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MTV undoubtedly offers some of the best entertainment out there. Launched in 1981, it started off by airing music videos on shows hosted by TV personalities known as VJs or video jockeys. Over the years, MTV adapted to changing times, and its programming changed too. The focus progressively shifted from music towards reality shows targeting young adults.

Known for its originality and creativity, MTV has given us great shows that millions tune in to watch each day. How can one forget classics like Pimp my Ride and MTV Cribs? Or, the more recent shows like Jersey Shore Family Vacation, Families of the Mafia, and The Hills? These are shows sure to have you hooked. And if that's not enough, the most awaited event in the music industry, the yearly MTV Video Music Awards, will definitely have you clearing your schedules for a night of fun and entertainment.

If you are a new subscriber to your Spectrum TV plan, the only thing standing in your way to tuning in to MTV is figuring out the channel numbers in the Spectrum channel lineup that it is broadcasted on.

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Spectrum TV Plans That Offer MTV Channels  

MTV network has a number of great channels, each offering quality content that carries the potential to lighten your mood. These include MTV, MTV Classic, MTV Live HD, and MTV2.

So, if you are subscribed to any of Spectrum TV plans and packages, you get to enjoy MTV on the menu. However, the channel number for MTV on Spectrum will vary from one region to another, so you might have to work on that! 

MTV Channel Number on Spectrum

The first thing anyone does as soon as they get their cable service set up is search for their favorite channel in the lineup. Once you find it, you can breathe a sigh of relief and simply jump to it when your next favorite show airs. Finding a channel number, however, is not always that straightforward. Essentially because channel numbers vary from region to region, making it really confusing.

However, thanks to the Spectrum on-screen TV guide, you can find MTV on Spectrum easily. The guide offers details regarding the many channels that are included in your Spectrum TV service.

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What Shows Has MTV got the Country Going Gaga Over?

MTV shows are sure to have you craving more. Here are some reality TV hits that have got people anxious for the next episode.

Jersey Shore Family Vacation

A spinoff of Jersey Shore, which followed eight housemates at a vacation home, the Jersey Shore Family Vacation revolves around 7 of them going on a vacation. The third series showed Angelina Pivarnicks wedding plans and Mike Sorrentino going to prison for tax invasion. While the second half of the season was dedicated to Sorrentinos return – released after eight months in the federal prison – meanwhile, Angelina Pivarnick celebrates her bachelorette party and weds.

The episode The Shorefather shows the roommates inviting Sorrentino and his wife over for a dinner and movie night. There, they show them a documentary of Sorrentinos evolution—from the time he was stuck in a situation-ship to when he sobered and got married—along with some loving and welcoming words from the roommates. With such a great episode, you know what follows would only make for a great season!

Families of the Mafia

This docuseries follows four families of Staten Island – all are connected to some of the most notorious members of the Mafia. It shows the growing divide between the former-Mafia members who wish to have better lives for their kids and the rest. The recent teaser features Karen Gravano wishing her daughter does not get trapped in the Mafia lifestyle. They say you once you get in the mafia, you can not get out, so it will be interesting to see if Karens desire gets fulfilled.

A spinoff of Made in Staten Island, this show focuses on the Gravanos. Gravanos father had worked as the underboss to the Gambino crime family. The show features other crime-families as well, like the OTooles, the Augustines, and the LaRoccas.

The Hills: New Beginnings

The first time The Hills aired, it had all our attention, and its spinoff is a testament to our demand for more. The current series reunites with the old cast members, along with their children and friends. You get to see new faces, too, as the show follows the personal and professional lives of several young women living in Los Angeles.

This time around, the vibe of the show is different – more authentic. With the cast settling into their adult lives and new responsibilities, it's not the same as before. But, that does not mean it lacks the drama. If anything, there is more of it this time. See for yourself, you're bound to get addicted.

Catfish: The TV Show

Another reality TV show, this series showcases the ugly of the online dating world. Based on the 2010 film, Catfish, in this show film producers, Joseph and Schulman, set out to help people who find themselves emotionally entangled with a person they have never actually met. In each episode, they investigate whether the other person is real, and the mutual connection legitimate or the other person is a catfish – a term derived for those involved with the trickery of a specific kind i.e. using someone else pictures and information, to get unassuming individuals to invest themselves emotionally in an online relationship. Together the duo uncovers stories of couples who have been in a relationship for months and even years. Tune in to see if these people found true love or got catfished.

Nick Cannon Presents: Wild n Out

If you are looking for good comedy, Wild n Out is a must-watch. This improved game show puts two teams of comedians against each other, and three improvisational games are played. The teams then fight it out in the final round called the WildStyle, in which, using a freestyle rap, they must deliver a punchline directed at members of the opposing team.

The Challenge

A spinoff from two of MTVs big hits, The Real World and Road Rules, this reality show makes contestants compete against each other over extreme challenges. They must work to avoid elimination and win a cash prize. If you are looking for thrill and adventure, you will find yourself waiting for its next episode. Just remember, don't try any of it at home!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Does Spectrum channel lineup include MTV?

Yes, Spectrum does offer MTV in its lineup.

Does Spectrum offer MTV in its Select plan?

Yes, MTV is available in the lineup for Spectrum Select Signature, however, in order to watch MTV2, MTV Classic and MTV Live you can explore the value packed mini channel packs on offer. For more information, dial the Spectrum sales phone number.

What reality shows does MTV air?

MTV offers a number of great reality TV shows. These include Teen Mom, Catfish: The TV Show, Jersey Shore: Family Vacation, The Hills: New Beginnings, Families of the Mafia, The Challenge, and more.

Can you watch MTV on Spectrum streaming services?

Yes, you can stream MTV with a Spectrum connection. You will need that. So, while you are at it, bundle your cable with Spectrum internet and benefit from a discounted rate.