Spectrum TV Guide can be accessed with as much ease via the all-around Spectrum TV app—making your experience all the more flexible.

You’ll find the main navigation Menu with its options—My Library, Live TV, On Demand, and Guide—in the upper left corner on Android devices, and at the bottom of the screen if you have an iOS device. Sort subscribed channels on Spectrum by name or number, create and access your favorites, watch live TV or on-demand, manage your DVR, and more.


When you are a Spectrum customer, you don't have to worry about how to manage or access your subscribed channels. Because Spectrum offers you complete control over your TV, with expedient ways to manage all aspects—whether at home or on-the-go. As we said, the Spectrum TV Guide is one of the main tools at your disposal—which does require a little getting used to, but helps organize your subscribed channels on Spectrum with ease and flexibility. In addition to the Spectrum TV app, you can also access the interactive Guide online via your Spectrum account. Just select Watch TV from the menu once you are signed in!

In case you still have questions regarding the workings of the TV Guide, you can contact Spectrum Support, and representatives will direct you as necessary. 


How many channels do you get with the starting Spectrum plan?

You can access more than 150 channels with the Spectrum TV Select Signature . The channel lineup includes CNN, HGTV, ESPN, MTV, Discovery, and more. If you need something a little extra, you can choose to go for Spectrum TV Select Plus, which is a higher tier of service and comes with over 160 channels. Or, you can add one of the many exciting add-ons Spectrum has to offer!

How many simultaneous streams can you watch via Spectrum TV app?

There is no limit to the number of TV channel app streams if you are accessing via your home WiFi. However, in case you are outside your home, 2 concurrent streams are allowed per account.

Why can't I watch all my channels on the Spectrum TV app?

You get full access to your subscribed channels on Spectrum when you are on your home network. If the Spectrum TV app is connected via another network, fewer channels will be available. Moreover, if you have disabled the location feature on your device, that may also cause you to lose access to some subscribed channels on Spectrum.