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How to Wall Mount a TV: A Step-by-Step Guide

How To Wall Mount Tv Guide

You might as well get the big old-fashioned TV if you’re going to mount your pristine, state-of-the-art flat TV lopsidedly on a wall or set it on a cabinet. For the best viewing experience you want your flat panel screen at the right elevation, facing the right angle on a wall. Sure, putting it on a cabinet might also do the trick, but it’s just not flattering. Think about the aesthetics!

There are multiple reasons why you should mount a TV on your wall. The sleeker look you get is definitely up there. In addition to this, you’ll be free of clutter and it’ll save you tons of space. Given how expensive real estate is these days, making the most of any space is the top priority for sure.

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So now that you’re convinced of mounting a TV on your wall, let’s discuss how to do it. It’s not easy, we’ll tell you that, but it’s also not difficult. Just follow our step-by-step guide on how to wall mount a TV and you’ll be done in no time at all.

Before You Begin

You must take into account a couple of things before you start. Here’s our list to get you started.

before you begin

1. In terms of hosting solution

Depending on what your wall is made of, your strategy will vary. Drywalls are less robust compared to other types of walls and so are easy to drill into. If you have a drywall, lucky you! If you have brick wall or one made of wood or plaster, you will need drill bits specific to that wall. It’s a little tricky and it’s better if you get someone with a little experience involved.

2. Make sure you have the right tools

You’ll need a drill, a stud finder, screwdriver, tape measure, painter’s tape, pencil and leveler. Depending on your wall, you must get the suitable drill bits, but other than you know what to do.

3. Double check that you have the correct TV wall mount

The correct TV wall mount makes all the difference. There are three types of TV mounts or brackets that you can choose from: fixed, tilted and full motion. These determine how much you can angle your TV. You also need to make sure it’s suitable for the TV size and that it’ll be able to bear the weight of it. You can check easily by reading the instructions on the box. Don’t forget to check if it is compatible to your TV and that the holes will line up correctly with those on the back of your TV.

That’s it, you’re ready for the next step in how to mount television.

The Placement

Now, pick the location for your TV.

Everyone wants to place the TV such that it accentuates the room, but you must look beyond that. If it compromises on functionality or your comfort, it’s not worth it. For example, a lot of people like how the TV looks on the mantel of the fireplace, but even professional installers advise against it. It’s difficult to install for one and secondly, the heat or soot from the fire is harmful to your TV.

the placement

The ideal location is at the height of eye level so that when you sit down, it’s right in front of you. If you must mount a TV above the eye level, we’d recommend you get a wall mount kit that tilts so that when you watch a show, your neck doesn’t strain from looking up. An angled TV screen is great because it reduces the glare from the screen.

Another factor you must consider when deciding on the location is how you will hide the wires. The closer it is to an outlet the better, it’ll save you from a lot of hassle.

How to Mount a TV

Mounting a TV is no rocket science, it just requires a little technique. Follow the steps laid out below and you’ll get your TV mounted in no time.

how to mount tv
  1. Once you’ve decided where you want to mount your TV, grab a stud finder to locate the studs in the wall. This ensures that you don’t drill into any important wiring, or harm the wall’s structural integrity. When you do, mark it with painter’s tape.
  2. Next, mark the point where want to drill your pilot holes. These small holes allow the mounting screws to enter the wall. We suggest you get someone to help you with this. To do this,
  • Hold the bracket you want to use against the wall and use a leveler to make sure it is straight. You don’t want a TV at crooked angle.
  • Then, use a pencil to make marks on the place you plan to drill holes into to attach the TV to the wall.
  • Attach the drill bit you selected earlier and drill on the mark you made.
  1. Install TV wall mount.
  • Hold the mount to the wall and drill in the mounting screws where you drilled the pilot holes
  1. Next, attach the mounting plate to the TV.
  • If your TV came with a stand, remove that from the TV.
  • Find the hole to attach mounting plate on the back of the TV. They might be covered with plastic or have screws in them already. Remove them as well.
  • Then, attach the plate to the TV using the hardware you received with the TV.
  1. Finally, mount the TV on your wall. Grab a friend to lift the TV. Line the mounting bracket with the bracket you fixed on the wall and connect them as instructed in the bracket’s manual. That’s it, enjoy! Mounting a flat screen TV is easy, right?

How to Hide the Wiring

The ugly cables sticking out from behind the TV looks messy and ruins the whole look. Hiding them is a given. There are a few ways to go around with it.

You can hide them behind a wall for one. Just pass them through the wall or tie them up neatly and tuck them away from sight. The second option you have is to cover it up. You can buy a cover that matches with the color of your wall and no one will even notice it.

Ready, Set, Go

We hope you found our guide on how to mount a TV useful. We’ve tried to make it as easy as we can so that you don’t have any trouble. Let us know about your experience and what hacks you used to mount your TV.

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