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When it comes to home improvement and real estate, HGTV is where the party gets going. Offering content that’ll have your eyes glued to the TV for hours, their shows cover everything. From finding a house to remodeling it and setting it up, it shows you how to add value to living spaces. You get to hear from experts in the field and professionals who’ve been flipping homes for years. What’s more, the pleasing aesthetics brighten your day and get your own creative juices flowing.

Founded in 1994, HGTV did not take long to become a must-have for every American household. The much-loved Home & Garden Television, owned by Discovery Inc., carefully curated its selection of shows, offering content that caught anyone’s attention, making it the most sought-after network in a lineup. According to an estimate, over 95 million American homes received the channel via their pay-TV subscription in 2016. That made for over 82% of households with a television. Not a surprise then why people from all walks of life agree on its entertainment value, so much so that you’ll hardly find a person not interested in what the channel has to show.

For the same reason, HGTV carriage is common among cable and satellite TV service providers in the U.S. Not only that, but newer IPTV services also include the channel in their lineup. But, if you are looking for a value-packed package, that gives more than the option to watch HGTV in HD, we’d recommend you consider Charter Spectrum TV™. With availability as widespread as the Spectrum network, cable TV packages as thoughtfully curated as the Spectrum Channel Lineup, and discounted prices when you pair a TV service with high-speed cable broadband, Spectrum seems to be the obvious choice for most. If Spectrum services are available at your address, it may not be too wise to miss out on the offerings by the renowned service provider.

By any chance if you are thinking to yourself “cable TV is not considered trendy anymore”, let’s tell you flexibility and convenience do not come only by cutting the cord. U.S. TV service providers like Spectrum have invested money, time, and effort into uplifting the face of Cable TV over the recent years. Spectrum TV service may reach you via a coaxial cable network, but what it gets to you is a mix of traditional cable TV channels and a modern way of viewing—flexible and convenient.

Which Spectrum TV Service Plans Offer HGTV?

It’s common for people to check for the availability of HGTV when shopping for their cable TV plans, and for most, its absence is a real deal-breaker. Spectrum understands what customers want. That is why HGTV is included in all three Spectrum TV plans: Spectrum Select, Spectrum Silver, and Spectrum Gold. Whether you choose the modest Spectrum Select TV, go with the balanced mix of TV essentials in the Silver lineup, or decide on keeping everyone in the family very happy with the Spectrum Gold lineup—in each case you’re sure to find HGTV included.

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What Channel is HGTV on Spectrum?

If you happen to have stumbled upon this article today, chances are you must be looking for the channel number for HGTV on Spectrum. Maybe you have joined the Spectrum Family very recently, or maybe you have moved to another city or town along with your Spectrum TV service. In any case, we understand it is not easy to figure out this seemingly little thing, as the channel number for HGTV on Spectrum changes based on your location.

The most basic way is to simply browse the entirety of your channel lineup and check the number for each of your desired channel is via the on-screen TV guide. The guide comes packed with search and categorization features, allowing you to browse and manage the channel lineup conveniently. 

So to know the channel number of HGTV on Spectrum, you can also call 855-423-0918 or visit Spectrum Channel Lineup.

Popular HGTV Shows

There is one thing that you’ll never find HGTV lacking in, and that is creativity. Over the years the channel has managed to keep its content fresh and exciting. Developing innovative shows to keep you entertained, is one place that never disappoints. Until 2016, HGTV is said to have invested $400 million annually on original programming alone. Here is a flavor of popular HGTV shows:  

House Hunters

The show first aired in 1999 and its success prompted the channel to keep it in the running. With more than 1700 episodes, it is in its 17th season. Pretty wild, right? Well, the format and execution of the show guarantee continued interest among the masses. The show is known to have consistently attracted 25 million viewers per month.

House Hunters is a reality show that picks an individual, a couple, or a family and joins in on their house-hunting journey as they relocate to a new country. In each episode, we see three appealing homes or apartments shortlisted by the local real estate agent, and by the end of the episode, the “hunters” decide on one. The suspense that builds up keeps the audiences engaged. What’s even more interesting is the follow-up—when the House Hunters team revisits the buyers a few weeks or months later to see how they’ve changed their homes to make their own, and how that has impacted their lives.

Home Town

Country life has its own charm. The slow pace of life lets you enjoy the small things and that is what the couple, Ben and Erin Napier, loves to experience. The twosome renovates houses in the historic district of Laurel, Mississippi, to their former glory—for newcomers in their hometown, who are looking to find old homes that could be renovated. Ben is a skilled craftsman and uses his expertise at woodwork to preserve the history of old houses, all the while updating them with a modern touch. Erin lets her graphic design skills lead the way to ensure each change celebrates the history of these houses while bringing a fresh look’ n feel to each.

Flip or Flop

Putting in the time and effort needed can really do wonders and increase the value of a house. Tarek and Christina El Moussa show us just that in Flip or Flop. Picking unattractive and worn down properties, some facing a foreclosure, others that are short sales of the market, they renovate the house and sell at a profit to people looking for a new home. Seeing the transformation that occurs is a sight for sore eyes so make sure to give it a watch.

Bargain Mansions

This is a rather recent addition to the channel’s programming lineup. The show began in 2017 and soon had enough viewers hooked to it. For those who love interior design and watching restoration projects unfold, this is pure heaven. The host, Tamara Day, takes you along on her daily task of restoring huge spaces. Taking on projects many would not dare, the show challenges established norms of decorating living spaces. Whenever you see an abandoned space come back to life, you experience a jaw-dropping moment that leaves your brain reeling. The best part is the final unveiling of the project for the families who own the place. It is truly amazing to see the unfiltered joy which gets you smiling too.

Love It or List It

Canada is a beautiful country with its maple trees, tall mountains, and prosperous wildlife. A home set in such a landscape is a dream for many, and in this show, you get to see people who live that dream in the larger Toronto area. ‘’Love it or List it’’ follows real estate agent David Visentin and designer Hilary Farr as they go about making homes for families who chose to renovate within a certain budget, but are open to the idea of moving to a new place and selling the current property with its value gone up. Watch families place their hopes and dreams in the hands of the duo—albeit, they are never disappointed with the upgrade—and more often than not choose to love it, and not list it. At times, however, you see some families choosing to move to a new house that David brings forth, and end up listing the one that Hilary has renovated for them. The show gives you tons of ideas for renovating your own living space.

Celebrity IOU

We love to see our favorite celebrities and learn about their lives. In this show though, you get to learn who those people are that help make it better. Hollywood A-listers share their gratitude for people who impact their life by giving them a home renovation surprise. With the help of the famous Property Brothers Jonathan and Drew Scott, Hollywood celebrities give their living spaces a facelift. The show debuted in April 2020, with celebrities like Brad Pitt, Viola Davis, Rebel Wilson, and Melissa McCarthy invited for the first season. And, already an Australian adaptation of the show has been announced.

The EndNote

Well, that is it then! We hope now that you have found the channel number for HGTV on Spectrum, you will be able to catch any of the above or any other engaging shows to lighten up your hours. After all, HGTV content has been long doing so for millions around the globe. The best part is when you watch HGTV on Spectrum, you can watch it any time, on any screen—whenever and wherever you find some leisure time. Spectrum’s on-demand library is massive, the Spectrum DVR also lets you record TV favorites and watch on your own timeline, and the Spectrum TV app with access to 80 network apps makes it still easier to not miss a show.

Just in case there is a question or concern that you have regarding Spectrum TV Select Signature and other packages or if by any chance you are not yet subscribed to the Spectrum TV service, contact Spectrum Sales Support at 855-423-0918.  

Frequently Asked Questions

What does HGTV stand for?

HGTV stands for Home & Garden Television.

Which Spectrum TV service plans offer HGTV?

All Spectrum TV plans including TV Select Signature, Select Plus, and Mi Plan Latino include the channel in their lineup. Call Spectrum phone number 855-423-0918 to learn more! 

Does Spectrum App offer HGTV?

The Spectrum TV app lets you watch Live TV and on-demand titles on the go or at home. Download the app free from Google Play or the App Store to your connected devices and watch on any screen. Besides your smartphones, Roku, Samsung Smart TV, and Xbox One are also compatible with the Spectrum TV app.